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  1. A liar I despise A miser I despise And a greedy gut who gobbles up what is not halal I despise A tobacco-chewer I despise A compulsive coward I despise And a flabby fat fool I despise A gûn goon I despise A fool tool that isn’t tame I despise A white man’s minion I despise A honky’s houseboy I despise An unjust king I despise A flag without an army I despise And above all A city without the rule of law I do most definitely despise.
  2. I love reading Sayidka poetry but in English as I understand that. I am fluent in Somali but I enjoy them more in Englsih. Sadly I haven't seen good sources.
  3. the font type on the picture was released 1994 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comic_Sans