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  1. Juxa;820468 wrote:
    Subxanallah, i hope it is not true that the step father killed him


    AUN to the child, it is very sad


    what do you mean i hope the the step father didnt kill him? you have a story right infront of your eyes why is not so hard to believe he killed him? its like your on his side or something...



    as for that ******* i hope he gets abused and made into a ***** in prison..

  2. xiinfaniin;814769 wrote:


    By the time Faroole gives the throne to the Sharp Teeth General , a good 6 years will have passed. Who knows the grass will be greener on the other side by then , and Garoowe will have lost it's political flavor


    But I support a Makhirian candidate.


    Im sure you love the left overs. :D true Maakhirians wants nothing to do with puntland .

  3. Carafaat;813993 wrote:
    Caano geel, we are all Unionist. But what kind of Unionist are you? tell them sxb.


    are you upset because no longer you are the only unionist? so caano geel is taking your shine? waar isku xishood:cool: