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  1. biologically possible yes but 12 is still a child.


    my somali is really bad and I get hassled for that a bit. but seriously somalis do descriminate against each other more than anyone else it's lilke they don't knw what else to talk about! or something.. yeh uh
  3. My love is an angel with an engine. She wanders above - a scatterbrained plane making soufflé of the sky, and scooping the clouds into celestial ice cream with her turbines. The vapour she sends is badly-spelled and beautiful skywriting in a cursive haze. And she never lands, but encircles me in empty silver - the outline of an eclipse, overhead. I really like this one. In a way it's a shame that it isn't about anybody.
  4. WOW!!!! What a fantastic example of Western democracy in action! Two wrongs DO NOT make a right, although I would like to test my hypothesis one more time by hanging George Bush from a washing line...just in case. saddam was killed for being responsible as president for the death of hundreds of kurds, what about blair and bbush who are responsible for the deaths of thousands of iraqis? are americans and british allowed to kill carabs without any fear of being brought to justice? if it is wrong for em to have killed so many innocent people, does that make saaddam a good guy ? If an evil person opposes another evil person, does that make one of the two people good ?


    4 years and only 431 posts you don't say much do you? congrats anyway
  6. what better life is there for a woman, wife and mother than to fluff her nest and nurture her family? this lifestyle is the natural inclination of the female nature because it is so emotionally rewarding. i believe that family should come first.

    my mind

    thank you. i didn't think anyone would like it, appreciate it.
  8. WOW! BOB I really love your stuff, very impressive, and full of deep emotions just wow.. :eek:

    my mind

    Welcome to my mind Mixture of life, Fantasy and truth. Lies coupled love And an invitation To leave. A place of slolitude, With noise that never ends. Thoughts cycle through wash, Most never get dry. Aside from my dreams, I’m completely alone inside. In here you’re lost, Only to be lost again. Forget what you find, Close your eyes-- Welcome to the sublime side. Memories repressed, Don’t remember What you remembered To forget. Lost in a cell Of rapture flooded False-ecstacy. Breathe deep and don’t move, Because you’re drowning In full truth.
  10. since there isn't an indro section I thought I'd post it here. meh. anyway I just joined today, I wanted to say hello to everyone and this looks like a great group. I look forward to reading posts and replying when I feel I have some valuable input. Have a spledid day. Many warm regards,
  11. broken somali broken english and bodylanguage. oh yeah and am new.