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Originally posted by Cara:

A scrub is a guy that thinks he's fly and is

also known as a buster

always talkin' about what he wants

and just sits on his broke a$$

so (no)

I don't want your number

no I don't wanna give you mine

and no I don't wanna meet you nowhere

no I don't want none of your time and no




Originally posted by Sir-Qalbi-Adeyg

You say no no no, but all i hear is yes yes. Don't loose your chance to get your groove back eedo sidii stella.

It about to get hot in here!


Heestaan leeba soo xasuustay iyagoo isku heesaayo:


Cara: Ideey!

Qalbi-Adeyg: Ku deeynmaayo

Cara: Ideey!

Qalbi-Adeyg: Ku deeynmaayo

Cara: Ideey ideey igaaryaaw ideey, alaabaa jidka iitaal ummaayaa isugeysee, ideey

Qalbi-Adeyg: Imaaw imaaw agteey ii imaaw, aqbaara ana kuu wadaa intee iiga ordeesaa, imaaw



:D :cool: smile.gif

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