Without salary, Puntland's clan melitia sell their weapons to Somaliland...

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Mr. Deni, for some reason is shaping out to be the worse leader (at least the law-and-order front) where Pirate-land is concern. And we in Somaliland have in stake in his meager ability to ensure he can at least maintain some sort of order in his fiefdom. Otherwise, the spillover will come to our side of the border. It seems he lacks funds to manage the basic salaries of his militias.

But I think the big salient picture is that the southern's regions beyond Pirate-land are more and more re-orientating their economic activities towards Mogadishu. And that in effect means, Pirate-land is losing the economical life-blood she used to be to the central regions previously. And more the port of Berbera gets to be modernized and gets to be rebuilt to an international standard, in turn, will mean that most of the eastern regions of Somaliland will gradually get to wean-off from their old habit of using the port of the city of Bossaso.

Hence, cumulatively, it means, that, year by year, the long term economic prospect of Pirate-land will get dimmer and dimmer in each passing year, particularly, so long as the factors effecting her, economically, are out of her hand (as they are already). And that, in turn, will mean she will be out of option when it comes to trying to do anything about it. 

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