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    MAY 18th

    Happy 18th May everyone Peace and Prosperity. Amin Dusty
  2. Mansha Allah Go HizAllah Bush needs to know that he might be to influance the "weak" minority and not the "resolute" majority of nations.
  3. I don't know what to make of your last post!!! On one point you seem to agree that the Somali people's version of the "truth" is what their larger clan agree on. I agree with you on this point. What I find amusing is how you still insinuate that my version is twisted whilst yours "might" be right! Correct me if I am wrong here but how do you say: " I agreed with the later claim because that is what is believed by those who supported the former regime while you argued against it because that is what is believed by those wronged by the former regime.Some where along that line of thinking the truth/facts about that event simply disappeared and we in turn made it became nonfacts and lies because of our biased opinions". From your own words, is it fair to conclude that you supported the former regime because you believe the Massacre was treason related?? Secondly, what makes your version the truth and mine "the qabil truth/version". Remember, you have not submitted any proof to your claims!
  4. ______________________________________________ cry me a river and claim all you want that they were killed because of clan lineage, the truth is they were killed because of Treason, they were conspiring against their own sovereign. _________________________________________________ Now, you keep on insisting that you dont condone what happened but YET you are so convinced of their guilt (if this is not double standard I don't know what is). Missy where do you get off telling us they ( allah yarahmum) were guilty of treason. What are your facts, what did 18 year school students, aged men (70+) , mothers do to conspire(allegedly) against that grim regime??? Since you think you have "facts" lets hear/see it missy??? As as said, you only keeping on sounding more RIDICULOUS by the day. Stop back tracking and one more advise next time you reply make sure you re read the posts( particularly yours) bofore spilling out more nonsense. _________________________________________________ Furthermore, Eedo, I do call you that because of your Limited, biased view like our dear elders, Hate is a disease, it grows in one like tumors so please do distinguish between what really happened and what is believed that happened by our ow clan (YOURS AND MINE) Eedos , Hooyos,Uncles, Fathers, Awoowe and Ayeeyos oo cimrikooda ku damaystay Somaliya. _________________________________________________ Well well well, since you are so far ahead of me in this hate disease, Ayeeyo will be a well earned role for you wouldn't now. Man, I remember those raves down in London 's coliseum called "exposure", stop exposing yourself its very unfitting for an ayeeyo.
  5. Suldan This is dodgy if you ask me? How come the SL media has not reported this and was the proceeds from this investment/right's sale inlcuded in this years's budget? I bet no. Lets hope that they have the very least struck a "acceptable" deal for know how demanding and sceptical we are
  6. ^^^ oki a) for me being your eedo would insinuate that you are still in your early teens 12 years at best unless the role is being dished out because of good old age wisdom in which case I would have reluctantly accept b) you still insists that the Jazeer massacre was a government action which is " "just" because these people were guilty of treason???? Now how students, wifes and business men rounded up in the middle of the night taken to deserted beach and shot dead was just according to you is baffling me NO NO dear missy its disturbing me :eek: . Lets entertain your arguments that these people (according to you) were guilty of treason-- what should have been the government actions here?. Was it not just" to bring them to trail or was it just to shoot them in the middle of the night! Who is the hypocrite here: Ali Samater trail is farce but the death of hundredth of people is just??? NOW HOW SICK IS THAT??? Missy are you familiar with this case??? do you see my argument when I say "know the topic in hand"!!! And lastly on this subject, What basis do you dispute them being shot for their tribal linage? In the case of Riyale, I don't really know what capacity he was involved with the former regime but I doubt what you say for I don't think that the militant SNM soldiers would let him live this long!! But my offer still stands, any one who has a case against him can go right ahead and log your complaint with the right authorities and respectively I and any other Somalilanders have the right to seek justice against any one who has committed gross injustices against us OR do you wish us to target shoot them! Not our style babe. I have many bones to pick with Riyale for what he is currently doing to my beloved SL but it does not in my eyes make him a murderer. And lets not go on about Ali Samater for you persist to over look all the evidence. What more do you want. The man is accused of hiring pilots from South Africa and commissioning them to destroy major cities in SL. Honestly, Ali Samater is beyond defence. Justice my darling will prevail. Wa inyo Galab kale huno.
  7. Darling Missy How you can justify calling me a hypocrite for condemning the actions of the former regime whilst and I quote you say "just cause" by the former government is beyond me. I would call you ignorant but then I know you know very well that massacre in Jazeera was actually targeting Somaliland because of their clan lineage and don’t go saying otherwise unless you want to keep on being ridiculous. Now perhaps you should re read my previous post as the whole point was to demonstrate Ali Samater was indeed not of Bare's tribe as claimed by wind talker. But then again understanding a simple formula like 1+1=3 is waaaay too much for you to grasp. I reiterate my previous advice; know the topic at hand before spilling out any ol crap.
  8. Msthing I suggest you familirise your self with the case before you blindly leap to his Put it this way, it would not go this far if the evidence against him was not so vast. And as for the case of the massacre in is disgusting that you've even asked me that question!! And no I am not ignoring your posts it is just some points you have made are so trivial that they dont warrant an answer. Main point for discussion is now the topic in hand. You my darling dont. Wind talker: in my opinion if Ali Samater is the same tribe as Said Barre', we can therfore argue that 1+1=3 indeed. Same advise as missy goes; Come with fact not blind leap of defence.
  9. Ragnimo Yes I was there, I did not know who he was then but have later come to know him through the "qabyo" films which he is the author of. So I can tell you that although I didnt really understand then what the squables was about I am know convinced that he is as guilty as charged. NGONGe, Yes "we" do have principals and one of them happens to be condeming characters like these who take pride in Hargiesa's destruction. Lastly, why is it that most members take out the red tape when the direction of the debate is not to thier tast! Yes Sangub does not matter but what he said does....least to me. :mad:
  10. Well Since every one is questioning Sangub's recent vomit...let me ask you a question: what motives do the reporters in saying otherwise than what he said??? Secondly, as I said before I was at an event fund raising Hargiesa Theatre here in London and the man was question right before our eyes for similar stuff and he started begging and bleeding. Now why will all these people question him if his feelings are not known? I can respect some one's stance or believe in life but when the believe disrepect me directly then respectively I have the right to express my feeling also. Thus Sangub is a fool and will regret his actions for year's to come. You just watch and see his career go down the drain.
  11. FOA: OG Well dear, if claiming to be young requires some one dicephering every word one cites here, than that is a tall order I can not provide for. But for the sake of "eedonimo" today let me tell you one that when some one says" fed you" does not mean literally to spoon feed, it can also mean being in depthed to.....with me so far??? So since you confirmed that man was born and we all know he was bred and his skill formed in Somaliland it far to foul mouth them behhind thier back!! or is that common among your men folk and thus the norm rather than the exception??? Darling....if I were you I would not comment on the clan side...very rich indeed coming from a girl with a whole clan's name on her back. Oh and the issue of discussing Somaliland instead of the issues at hand and hence your uncle Sanjab here is over done. The trait of diverting attention is OVER done. Come up with a new game :mad: Lastly, I would like to leave you with a question One offence intended but your English seems to have improved drastically??? Is this becuase some one else is here on your behalf berhaps?? Merely asking
  12. Bashi Since when is Baniyal =******* . Baniyal is anyone who resmbles Asian and in particlur Indians. It also refers to those who accept lower wage than the avarage. Does demening Somaliland/Somalilanders mean that much that you have to fabricted even spats between to old adverseries!!! Damn brother, you really should relax! Will see what else you lot come up with in the near future. Is it fair to say SOL = Some ONline Liers
  13. Suldan He called us "Yac" what ever he intends by it. Next time he sets foot on our shores "YUR" un bay nu odhan If you as me in my grandmothers words iskaga " wa useless"
  14. Not one to shy away from q's unlike most of the Nomads N u know who u be Here Go my answers: MS WORD asked " How will putting Cali Samatar behind bars and robbing him of his dwindling pension make up for 50,000 lives lost?" a-it will bring closure to his victims (don't forget the one's that filed the law suit are victims)...that somewhere that the perpetrator has been made accountable for their irreplaceable losses (loved ones, their wealth and indeed the long-term mental scars). b-Allah (swa) said sinners pay on earth and in heaven c- thirdly, it will set the records straight, you can run but you cant hide. you can not excuse some one's crimes simply because he is old. Let the records be set straight. The least he can do is "apologise" and tell these victims why he did what he did regardless of weather he was given an order or not. d. in my humble opinion, this case will send clear signals to all potential Ali Samaters and deter them of similar actions in the future. On the point of him being put to trail because of his tribe is ridicules in my opinion BUT ironic because we know he carried out his massacre under tribal hat. Good old Karma reprisal "what goes around comes around". I find it astonishing how you all run to his defence. This is the man who gave the order or the very least turned a blind eye to the gathering of hundredth and hundredth young Somalilanders in hamar to be put to death in JAZEERA! What possible reasons can you find in your hearts and minds to support him. :eek: On the point of Ali Samater not being the only instigator of the deaths and destructions of Somaliland then is true. However, Somalilander have every right to track down and seek justice against all those who took part. Ali Samater is just the tip of the iceberg and no one is scapegoating him, if any thing he is the guinea big. Wind Talker: So in your opinion victims: leeches. Charming walahi.
  15. CHE' What has wayeel done to warrant this personal vendetta??? Have we missed somthing and care to share it? or the simple old case of "the truth hurts".