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  1. Somaliland:UN Women launches a Programme Document Strategy (2014-2016) on building Somali capacities to promote gender equality, women’s leadership in decision-making UN Women will intensify its engagement in Somaliland and work with government authorities, civil society organizations, UN sister agencies and other stakeholders towards facilitating space for Somali women and girls.... http://somalilandpress.com/un-women-launches-a-programme-document-strategy-2014-2016-on-building-somali-capacities-to-promote-gender-equality-women%E2%80%99s-leadership-in-decision-making-and-economic-empowerment-in-a-violence-49192
  2. *Ibtisam;982820 wrote: the man is chatting breeez,. lool, I haven't heard that in ages As for the so called topic...Stuff and Nonsense 2013
  3. There's a serious message here, but I can't help but laugh at the delivery and the detail, not to mention the naanees lool @Xabaal Mar waa :D
  4. Milk Sitting = Caano Fadhiya You Cut my leg = Waa i lugooysay What's fifteen to you? = Maxaa kaaga shan iyo toban ah?
  5. Helloooo, bal warama, SOL way isku dhexyaacdoo waa la kala yaacay
  6. ^lol Alpha, yaa kuu sheekeeyey. besides, is there any other way to live life?
  7. Salams folks. SOL has lost its Soul baryahan.
  8. Hello folks, this place looks rather dead...had to drag this troll out of page 3 lol
  9. ^ go on you Gunners lol Morning all. I can't believe we're half way through this blessed month already
  10. ^not for the breaking of fast, but work hours. Well 'am off Have a good afternoon and a pleasant Iftar folks.
  11. ^ No Ramadan Hours? ...That's harsh,
  12. ^ You too. Later comers, welcome.... 1hr to go
  13. Ramadan Kareem fellow trollers.. May Allah accept our fasting and our prayers in this holy month. Ameen.
  14. lol blessed, I have..., but my dream car would have to come in a form of gift, coz I couldn't possibly justify spending such amount on a car Yep, 'am around Inshallah and you might be surprised to see our lovely friend too, if she hasn't told you already lol
  15. Hellooo dearest, hope you're well...wadadii baa isugaysee waa inaa bari inshallah : lol Blondy isqor bilaa liis waaxid! Well, time to go home..., cheerios folks.
  16. lool@5 baloods waar inanku waa taajir is nacay ma istiraahdeen
  17. ^ lol dream a little dream we all ...Inshallah one day we shall live that dream Norf, lol inshallah...
  18. I have feeling they'll go for the long weekend lol the rest of the region will be off anyways.
  19. lol Blessed, why d you think I haven't got that dream car yet Somonics? Really, you're inventing your own terminology now Blondy....Ala Afsoomaali baa iska ba'ay.
  20. W'salam Juxa, lol Norf, your prayers have been answered, you can loose a day for this can't you
  21. ^ Hagbad? I prefer savings account....I don't like to owe money, save and pay upfront.
  22. ^lol you almost broke my neck. Afternoon Juxa, hope you had a splendid day yesterday
  23. ^ Typical bully....pick someone your own size