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Medley of extemporanea


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Well am Somali, Properly, would wana Partly call me Ali

Pardon, 'm Deadly, Vision from the hunger through my belly

Really tell me, would you sell me, silly

Send a soul to cell me*

Doing dead time

Thought I shine

That I bine, behind da lime line

Park a 9-rhyme, One in the Chamber

Expressing anger am Al'Qeada!

To you am the gator

My comment is, PEACE! SeeYa Latter.

No love-letter, chopped beef like chetter!

Cheese-Us, 'n feel up my theses*

Hole yo'head, leave u bleedin' hold'ya'Head!

Got ma'Do-Due-Click, show ya'what ma'Keys does!

'N we got dat, Doo-doo-clip, with da Voodo'Flip*

Am a zip-lip, you wouldn't wana!

And you wouldn't wana!

Let me Bookoo-emmo Rip, you into pieces*

'N my comment is, Boi-u wouldn't wana Cheese-Us!

Runnin' from CSIS*

Have CIA brods strip 'n tease us*

Amongs the Born-Dead, nothin' but the after'life please us*

Lost 'n gone

Costing Gun, common in some, comenting dumb*

Lettin' harsh poetry run, like a leeky nose

Got that RPG, that Mali-Freaky Pose*

'n done in comment, get lost in my replyin' post!













None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish!

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This is the best of poetry,

‘Cause I see the Vision like Deadly,

Sometimes it petrifies me –that ‘poetry’ will put me –into jeopardy

But I’m never scared to be, ME,

See I’m from MINNE, the only –virgin left in the state properly!

Excuse the comments, its called freedom, so I free ’em!

Free numb –for free gun –to free dump! (Somalia)

Perhaps you know –when I flow –I let it grow!

And it ends up talking about my country’s sorrow!

Allah! Forgive me today, if I don’t make it tomorrow!

I’m so far from the truth, yet close to deception,

-Living in a world full of confusions, dreams of illusion,

Trying to elusion –from the white-men exclusion –me from education,

How dare he, bare me?

Question my sanity?

Don’t you know I am Somali?

I learn to teach, so I reach –the poorest hand and I feed –the need!?

And I finally can say, someday,

We’re in PEACE! Okay? (Snap-snap)

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