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  1. Lucky Star, thanks for the translation.

    What a judgemental pricks!. Who are we to judge someone character by the degree of his prior record.If Allah can forgive the repenters then i guess we are to forgive.I am not in anyway advicing(not that anyone cares) the girl to go ahead with the marriage.

  2. OG-MOTI, You right on the second point.This incident happened to me this week.We had a biochemistry exam,the hardest exam i have ever witnessed in my life at uni.I left one question blank and that pissed me off! because had i tried at least, i will have secured four points.

  3. Since it is an election day and iam black.This is my question, who was the first African American elected to the senate by a popular vote

    (do not google me, i can see you)Hint:served two full terms.

  4. Raula,i think i got it, it was Halima bint ?don't know the last name.If i got it wrong blame it on my maalim duqsi!!!

    seems someone got it before me,damn i need to be faster!

  5. Why am i an incompatibilist?, why do i think that responsibility-entailling freedom can not exist in a world where the thesis of determinism is true.Why i can not think that we don't have to have alternate possibility to be morally responsible for my action? why me?

  6. The argument for the somalinimo squad.

    1. If somalis walk out of their job,it is the responsibility of all the somalis wherever they may reside to support them.

    2 .somalis walked of their jobs.

    3.Every somali MUST support them.

    The other side of the argument.

    1.If somalis strike, We don't have to support them always.

    2.Somalis striked

    3.We dont have to support them.

    I think every side has a sound argument.

  7. Raula, very close indeed.The name i was looking for is ...What were the sumerians.This civilization between the tigres and euphrate river stored the earliest accumalation of written records.

  8. Since no one want to ask, this is my question.

    This location was the first collection of written records, and thus has the first library in the world.This location was unearthed in the 20th centuary.

    What is...........?

  9. You are right i was occupied by this three element all this time.The theory i was looking for is What is rational theory.You were indeed close, What can i say other to invite for a iftar.Now its your to ask question.

  10. one night i was flipping channels on my cable then suddenly i heard a somali language in one of the channel.I stopped my channel surfing and paid close attention.The film they were showing is called "the day i will never forget".It is about FGM practice in kenya.I was horrified and disgusted with the horror i saw with my naked eyes.The old lady who was commiting the horror was defending her practice in the name of "daqan".I will advice you guys to watch that movie then lets see if any own will defend or start any old "daqan" claptrap.

  11. A theory which asserts that individual are primarily motivated by self-intrest is?

    What is.............


    Second question,In tennis what do you call the point 0 ?

    What is ..........

    this amendment end the slavery in the usa

    What is ...........

    if you get it right come iftar to my house...

  12. Bush must go...Why? Muslims have suffered so much for the last four years as never before.There is no American president who has humilated and oppressed the muslims like the cow boy.Do i think scarry Kerry may change the American policie towards the muslim world? no, i don't think the policies will change but atleast we are not going to have an alarming death rate of Muslims in the street of Baghdad and Kabul.I am not a lerned person in the religion of Islam but atleast my reasoning is warning me against the bushwacked family (Chenney,Rumsfeld, and Ashcroft).I know i sounded like a bedwetting liberal but iam not a liberal nor a conservative.You have the free will to choose whom ever you want but please make a wise choice for Islam.

  13. Thanks for your kindness, Sorry iam reading a book by Barrack Obama at the moment "dreams from my father" a good and intresting book about race relation in america.Go ahead and give me the place where i can find the Dadab refugee camp book.You may also want to look at that book by Obama (only the third black senator to be after reconstruction era).

    Here comes the question:when did slavery ended officially?

  14. Wiilo, i just got back from Taraweeh, may God accept it.Sorry for taking too long to reply.No iam not a novelist, a science groupie may be.I am waiting for your questions.

  15. Good job Willo,remember it also defined the negroe legal status (that he is not the citizen of America).They questioned his right of sueing the white man.

    Another question, can you name one book that Jack Keruock is famous for during the beat generation.

  16. My question is on African American History.What was Dred Scott case about? and what did it define in the History of America.I am not sure but i think Bush mentioned it on the third presidential debate.