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Somalia secures debt relief- Congresswoman Ilhan Omar

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Gooni, the proof is in the pudding. Barre relied on AID income from western countries. There was no real economy. Barre destroyed private enterprise with his socialism madness. Barre was not about sharing but enriching himself and his inner circle. The economic record of socialist Somalia is plain for all to see.

If Barre had access to Billions of $$ of oil money, only Allah know what he would have done to the minority clans.

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Basedless accusations.  Somalia’s debt is no indicator of how badly the economy was managed back then.  There is so much information missing, it is just speculation at this point. 

However, it is a fact that there was widespread corruption. But if it was so severe as some claim here, why haven’t Somalis across the region realized in 30 years timespan, half of the projects that were completed in midst of war and mayhem in the last two years of the administration. 

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