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  1. "For they reason, one-dimensionally, that their would-be Messiah, namely that of Col. Yey of TFG have been fotographed with other leaders in the region, and he had took apart in a meeting of Foreign Heads-of-State; and I am positive that they, without shame of blush, would of go a great "AllPuntland's outfit; as to the importance of this kind of meeting to Somalia's destiny; without never stooping so low, as to explained to rest of us, as to how in god's name, does this new hostile group that is concocted on behalf of certain States in the region, particularly and primarily for the benefit of Ethiopia is, or happen to be, that of which, that can best be describe to be Somalia's wider regional geo-strategical interests."


    Should not be more that funny, if that was the Marwo Land. However I agree that Malazawi hurts more he helping C/laahi yusuf this time. Even the supporters noticed.

  2. Garaad got lot of skills to survive for sure. He shares many similarities with moqdisho warlords. He is paranoid and very defensive. One day Moqdisho warlords will have emergency meeting for their enemy, next day firing undiscremently each other, just be friend next day with 20 civilian casualty and several house destroyed. You will probably experience same thing if you listen the BBC continuously. He belongs same category, like Dayniile and Allputland webmasters with larger public. Last week, he interviewed twice for Mohamed Dheere. He never did before, just because, it was good news for him. His very sick

  3. C/laahi yusuf needs friends from moqdisho and he invested heavily in jowhar politicaly, economialy and military. In other hand he must go beyond Jowhar. He did not come Jowhar to collect money from donors countries to take his share and give the rest for Mohammed Dhere. Mohamed Dhere a typical moqdisho warlord "intee heli, intuu heley" with kismaanyo in the picture, he calculated. The question is, will abdilaahi yusuf be able to contain him?

  4. There are big differences China and West. When Puntland gave the oil contracts unknown Australia Company, I was surprise, why not china?. The west are not willing to invest Somalia in the present situation, China will and they already invested Sudan, in the frontline between rebels and Government. Sudan makes 200 million, enough for that countries government, in fact they donated money for Somalia through Arab league. China is not afraid, they support current government and they can do the job with no time. Government needs income; no time should be wasted to bring China in Somalia with all fields.

  5. Topic: Exposed plagiarist threatens website with legal action



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    posted December 08, 2005 11:56 AM                   


    awdal based website Arliyanews.com that exposed a plagiarist, has been threatned with legal action, by the plagiarist, the admin of the website unpublished the article due to threats, seems like when you catch a plagiarist, they scream defamation. I sent a an email of support to the admin, he replied back that the article will be reposted, and he will make public the threats, he recieved.


    Now we understand , So this was campain.

  6. "Recognition comes from somalis and this government lacks that. No amount of foreign mercenaries or foreign recognition will get you the support of those who don't want to deal with you. And if there be support for the junta in Jowhar, how will they enforce their will on others? I don't see any means for them to go beyond that small town run by Warlord dheere. Hala iska riyoodo while the rest is "business" as usual."


    What somali people are you refering? please stopp nonsense, somali poeple do not have voice and some region they are hostages, like banadir region. for any future they must to be liberated.


    At least for this deal, they receave the food donated by WFP


    You do not want them go beyond Jowhar! They are trying and the difference is clear!

  7. I agree, the detail is not clear. I do not think the foreign countries will pay the entire bill. Much of the money will come from selling fishing rights. The government will get few millions each year from the same company. It is just remind us Putland Hart Group. However it is a good political move, building a foundation and establishing a base for international support and recognition. "We are the government of Somalia and you can do business with us". More lucrative oil contracts will be next, but that must to go china or Indonesia, because they are willing to do business Somalia now with security situation

  8. Puntland future is only matters as situation of Somalia is as it is now. If the situation remain same for the future to come. it will be a form of puntland which will be strong to challange anyone. It seems the outhor of topic do not really realize the mission of puntlanization of Somalia already started and puntland has a stake on it, although it does not have an option. In the other hand I do not think puntland has put everything it has a basket. The local government never faction more than emergency cases. it will remain that way for long time to come.


    The author is asking why puntland is supporting the federal government? The future of a drug plantation of an uncle may worry him, as he put it "the crusade of the south"


    Is not a puntlanization of Somalia better for everyone, at least for short term?

  9. The enemy of somalia created monesters. they understand now they cannot benefit any more the situation of somalia. however they do not understand how to deal the sitiuation in somalia. Occupition of capital cities was masterminded not by a neighbor country but the West as well.


    Today enemy of somalia are those who keeping this country as a hostage. Not even somaliland(pro colocnial) and moqdisho warlods are same page. the only common thing they have are to benefit the current situation of country.


    Somalia must to be liberate inside and Abdilaahi yusuf is only one who got ambitions. His support is the right thing to do today, anyone else who disagree can always call what ever he want.

  10. this will be major development, if Kenyan goverment continue insist, the closer of dayniile airstrip. It will be a way the goverment to collect taxes, what will be next? Telecommunication or Radiostations? This most be what anti-goverment in moqdisho was fearing most. December 1 is Monday

  11. just speculation, as other said. If the case was getting more parlament seats, this could be a strategy for c/laahi and his close supporters. He do not have that option now but rest of his life . The ball is southern somalia now, everyone including puntland and somaliland are either part of the game or watching carefully. The stackes are high and the end of the saga will change Somalia for ever.

  12. I have been stocholm that time. Gobyow was ambushed in Rinkeby. His car was damaged by group of people and there were attampt to arrest him but the police could not find him any evidendence. Your other imformation is also wrong. There are more poeple from Kismaanyo alone than entire central Somalia. I do agree they are very loud in every where, even Minneasata with 2% of Somali population. Even Moqdisho the percentage is not great.

  13. sometime , it is better to be defeated or lost. In the puntland case, remarkable recovery was achieved both political and economics due to Baasaaso port and massive refugee to western countries, particular North America. Putland is huge swing with economic and political tied of eastern part of ethiopia(killinka shanaad). The shiilaabo and wardheer natural gas alone through Putland could be huge, by than all winners will be welcome

  14. "I also found his responses well thought out as

    the kidd

    he is well-spoken gentleman himself. Quality and uniqueness that is known and recognized for Mudug boys!!"

    is this a daily, good feelig mudug thing. Knowing the enemy is comming but pretend things are good.


    Abdliaahi is not known a good speaker, he even cannot help himself sometime, do not understand southern people are very sensentative and charge one person what he siad. Siad Barre did and he known for. The only good characters of c/laahi are survival instintic and move Quickly