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  1. Somalia;829851 wrote:
    This city is gone unless taken back by force. Even demographically you are outnumbered, that's how they've taken a lot of the land in the past 21 years in either Sool and Sanaag. While there was too much sii socod soo socod, these ones kept "socod-ing".

    i dont understand your somali

  2. Somali gov should play hard ball and demand that peace keeping troops should come from within somalis.


    all the fund that goes to these Africons should be used to build Somalia National Army...

    plus lift the Damnn weapons embargo already...

  3. Mukulaalow;829948 wrote:
    two secessionists lecturing us unity. waa dawacadii la yiri hilibka inoo qaybi.


    Dont you think people could have a change of heart ?



    Somaliaonline has become a place like ciaaya xaafad point their fingers ..... Why do yall always rub on xx and others who came to realisation. that unity is the only way..