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  1. You excel in making little cryptic comments, don't you dear?

    Zhephyrine, what is cryptic about refusing to take anything in wholesale, pray tell?


    In the eyes of many, I am the quintessential ingrate. One who "bites the hand that made him!" Would that have been a less cryptic comment?


    I know I'm walking a fine line that leads to being banned from this forum. Pushing people's buttons about long held beliefs is not how to get a message across. But don't you think god is used a lot on this site to drive points home? If all else fails, throw in an "alhamdulilah" followed by a couple of "subxanallahs" and voila, you've wiped out the competition.


    Besides, I was hoping Jazmine (who's concluded I'm a "fish brain") to go away by that cryptic message!



  2. Another thing thats puzzling...I have only attended
    women's only
    parties. But apparently the DJ, singer, and camera men are not classified as
    on that day. People who are covered from head to toe...let it all out that day. Hmmm. Maybe they are blind. Who knows?

    I've heard that head covering is worn to avoid having to comb hair. And since you have to do your hair for a wedding, the head scarf is not really necessary. Just how many afros are screaming to be let out from underneath those hijabs? Who knows!

  3. The biggest enemy of africa is people like you; You have zero; suggestions, and your so smart that you have the cheek to attack allah subxanallah;

    That is not entirely untrue. But its because of my apathy and indifference and not my comments about god.

    i stopped reading your S T U P I D thread there; what makes you so different from the west; i have just seen you question the existence of GOD

    It never hurts to question. It's when we stop questioning that we stop living.


    you think he has to answer or explain anything to a dump farah, retard individual, who is so ungrateful to the niimca of allah;

    Probably not before he answers to the innocent women and children who pray to him everyday yet continue in their misery.


    i have never though that i would here a somali farah questioning the almighty allah in so many different ways;

    If you live long enough, you might even see a camel give birth.


    his ability to control the world, your implication that he is enjoying this; this is the kind of sick conversations that i have with some of atheist that i work with in the west;

    Do you call those "western atheists" names as well? Or do you save those terms of endearment for "Farahs" like me?


    as for your made up fact about Africa having the most religious people;

    !) who's religion;

    You name it. Islam, christianity, judaism, and others. My point was Africans are extremely religious; often more than the people who brought them said religions.


    2) forget any other african country; somalia which is 99%muslim contains the most bidca practices; people worshiping with lack of knowledge;

    Don't tell me, you're not one of those who are worshiping with lack of knowledge.


    what makes anyone think that we deserve allah's mercy; the way you are now; do you think you deserve anything from allah; on what ground;;

    I ask for nothing and deserve nothing. It's those who ask and not receive that I pity.


    i have not read the rest of your post, as this part alone made my blood boil, your ignorance, arrogance, s*tupidity upon s*tupidity

    C'est la vie! What usually makes my blood boil is unnecessary suffering, often of the innocent. I guess we reach boiling points at different temperatures for different reasons.



  4. Sounds like countries with muslims, blacks or both. Being black sucked for a long time. Being muslim sucks nowadays. Being a black muslim is just begging for trouble.




    "Insanity in individuals is something rare - but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule." Nietzsche

  5. A mortal mix of racism, greed and lack of education? Or are Africans just dumb as f%ck?


    I'm tired of hearing about Live 8 and all this other "lets help Africa" crap. I am old enough to remember Live Aid in 1985 and even back then as a novice of world politics and economy, I felt embarassed so much attention was placed on starving African children. It's as if our suffering was either humorous or simply disgusting. I now know that my embarrasment was misdirected. I was embarassed of the victims. I should have been more angry at the causes of such misery than to be embarrased of the victims. I'm over that now.


    WTF is the problem here? And why has "god", not Bono or Clinton or some big shot celebrity, not come to the aid of the most religious mofos on earth? Yeah I said it, goddammit! Africa has the most religious people (of any religion) anywhere. Is he enjoying this shit? Or just can't do shit about it? If he's really out there, he's got a lot of f%cking explaining to do!


    WTF is the problem here? And why are greedy companies allowed to install even greedier governments to rape Africa in broad day light of natural resources on land and sea? No private oil companies. No more transfer of wealth.


    WTF is the problem here? And why is there constant conflict, drought and then more conflict? Who is behind this? Who benefits? We know who's suffering but do we know who is enjoying this? The only continent to have become more impoverished in the last 25 years.


    I have a lot of questions but few answers. I don't want to be around in 2025 when another Live Aid, eight or whatever they call it then, is done to help the poor Africans. Africa has been de-colonized over the past 50 years. Or so it seems. The colonizers now are of a different breed. More brutal. More greedy. And more inhumane. I'm not really good at writing. I'm not good at fighting either. So what to do? I'll have to figure something out before the next Live Aid concert in 2025.



  6. All I'm saying is that I don't see much point in celebrating independence when we are actually prisoners to warlords. So, in my opinion to actually celebrate our independence we have to free ourselves.

    I agree with you on the war-thugs point. In fact, I recently spewed my hatred to warlords here:;f=9;t=004101;p=2


    To add the word "lord" to "war" is disgusting to me. In the case of Somalia it has proven to be deadly. However, celebrating what was once a great moment is ok. Regardless of what occured since. Time will pass. These war-thugs will get killed or die of old age. Somalia and Somalis will endure. And so will July 1, 1960.



  7. What happy birthday?? I find people that were celebrating first of July pathetic. I wonder what they were celebrating ...15 years of being a refugee!!!

    Being a refugee is nothing to be ashamed of. Almost all countries (and their citizens) celebrate a day when their country is liberated from a colonizer, defeated an invader or declared independence. In Somalia's case, July 1 is such a date. Canada's July 1st and the US July 4th celebrations do not make Canadians or Americans pathetic. Unless you believe being pathetic is exclusive to Somalis who celebrate their independence day on July 1?


    I'm just trying to figure out what you're trying to convey since what you said didn't make much sense.



  8. SSI: It is obvious that the fate of the country is going to lie on your hands - your assessment and recommendations would definitely influence the AU head of states decision.

    Mr. "Patrick Mizimhaka": We believe the fate of Somaliland is in the hands of its government and its people. We have also found that Somaliland is more than worthy of recognition. We are surprised universal recognition has not come sooner. An improverished nation in its infancy that has managed to create a peaceful and vibrant democracy. Frankly, it is a marvel to behold and a shining example to the entire Horn of Africa.


    However, we do have an issue with the name "Somaliland". We believe it is the major obstacle to a successful secession. In order to expedite the recognition of the AU, we stronlgy urge the government and the people of Somaliland to relinquish the name Somali to Somalia. The latter quasi-state has no government, economy or dignity to speak of. To prevent adding any more insult to massive injuries, it wants its name back and declines to have to share it with anyone. I mean, seriously, Somaliland cannot expect to have a democracy, peace and a decent economy and keep the name as well.


    The AU suggests the name be changed to "The Islamic Republic of Zaire". Zaire is a name not even the original owners are using. Therefore, there will be no claims for it. It's unique, it's African and it's available. Please, use this name and I will make sure to push the decision committee to recognize you as soon as possible.


    Best wishes.

  9. But did you also know that they could cause droughts? Yes that’s right, the US and UK it said they could manipulate the weather for political gain using unspecified "unconventional" chemical weapons.LOL

    I don't know about manipulating the weather using any chemical but global warming is real. And it is mostly caused by industrialized nations. The US being the primary polluter in the world. Having said that, if weather could be manipulated then the US southwest desperately needs a "manipulated" cloud or two since they've been in drought for years now.

  10. Somalia is held captive by terrorists. They have household names like Qanyare, Atto, Yalahow, Aideed and many other smaller ones. Criminals by any standard of the word. (Please do not confuse terrorists in this context with that used by George Bush. The latter is a gross misuse of the word.)


    Fidel Castro would be a great candidate to clean up Somalia. Get back to the basics. Educating children and working on food self sufficiency. Not to mention kick the crap out of the khat-dealing terrorists and their goons who've held this nation hostage for 15 years.


    The Somali Castro would lead a militia that internalized Sun Tze's The Art of War with great discipline and dedication. Trained guerilla warriors who have no problem giving the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good of the homeland. Men and women who will not be in it for any material gain. No cabinet positions to be had. For this, no Hoteliers, former Afweyne criminals, or clan bigots need apply.


    There will be no peace in Somalia until the terrorists are destroyed by force. Warlords are terrorists who have been terrorizing poor, uneducated and downtrodden men, women and children. And when they're not terrorizing them, they have them hooked on khat. They are greedy, myopic, brutal and they have the blood of the innocent on their hands.


    Once Somalia is cleansed of the terrorists, it will begin its road to recovery.


    Let's find our own Castro or Che. Otherwise, and as Darwin's Natural Selection would predict, we will (should) become extinct for we are not fit to survive in this world.



  11. BTW, I think
    is conditioned to love "Arabs" even when their wrongfulness is beyond imaginable. I have seen/read about White individuals who were appalled by the extent of the "positive" discrimination they recieve in those Arab nations. NO hard feelings, sister OG

    I've mentioned this in another article referring to whitie but A-rabs can also kiss my a$$ coast to coast.



  12. Originally posted by Haddad:

    Some observations about the article; terms and the number of times it were used:


    insurgent 12

    terrorist 10

    jihadist 5

    extremist 2

    fundamentalist 0

    radical 0


    It appears the last two terms are disappearing; it was commonly and frequently used during the 90's. You don't expect that from an article about suicide bombers. Is the West signaling it's gradually moving towards using the correct term? Does this mean the term
    could disappear in coming years?

    Interesting observations. Time magazine makes every effort to vilify Iraqi resistance to occupation. Just pay close attention to the use of references to the Quran. Perfectly twisted to insinuate the Quran encourages savagery. It does not. It does encourage self defence however. And that's what Iraqis are doing.



  13. We have our problems up to the neck, So Iraq insurgency is the least worrying in my mind.

    Not for me. Somalia is old news. The suffering there is self inflicted. Iraq on the other hand is under siege. Unjustly being destroyed by a powerful foreign invader. People are dying senselessly everyday. Somalia has no problems but to grow up, evolve past clannism and rejoin humanity. I feel not an iota of sympathy for Somalia anymore.



  14. As if that political unique factors(i.e., in the sense of that famous socio-anthropological homogeneity of the Somali people) will preclude from the Somalis of the horn-of-Africa, the idea of having not only two or three, but any number of political Nation-State that Somalis may deemed politically fit for themselves(like the citizens of Austria and the Germany, who practically share everything like the Somalis were said to be; but still had the political wisdom to live in a two seperately-governed "Nation-States" of their own making).

    Interest in a "Somaliweyn" is hardly an issue now. To eat, work and live in peace under any flag is what concerns most Somalis. The luxury of deciding what political arrangements most befit the land of Somalis is just that, a luxury. Afforded only to those who enjoy assylum in foreign lands and relative to their brethren back home, are living in the lap of luxury.


    I personally have no problem with Somaliland. Its existence or lack thereof is immaterial to my day to day living. The same goes with Somaliweyn, if and when it returns to civilization. I do, however, think that the use of the name Somali in Somaliland is not fair to Somalia. I have never heard of anyone ever wanting to have Djibouti rejoin Somalia. Pakistan and India are done. Imagine if Pakistan were to be called Indianland. What about Czechoslovakia? It's now Slovakia and conveniently, the Czech republic. No problem there. Yoguslavia became Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia. Totally distinct names for new nation states. The former Soviet Union is now Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. It is highly unlikely that any of these break away republics would ever become one again.


    For countries that did separate but kept their names similar (if not identical except to indicate geography) the separation didn't last long. And for those that are still separate, they are seriously courting each other. Examples are North and South Vietnam, East and West Germany, North and South Yemen, and North and South Korea.


    It seems to me then, that one of the basic tennants of separation into nation states is to have distinct names. Somalia and Somaliland have a problem right there. "But people in the northern part of the former Somalia have an inalienable right to self-determination", scream many decent Somalilanders. And rightly so. Once they have chosen to exercise that right, however, it is incumbent upon them, having been the initiators of said divorce, to simply leave the name Somali to Somalia. There are literally an infinite number of names the new nation can adopt to better describe what it represents. A sense of its history, its culture, it people and their uniqueness. But wait, none of those things are unique. In fact, except for a few minor cosmetic differences (such as dacawo vs. dawoco and who was colonized by who), the two "countries" are identical. So what's the problem. Is it Somaliweyn that is begging and pleading, sometimes even threatening, Somaliland to stay? Or is it Somaliland that is having severe separation anxiety? Often screaming to Somaliweyn, why do you want to keep us? we don't want you! In fact, no one is screaming stay on the other side. No one cares. Not anymore. For all intents and purposes, the two nations are separate. All that remains for this to become a complete non-issue is for Somaliland to kindly and peacefully give up the word "Somali" from its name and Somaliweyn will never bring this up again. I promise.



  15. So, we are talking about an accuracy rate of +90%?

    No. This insurgency will not "end" in anything less than 10 years. Looking back in history, the Vietnamese spent well over a decade before they defeated the US. The mujahideen took over a decade to rid themselves of the Soviets. Insurgency is protracted guerilla warfare. In Iraq, the aim is to expel the US using force. It takes a few years for public opinion in the land of the occupier to shift against support for the occupation. A few more years will pass by before anyone has the political will or guts to pull out. Hence the 10 year estimate. We're two years into the ten year period and 50% of Americans believe this war is not worth the cost. Wait till that figure hits the mid sixties. Then Americans will demand their government remove all troops from Iraq. Of course, the establishment will resist very strongly at the cost of thousands more American casualties and an untold (horrific) cost to Iraqis. Then one day, 6-8 years from now, the US will withdraw all its troops. Then a civil war will begin.


    The script never changes. Only the locale and the players.



  16. It's, to Western systems, not to the Islamic system.

    Lying and deception are permitted during war in Islam. Assuming, of course, the war is just to begin with. Lying and deceiving about an unjust war is not what I'm talking about here.



  17. I mean, the US cannot even contain Al-Zarqawi in a destabilized Iraq.

    I'm not sure that "Al-Zarqawi" is not a fictional character. For the average Joe (or Chang, or Ali, or Pedro) it is easy to create a single anti-hero on whom to blame all the ills of the occupation. It's much more difficult to explain the complexity of such a widespread insurgancy as in Iraq. That would not serve the propaganda machine any way.


    Every conflict the US engages in, it's important to quickly create a demon or a monster that must be destroyed. The whole "good vs. evil" thing. As examples in the not to distant past:


    Afghanistan: Osama Bin Laden

    Iraq: Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi (now) Saddam Hussein (in the 90's and up to 2003)

    Somalia: Aideed

    Nicaragua: Noriega

    Libya: Qaddafi

    North Korea: Kim Jong Il

    Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh


    While some of the men above may have been villians in their own right, they were also true heroes to their people. Nevertheless, the US propaganda machine ensured that public opionion reviled these men, justifiably or not. First you create the monster then you destroy it. It's a pretty good tactic. I'm not sure any other superpower would act differently. It's the standard operating procedure in warfare propaganda.