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Dear Sir/Madam,


In April 2007, it was reported that the Ethiopian army and the Somali TNG forces committed genocide against civilian people in Mogadishu. It was officially reported that over one thousand civilian was killed in just two days fighting in Mogadishu and mostly of these people died as result of indiscriminate shelling by the Ethiopian forces. Many international organizations and observers rightfully recognized that the shelling in Mogadishu constitutes genocide. Yet the U.S., UN, EU, Arab League and other international organizations such us; the Red Cross, Red Crescent, Amnesty International and Africa Watch have failed to respond to this genocide with the urgency that is required. As the death toll in Mogadishu continues to mount, it is clear that nothing short of international intervention can protect the people of Mogadishu. We call the world leaders to intervene and ensure that such an international intervention takes place as a matter of the greatest urgency.


Only in seven days of fighting in Mogadishu between the Ethiopian forces who invaded Somalia illegally and opposition clan militias, up to 3000 people have lost their lives in Mogadishu as the result of indiscriminate shelling from the Ethiopian army and more than half a million people have been displaced, their livelihoods and homes destroyed by Ethiopian army and their proxy TNG militias, and many thousands of women and girls have been raped by these forces. Recent reports confirm that the so called TNG government-sponsored violence continues in Mogadishu, Kismayo and also border between Somaliland and Puntland and that the security situation in whole of Somalia is deteriorating as result of these killings. The humanitarian crisis that forms part of the genocide is escalating, as the TNG government of Somalia and their Ethiopian ally continue to obstruct humanitarian operations, creating famine conditions for millions of vulnerable people.


We believe that most important priority must be providing protection to the civilian people of Somalia, particularly in Mogadishu. The African Union (AU) has shown important leadership but so far only Uganda has sent troops to Somalia. We are aware that Ethiopian forces entered illegally in Somalia to install the TNG which was elected in Kenya by Somali Warlords. The TNG has now lost its credibility in Somalia and it transformed itself as clan based militia. The AU cannot address this crisis alone, and nor should it have to. Genocide is an international crime, a crime against humanity, and it requires an international response.


Unless there is an urgent international intervention in Mogadishu, thousands more innocent people may be dead by the end of this year. An international intervention is essential to support the AU's efforts, and can achieve four critical purposes: (1) stop the killing and provide security for millions of internally displaced people (IDPs); (2) facilitate the urgent delivery of humanitarian assistance; (3) enforce the cease fire and provide a stable environment for meaningful peace talks to proceed; and (4) facilitate the voluntary return of IDPs to their land and the reconstruction of their homes by providing a secure environment and (5) to pressure Ethiopia to withdraw its forces from Somalia.


We urge you to immediately take the following steps to support an urgent international intervention to stop genocide in Mogadishu:


First, members of the Security Council at the United Nations (UN) must circulate a resolution calling for a stronger civilian protection mandate for the African Union mission and for a broader international force under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter.


Second, members of the Security Council must encourage the UN to quickly approve and assemble a robust international force mainly from the Muslim World, under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, to integrate or co-deploy with the African Union and reinforce its efforts. Such a force can be assembled with troop contributions and financial & logistical support from additional countries within and outside the African continent.


Genocide is a unique crime and it requires a unique and urgent response. We can still save thousands of lives in Mogadishu and other parts of Somalia if we act now. We look to you to provide strong leadership to stop the genocide in Mogadishu by supporting an international intervention force to protect the people of Mogadishu as a critical first step to bringing peace and stability to this troubled city.


Mohamed Ighe BSc, MSc, (


Consortium of Somali Communities, London, UK

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^ lol love the quote ^


Its becoming increasngly clear that a lot of people have identified genuine points that could help facilitate some form of reconciliation, or a meager quantity of that.


Is there one member of the TFG that isnt going to Toe the line of the Gang and perhaps echo these sentiments as well?


A true measure of an organization that is supposed to be democractic (which is a fantasy as we have seen if the end is not what is desired) is tolerating desinting views.


Realistically, Warlords Inc are not likely to accomodate such thoughts or sentiments, and their Ideoligical masters certainly dont engage in two way discussions.

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