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  1. sorry General abshir, i guess what they say is true, the people would only say good things about you when your leaving or either dead....however it is not too late to approciate general abshirs work, we thank him, and we hope he will see one day somalia once again peaceful with great leaders. in the mean time, we all pray for his sick son, ilah cafimad ha siyo, amiin. its emotional, i have never heard about him before as i was born during siyaad's dark days, but i read him on Whatever Happned to Somalia, by John Drysdale, great man.
  2. whats up guys, im new to this site, but not new to this topic no cheap somali politics. i have to thank you all for sharing your opinion with me, without raising any sensitive issues, thats the true modern somali way...its all about opinion...there is no right or wrong...but state why you think your you have any evidence to suport you... let me now get on with da topic. choosing a new capital is complex task. However here is what i believe, i believe mogadishu was a great was truely a fasinating city wiht many modern activities, not to mention qabil diversity....also for 20 years the government spent 80% of the GDP (Grocess Domestic Product: da country's total income). Mogadishu was therefore the capital, largest and commercial centre of Somalia. however today, its not the same, i believe we should start from scratch a new Capital city, some way in the centre of Somalia..exactly same distance from South-North and from West-East. maybe we should call it Capital. "casimada Capital"