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Salaam brothers/sisters,


A friend of mine asked me to share this product with you. Ramadan is around the corner and what's better to buy for yourself or family than this amazing Quran Ipod look a like device. I just recently bought one and loving it. Below are the features included with this: Please let me know ifyou're interested for price quotes.


Recite, Read, Listen, Learn and Memorize The Holy Quran anywhere anytime



1) Complete holy Quran text and audio (114 Surahs)

2) Recitation in voice of Shaikh Abdul Rehman As-Sudais and Shaikh Saoud


3) High quality voice audio

4) Quran translation in English, French, German, Turkish, Indonesian, Malaysian

and Urdu (all in one device)

5) Complete tafseer Ibn-e-Kaseer Book [Quran Tafseer] (in Arabic)

6) Complete Riaz-ul-Saliheen Book [Hadeeth Collection] (in Arabic)

7) Daily Prayer Times with Adhan Alarm option (all major cities of world)

8) Qibla Direction (all major cities of world)

9) Digital Voice Recorder (10 minutes)

10) Dua Khatam ul Quran (voice audio of Shaikh Sudais)

11) 99 Names of Allah with audio (Asma Allah ul Husna)

12) Clock display with date, time and alarm setting

13) With rechargeable battery

14) Easy and fast selection of any Verse of any Surah

15) Repetition facility for any group of verses

16) Surah and verse number saved even after shutdown

17) Screen light for night use

18) Control of sound levels

19) Built-in high watt speaker

20) Adhan Alarm option even if device is OFF

21) Gift packing box with earphone, pouch, user manual, Surah index and




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