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  1. "Trust me I know there is plenty of qualified and capable ladies here in N-America. But, with this new trend could the fundamental reasoning be that qualified “marwo’s†are few or could it be they are not happy with the potential life partner here?".

    i think it has to do with the individual making the choice.There are plenty of respected and well behaved sisters in this part of the world.Lets not endorse this abnoxious idea that women are competitors with men here in the west (if i understood the meaning of competitions as how we mostly perceived it to be a tug war in the household core).What is that induces us to mistakenly attribute women progress to a mere "competition"?.My stab to that will be that we the men are not in a position to adapt to the role reversal that is happening.There will be those, no doubt, who will charge that iam riding roughshod over what they said and that iam supporting the girls point but please before you do that read Raula's points,a good explaination indeed.I know a guy,a professor, who went to Somalia to get married.He thought he was gonna be happy getting married from the motherland,god knows what he is going through at the moment.So, my advice is it is good to get married whether it is from somalia or the hills of georgia what matters is does she understand the living life of the west, the strugle, the pain of working one or two jobs!.

  2. Whats up with the Spaniads! i think they riding on Jim-Crow vehicle.



    Ferdinand almost quit Spain game


    Alan Hansen's view

    Is Spanish football racist?

    Report: Spain 1-0 England

    Reaction from Spanish press

    England fail Spanish test

    Rio Ferdinand has said he was ready to come off the field after Spanish fans hurled abuse at England's black players in Wednesday's match.

    England's Shaun Wright-Phillips and Ashley Cole were subjected to monkey chants in Madrid.


    And Ferdinand said he would have "had no problem at all" walking off with his team-mates.


    "I don't think anybody back in England or on the England team would have blamed us," he told the Sun newspaper.


    "It is a difficult call for the manager, especially when you are losing. But the abuse was disgraceful."


    Governing body Fifa revealed on Thursday it would investigate the racism and, if proven, the Spanish FA could face a large fine and be forced to play international games behind closed doors.


    A statement from Fifa said: "We are concerned about the latest surge of racism and harshly condemn this. (Fifa) will demand explanations from the Spanish football association."


    Fifa president Sepp Blatter said there was, "no room whatsoever for racism or discrimination in our sport".


    I want to apologise in the name of the Spanish government to anyone who may have felt offended by these expressions


    Spanish foreign minister Miguel Angel Moratinos


    He added: "The world is already too full of conflict that has its roots in racism and discrimination. Football has a positive influence."


    Ferdinand also called for action to be taken against Spanish coach Luis Aragones following alleged racist comments about Arsenal striker Thierry Henry.


    Ferdinand said had England coach Sven Goran Eriksson made similar remarks he "would have been sacked - no doubt about it".


    "Their manager (Aragones) is meant to have said something racist and he was never punished, which maybe gives a signal out to fans that it's okay," Ferdinand told Radio Five Live.


    Early on Friday, Spanish foreign minister Miguel Angel Moratinos apologised "in the name of the Spanish government to anyone who may have felt offended by these expressions".


    "I have had the opportunity to comment and discuss it with my (British) counterpart Jack Straw and I again express that Spain is a country of tolerance where expressions of racism should have no place."


    Tony Blair joined the criticism of the abuse, with a spokeswoman for the Prime Minister saying he was "very disappointed" by what happened.


    "He believes racism has no part to play in sport or in any other matter," she said on Thursday.


    The FA's head of media, Adrian Bevington, said earlier on Thursday that his organisation would be sending a letter of complaint to the Spanish Federation, as well as Fifa and Uefa.


    "Football as a whole should stand up and express its disgust at what has gone on here. Quite frankly, it's a disgrace."


    Raul - a national idol - should come out and make an apology on behalf of the team and the Spanish people


    From SG

    Have your say on 606


    Sports minister Richard Caborn said: "I will write to my Spanish counterpart to express my outrage. I would like the Spanish FA to condemn the scenes.


    "I also expect Fifa and Uefa to fully investigate the issue.


    "There is no place for racism in football or modern society, and I strongly believe that action needs to be taken at the highest level."


    The FA had already complained to Uefa after several England U-21 players were targeted in their game on Tuesday and it will now be highlighting the incidents during the senior game.

  3. Between me and the other somali brother and sisters there is ever a battle: unhelped by their lack of concern for uplifting the less fortunate ones in somali language,they approach me in a half hesitant way.Who shall i turn to when i need help in my own mother tongue!.Now they all beating the drum to alienate me further from the rest of my somali family.Why did god make me this way! If only i can write and read my language.

  4. Have you ever wondered why older people ask kids what their dream job is? it is because they are confused too,they don't know what they are doing with their lives.

    Dream job want to be a foreign affairs official in future Somalia.No Embassy nor diplomatic relation with Israel.

  5. Once again Assalam aleikum.

    Stringer to answer your question.The name of the so called ex-terrorist is Waleed Shoebat.The school he gave the lecture at is my school,the university of Georgia.He was sponsered by an organization that is called Dawgs for Israel,a jewish student lobby that advocates for the existance of Israel.What threw me off was,an organization that is part of the student body sponsered it too.A muslim faculty member has promised to write a petition to the president of the school.The israel consulate is sponsering the man to go around campuses in the USA to spread hate.Please if he cames to any of your school,i know majority of you guys are student,raise your alarm.Raula, thanks for the advice too,yes we do have Local mosque nearby.Alhamdulilah we have good support from the Muslim community around.This is my warning to all the nomads who attend north American colleges,please if the guy comes to your school tell him he is a liar and by the way did i tell you guys he had a horrible child upbringing.His mom was an American and his dad a palestinian.He is claiming to be a victim of disfunctional home.That tells you where he got the hate of muslims from.Alhamdulilah some student are seeing the truth now.

  6. May Allah admit him to paradise.As a muslim i sympathise with the Palestinian people for their struggle against occupation.Me and my best freind, a palestinian American have built a mock wall at our school to show the unjustice of the apatheid wall.We had alot of hate from the jews student but Alhamdulilah we got our message across to the other student.Long live palestine and may Allah support their strugle against oppression.

  7. Thank you Legend for the advice.Alhamdulilah first i have tried my best to protest. With the help of other muslim student. we have protested(telling people the truth) outside the lecture hall.We as the muslim student have contacted the student newspaper and raised our concern.Alhamdulilah even today on the school newspaper we have non muslim student who wrote editorial to the newspaper expressing their opposition against the hate speech.sometimes you feel helpless when you are few in numbers but insha-Allah i will try to the best of my knowledge to defend Islam.Once again thank you my brother in Islam

  8. Assalam aleikum my brothers and Sisters in Islam.Today at my school i have wittnesed a man who is as a result of genetic mutation defect.He goes with the title a former terrorist.The lecture he was giving was about the israeli-palestinian conflict.The man called Islam (his former religion before he converted to christianity) Nazism!!!.May Allah(sw) make his night sleepless say ameen the man was totally wrong and his facts were too>when i left the lecture i felt like i wanted to choke the man to death>all the jews and the christians were clapping whenever he bashed Islam>what i am afraid is how will the rest of the school react to this>will they follow and take it to their heart this propaganda that is sponsered by the Israeli consulate>May Allah curse him!!say ameen>may Allah curse all the Islam bashers!

  9. Ali has no alternative possibility there than to send his second hand money.Ali is either going to spend money on a second hand stuff (that will not elavate his status to rich) or he will suffer the guilt for the rest of his life.