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DjIBOUTI Somaliland

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Hargeisa (SomalilandPress, Jan 11th 2009); A high-level delegation officials from Somaliland is set to travel to the Republic of Djibouti early Monday to seal an agreement that the two nations have signed June last year (2008). The ministers consist of the Foreign Minister, Interior Minister, Finance Minister and deputy Information Minister.


The delegation are expected to hold talks with their Djibouti counter-parts and will discuss a number of key agreements the two countries have already signed, these includes;-


To further collaborate and strengthen the relationship and maintain security in the region such as sharing intelligence.

Both nations have condmned Eritrea’s aggression on Djibouti’s sovereignty

To open and strengthen economic ties and growth.

To allow free movement of civilians on both sides of the border

Within this agreement France’s third largest bank is expected to open a branch in Hargeisa; the capital of Somaliland, some time this week and build the nation build its commercial banking system. This will be the first such bank to open it’s services to Somalilanders and is expected to connect Somalilanders to the rest of the world. This highlights the growing relationship between Somaliland, Djibouti and France since Nicolas Sarkozy became the President of France.


Djibouti will also be providing airport security equipment to Egal International airport in Hargeisa such as metal detectors, X-ray machines, explosive detectors.


Djibouti which already maintains economic ties and border accords with Somaliland is expected to take small goods manufactured in Somaliland as well, opening a market for Somaliland goods such as furnitures, bricks, cement and others.


Since last year when president Rayaale has traveled to Djibouti, the number of visitors from Djibouti to Somaliland has dramatically increased, many Djiboutians usually travel to Somaliland during summer to escape the red sea heat.


Stay tuned for more on Somalilandpress.


Source: SomalilandPress

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Wasiiro ka tirsan xukumada Jabuuti oo soo dhaweeyay waftigii Somaliland


Hargaysa,(Qarannews)-Warsaxaafdeed uu caawa soo saaray Afhayeenka Madaxweynaha

Mudane Said Cadaani Mooge oo waftiga la socda oo u qaybiyay saxaafda warsaxaafdeedkaasi isla markaasna uu soo gaadhay shabkada qarannews nuqul ka mid ah warsaxaafdedkaasi waxa uu u dhignaa sidan hoos ku xusan.


Wefti ka kooban dhowr wasiir oo ka tirsan xukuumada Somaliland ayaa

maanta booqasho shaqo oo gaaban ku tagey Jamhuriyada Jabuuti, Weftigasi oo

uu hor-kacayay wasiirka Maaliyada ee Somaliland Mudane Awil Ali duale waxa

Dhabaha dayuuradaha ee Jabuuti si diiran ugu soo dhaweeyey Wasiiro ka

tirsan Jamhuriyada Jabuuti oo ay ka mid ahaayeen Wasiirka Warfaafinta

Mudane Ali Abdi Farah, Wasiirka Maaliyada Ali Farah Casoowe iyo Wasiirka

Arimaha Gudaha Yasin Cilmi Buux.


Weftigaasi waxa lagu wadaa inay wada hadalo la yeeshaan madax ka tirsan

Jamhuriyada Jabuuti intay ku sugan yahiin Jabuuti.


Mudane Awil Ali Duale oo warbaahinta u waramay ayaa sheegay in socdaalka

weftigaa ka tirsan xukuumada Somaliland uu yahay mid la xidhiidha

socdaaladii Madaxweynaha Jamhuriyada Somaliland Mudane Daahir Rayaale

Kaahin uu ku tagey Jamhuriyada Jabuuti, Wuxuuna sheegey in

wadahadaladoodu ay noqon doonaan kuwo sii xoojin doona wax wada qabsiga

iyo iskaashiga labada dal ee walaalaha ah.(Somaliland iyo Jabuuti)

Gaar ahaan dhinacyada Dhaqaalaha , Ganacsiga, iyo Nabadgelyada Mandaqada.

Weftigaas ka tirsan xukuumada Somaliland waxa ka mid ah Wasiirada Arimaha

Gudaha Mudane Abdilahi Ismali Ali , Arimaha Dibeda Mudane Abdilahi Mohamed

Duale, wasiir ku xigeenka Warfaafinta Mudane Ali Cilmi Geele, Afhayeenka

Madaxweynaha Mudane Said Cadaani Mooge iyo weriye ka tirsan TVga Qaranka

Somaliland Weriye Moha Farah Jire.

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