Biggest 'beesha caalamka' bootlicking

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Ciyaal Farmaajo a.k.a Miskiinka Reer Baydhabo iyo Cunuga Che are dazzled by the Deni's superb performance in sidestepping the Villa Somalia squatter. So they resort to personal insults, Ciyaal tweets and twisting his words.

President Deni is great orator and can express himself in the Somali language how he wants. I can not say the same about the Villa squatter a.k.Farmaajo. When was the last time he gave an interview?  I can not remember. We know the reason. He can not express himself in the mother tongue as Deni can. For matter of fact he can not even express himself in English. People with great oratory skills are known to have high IQ. So we have to question the IQ of the Villa squatter. It says a lot why he struggled to lead this country in the last 4 years.

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