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Sister's Charity Eid Event

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sounds great event curly. are you involved in the organising part?


i will try to come insha allah

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Hey Juxa, I hope you're well.

I was roped in to help with some PR, my sister founded SIT and has organised this event. It would be lovely to see you and the girls inshallah.


here's some more information...



The Somali Integration Team (SIT) is organising a Somali eid event for woman in order to raise money for various charities such as Al Huda Mosque. All the money we raise will go to charity, it’s a fundraising event there will be a full course meal, entertainment, etc.

There will be loads of events such as: -


• Role Play

• Somali and English Poetry

• Fashion Show

• Quizzes

• Somali Entertainment

• Charity Bidding

• Auctions


This event will be the celebration of Eid amongst Muslim sisters and we wish for a very high outcome in people.

The dress code is strictly dirracs, the event will held at


The Waterlily Business Centre

10 Cleveland Way


E1 4UF


Tickets (bought in advance)

Adults- £25

Children- £15


At the door ticket sales for adults will change to £30


In order to book your ticket now


Contact details are: -


Office: - 02077902650

Yasmin: - 07983118332


Eid Mubarak!

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^^ Everybody's mother went (arr wadaadadan yaa naga qabta, islamahay waaleen).


I am reliably informed by the people from the mafrash opposite that place that most people did not pay to get in later in the night.

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hehehe@ ppl in the marfash, they were prob sitting there speculating as to what all those women were doing with their diracs in the hall...


How do I read "arr" in Somali?

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