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Muslim American: A new identity?


Islam is one of the fastest growing religions in the US, yet one in four Americans regard Muslims living among them with suspicion. What does it mean to be both Muslim and American?

I guess for you its a qaud-identity




Black (even if you dont immediately identify)




Whats your expirences N.American Nomads!!

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Whereas before it was blacks, African-Americans who fit the "suspect profile" now, predictably, after 9/11 it's anybody regardless of color and creed who identifies him/herself as a Muslim and if the Patriot Act which is currently being debated in Congress is to pass and become a law, it will allow and recognize the right of police states to exist in order to combat terriorism.


The act allows police(Local or Federal) to act in any manner they see fit even if that action violates the basic civil rights guaranteed in the U.S Constitution. For example: Under the consitution FBI agents can hold you, if they're suspicious of you for only 90 days but if the Act passes then they can Jail you indifinetely if they "suspect", there is no need for evidence just a suspicion, you to be a terrorist.


Basically being a Muslim in America now is almost if not soon to be like being Jewish in Germany at Hitler's Time (the 30's/40's ).It is very dangerous because you've have no rights,no voice and no protection what so ever from the state if they pass it so one can't but, as a Muslim, pray for Allah's protection and hope for things change in due time Insha'allah.

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Tough times indeed for muslims it seem everywhere.


Thanks for your contribution Ms word


There is a similar law existing and its merit being debate here in the UK.


Did u find the above article to be accurate in the picture it depicted?


Where do u see somali's heading in the years coming ahead, will the qaud identiy i alluded continue to fragment the already semi-broken somali identity further?


Here in the uk assimilation, or rather total rejection and ignorance to past cultural and moral traits is constantly on the rise, likewise alot of evolving and adaptation of past and new cultural and social practises is being infused.


In the UK i think some formal programme of events and activites would go along way to helping stear the course that the ship that our generation and the ones below us are travelling on, so that were not left stranded with a Schizophrenic society

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