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  1. The fouling of the nest (biosphere) by the human!This is what the "throw away society" does.This is like the Roman period and the middle ages in europe where they used dump waste in streets(still going on in Africa).

  2. Shah,well said sis! American system of the law developed out of the legal principle of the Britain and the English common law concept so i would not be suprised to see it illegal here(US) too.Things happen most of the time out of impulse or genetic muatation(knowing right from wrong)so lets be carefull with what we post.

  3. There is no evil in the atom; only in men's souls.-Adlai Stevenson (1952).

    If this is a proven fact, the canadian company must have commited one of the worst fatal carelessness in the handling of radioactive materials.This will clearly show a small, poor, politically powerless people are being targeted by the developed world.This act shows clearly lack of enviromental equity within the kenyan government.Mismanagement of harzadous materials can affaect both flora and fauna.This (NEP) region of the world has a high water table which lead to easily ground water contamination.Toxics substances usually percolate through the soil from the landfills.Studies show that radiation exposure even to a very low ionizing radiation can result in a gene mutation.The most tragic thing about radiation exposure is birth defect.This is the time when differentiation of the tissue is occuring.If the west does not have a clear cut policy for permanent nuclear disposal they should not take it to the poor.

  4. Philosophy seeks to illuminate fundamental aspects of the world, of our relation to the knowledge of the world and of our own nature as a humanbeings.Anyone who has studied philosophy seriously must acknowledge that the term has been applied to a great many variance thoughts and that there is little agreement between the philosophers themselves as to what the term is or should be.The sort of questions you raised occur to us humanbeings every day in our life.The logical critique of the methodology of science is not haram but what will constitute unlawful is when we attempt to solve ultimate questions with our reasoning.

  5. The quality of ideas seems to play a minor role in mass movement leadership. What count is the arrogant gesture, the complete disregard of the opinion of others, the single handed defiance of the world.

    qoute by Eric Hoffer.

    PS:this fits the bushwacks and Blair

  6. Any one who scored 50% and below are faking the answers! come on some of those questions are something that we have came across somewhere as a somali woman or man!The test takers are not honest to themselves and to the exam maker!

  7. You scored a 68% on the "How Somalian are you?" Quizie!

    489 people had a score lower than yours


    273 people had a score higher than yours


    46 people had a score the same as yours


    The test maker forget the question.

    1. Does someone pay for your food without your consent at a somali restaurant! I loved this one because it shows how we are not stingy!

  8. This is why i do not like people to post in a language that majority don't understand.Bigots will take advantage of it!.Is there any rule in SOL that bans billingual? i will appreciate if so!.Did we not learn at home or anywhere not to speak a language that the third person don't understand.We do know majority of you guys speak or write in swahili,there is nothing wrong with that,but when you flood the site with swahili this ain't right!.You leave others outside the SOL pact.Most of the time i feel left out when people write in somali because iam a dummy when it comes reading in somali.Respect other people wishes!.

  9. The desirable characters we look for in the opposite sex are:1. Religiousness,which takes precedent over every thing else.

    2. intelligence

    3.a good character


    5.a good family



    What i have been puzzled is how are we supposed to know all this without breaking the islamic law.Some of those points are things we can not know without the knowledge of the other.It is sunnah,correct if i am wrong,to look at the opposite sex face and hands(as the face indicates beauty and the hands robustness of body).i know there is a good reason why Allah has said to us "tell beleivers to lower their gaze".I have came across a hadith that Tirmidhi reports from al mughira that when he got engaged to a woman, the prophet(pbuh)said, "look at her, for it is likelier to last between you" .He may only look at her at face and hands and not any other part.Brother Nur does this hadith meant that you can look at the woman you want to marry and be able to fall in love with her,if not so may you please explain it to me.

  10. I was shocked one day when my Indian classmate asked me why the ethiopians think that the somalis are uncouthed people.I informed my indian freind that the Ethos have a disposition to disagree with the somali people.Why do the ethiopians have a hard feelings towards the somalis? This is a question i have been asking my self for quite some time now.I have never lived or associated with the ethiopians other than minor shoulder brush in campus.I know i have deviated from the topic, i beg your courteous allowance unless it is depleted.