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  1. maybe Ethiopia should take that advice since its people are amongst poorest in the wrold and contains many rebel organizations.
  2. I just watched it until the end. summary is all Somali citizens are devil worshipers because of our blue flag.
  3. "Ingiriiska waxa uu heshiis lagalay qabaa'ilka Somaliland, wuxuuna ka-dhigtay Somaliland mahmiyad ka-madax banaan gumeysi iyo adoonsi"
  4. We don't need any more invitation than anyone else. We were fleeing conflict and trauma as a result of the collapse of the only state capable of protecting us from such misfortune.
  5. failed nabar iyo naxdin deciding to spend their short remaining time to harass the only functioning state whose examinations arent sold around Muqdisho markets. talk about priorities
  6. A liar I despise A miser I despise And a greedy gut who gobbles up what is not halal I despise A tobacco-chewer I despise A compulsive coward I despise And a flabby fat fool I despise A gûn goon I despise A fool tool that isn’t tame I despise A white man’s minion I despise A honky’s houseboy I despise An unjust king I despise A flag without an army I despise And above all A city without the rule of law I do most definitely despise.
  7. I love reading Sayidka poetry but in English as I understand that. I am fluent in Somali but I enjoy them more in Englsih. Sadly I haven't seen good sources.
  8. the font type on the picture was released 1994 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comic_Sans