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How Puntland Has Been Robbed In These Years(2009-2011).

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12th November 2011


The Puntland State of Somalia’s President(Mr. A.M.Faroole),his family

and his so called ministries become in effect owners of the Assetsof

this country, as well as Head of State or government.

Puntland become

their Fiefdom and they operate a system of bandit patronage in which

they purchase loyalty through sharing some of the spoils with their

supporters, who are bound to them by these ties of patronage and all

of them have been obliged to dance to the same tune “Do as I say, not

as I do” and this is not a way of life at all in any true sense.


These robbers are permanently on the prowl who regard public resources

and collected revenue as their private wealth and there is no

distinction was made between what is public and what is the president

Faroole’s own account “His Privy Purse”. Thus they created systemof

managing and retaining power in Puntland State of Somalia so far.


Faroole Administration handed out the contract of the Anti-piracy and

mineral mining concessions a Company (SARACEN) which has good

experience to control of the main mining areas and has been active in

Smuggling Conflict Resources(SCR) out of the country to main trading

centers like : Antwerp- Belgium, Tel-aviv-Israel, Mumbei-India ,

Australia and China.


The mining and sale of the Tin-mineral or Cassiterite has been similar

to that of Coltan- mineral and this minerals can be mined at little

cost and with next to no equipment.


1) Let we begin with Coltan-mineral : In full Columbite- Tantalite, a

metallic-ore used in the making of Computer-Laptops and Mobile-phones,

which enjoyed a Price-boom in these years.

N/B: Coltan and Tin – are mined in the Dhagcaan , Qow , Togga

Baalade, Majiyahan Areas of Bari Region- Puntland State Of Somalia.

The value of Coltan -makes this sort of Artisanal Mining

attractive and Coltan-mineral is transported through Antonov Planes

(Bossaso- Dubei), where the price is fixed , before it is sold on

to Europe, Australia, China and other destinations.


2) Alluvial-Daimonds : This has particularly rich deposit of alluvial

Diamond which can be mined at little cost and without heavy



2) N/B: Alluvial Diamond are mined or collect in outcropped the alluvial

Valleys their exposed the ground surfaces, main areas: Eyl, Qow,

Dhagcaan, Togga Baalade, Togga Garowe-( Ligloow),Togga Buraan and


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Your location reads Somaliland yet your concern about Puntland as if you have reer Puntland in general best interest at heart which cleary you don't... dadkan iyaga iskaga xiga, iyagana isla dhashay oo Insha'allah waxii dhib aah oo dhextaal ka heshiin. So do us all a favor and let's try to end Somaliland's mindless disastrous adventures which your government has brought up those besieged in Erigavo or those displaced in the hinterland, Kalshaale, etc.

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