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Murder or choice?

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I have always advocated the woman's right to choose in regard to every aspect of her life even if it means putting herself in danger. And choosing C-section over Anaconda birth is her right. However, when it comes to putting the life of a child in danger now that's another matter because there is another human life in the equation. But the question remains who makes the Informed choice for her in this matter? Remains to be seen.



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Originally posted by somealien:

but if you face me with the options of getting stitches on my belly or stitches *ahem* elsewhere... yeah well, slice me up.

Dis is exactly wat I was thinkin all day today as I was workin on de labour ward, de thing is howeva its such a tough choice coz it aint just as simple as gettin ur belly sliced up as there can b serious implications and long term effects such as havin to use a catheter for the rest of ur life if they accidentally cut certain parts associated wiv de 'waterworks'. Ooh and it aint all women who gets their vagina stitched after a normal delivery it depends on de individual.


But another important thing I learnt today was dat one reason behind the sudden rise of interest amongst surgeons (& sum midwives) to perform caesareans is de fact dat midwives hav got sued by the parents of a child they delievered sumtimes upto 20yrs ago! They claim the type of delivery cud b a direct result as to why their precious son or daughter aint doin very well in school, life or b'coz they're anti-social.


When a child is delivered by c-section howeva no1 can b sued 'quite yet' on de grounds of the childs mental upbringin-but Im sure dat soon will become de case.

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