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    Galbeedi, I also share your sentiments on the futility of Somalia's so called Federal States and the dominating political tendencies in the different clans. However, aren't you making the same mistakes in your political calculations as the Habro politics have made that you have continuously pointed out. For example, you are so focussed on moving Awdal away from Somaliland that you are not seeing other potentials risks and dangers in your foreseen pathways, as Somaliland has done by thinking their only adverseries were Somalia and not seeing all the risks and consequences of its trajectory. Secondly, what makes you think Ethiopia will recongnise Awdal as a separate region equal to Jigjiga and maintain its population demographics as it is? And thirdly, you are so diamensionly thinking in clan, but at the same time not taking in to account that other clans and sub-clans in Awdal might not share your narrow clan viewed political aspirations, specially the sub-clan whose native regions runs along the coast from Zeila all the way to Lughaya? I think you should count your blessings and be grateful for all that you have, that every other Somali community could only dream of. Be grateful that you are from a region that has been largely spared from the wars, conflicts, be grateful that you from a community that lives in peace with its neighboring communities, be grateful that your families, community and clan have not seen displacement nor were uprooted from their homes, be thankful for having political leaders that are wise and sensible and forth thinking, be grateful that your nieces and nephews have enjoyed uninterrupted education over the last decades and belong now to the most literate and educated Somalis. Say Alhamdullilah and count your blessings brother, for what you think isn't good might actually be good for you, and what you think is good that others have might be more of a curse then you are aware off.
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