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  1. Gentlemen: Who would like to date Southern or Northern nomad girl or Djiboutian girl? And why? Ladies : Who would like to date Southern or Northern nomad man or Djiboutian manl? And why?
  2. There are difference because they are from different cultures. But are they better ! from my experience NO. but they do some things different for an example, sleeping with someone is not a big thing you will not hear things like do you want us to engage first or I don’t know you even after a few months. I’m not saying that Somali girls who do that are les, I respect that and I don’t have problem with it. Why some guys chose for them ? I think that is a culture thing. Guys between 18 and 22 don’t want a serious relationship, so they jus hang around with other nationalities girls mostly white. Because they cant have girlfriend relationship on the western way with Somali girl, that is asking for troubles like with the family and like we cant do this and we have to get engaged first. I’m not saying that this always the case is but we all know that this kind of things are the reason why guys date other nationality. Some of them stick with it but the most end up with a Somalia girl. On my 18th I dated always white girls because the where all over the place, you cant ignore them because at that age you jus want to have one it doesn’t mater where she from. Later when I become 22 I started to date Somalis and that been the case until today.
  3. Ones who want only to receive and don’t want to give. Is like they have been told at home that men suppose to do every thing, and they just set there expecting you to get inside them and to understand them all the time without trying to understand you. Maybe that was the way in Somalia but believe me life is deferent in Europe . If they expecting me to keep trying to convince them, believe me I don’t have time I just move to the next one.
  4. To be “Just A friend “ to an attractive woman, that’s hard for me. A friend to me is a person that you have a good contact with, I mean call, do thing together, talk with laugh with. You can call every one a friend there are people you just know because they nice or you see them a lot and that can be from the other sex. But I don’t call them friends.