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  1. Lovely Me, So many question, Can't solve that equation I'll Leave it Unmarked like grave with "Quatation" If i gave you answer I'd have to submit to brain cancer body count enhancer your warlords =A free lancer Meer master, bound to beat faster cauze' devastating desaster peepz dissapear like casper, -----------damn------------ :mad: So see, can't answer...... Your whats,why's,howz,excetra
  2. Yo can i get some more Pictures of Minneapolis? PLz., there is more places to go in here i know that for sure..
  3. Haseena, sorry the link broke, but i fixed it again, Click here to Read The Article!!!!!!!!
  4. Ha ha, You crazy, Vission.. 100barz,more like half way done 100barz. Lovely thanx for the compliment Iz all butter cake like,703to612. Mz-Alpha-Soup,I never seen ya around, good to have you though, looks like we gonna be writing after one another I digged ya lines. Hold another session Teach a lesson Knowledge can be blessing If ya listen Captive in mental prison Glisten on what you missin make it a mission decrease ya tention increase intention grease ya ignition pleaz' ya aggresion Obeist fishin Feast superstition beast is sh!ttin?? Load amunition next on a mission to gushin and run'flushing Oopz I'm pushing massive Cussion like sumo wreslin see mo' asian on yo corrupted nation actin amnesian for what reason? who'z,what,where ,season? moment amusing keyboard abusing winnin or loosing? who'z with susan, hold up she'z in, maybe,is pops she choosin, mixing cocktail,jacuzzin' ma'half sista accusin? Product of 3rd wife Occation half cocasian, Your so""Soma'casian"(Somali+cocasian) so many across the Ocean don't be suprised at what coasts-in... 100% Un-edited... next to "kin"...iz ya'll
  5. This Prolly Un-ussual to you, but the ussual to me, I don't never write about love stories, or write poems to impress,NOo I write poetry to regress life is never ending test, see, maybe I live diffrent class of life, were people talk about realities instead of fantasies. But society today is based on"Close you eyes" and Imagine..true.. Mine is more "Open ya eyes" and see. Simple right? No complications..Hope ya feel me.... Now let me write something.... Honestly I can't sleep feel my steep, know is deep lies is belief,hummer is a jeep not so cheap as you seat show pete,to critique so petite,"stop don't leap" honk ya horn so it can peep Damn..Go back home raise sheep The soil you were conceived. Home is sold N'deciet Guilt,is what you plead Blink N'bleed Cry in need?? Yess,indeed Plant a seed Million compete One can lead Hope can concur and keep So ya see, Stomp ya feet Stop the fleet Look back N'retreat No one to beat Nothing to defeat Wave the white sheet Drop the heat Love can succeed Sound so neat? Lets "Ala bari" and meet Eat fresh meat. Qabil :confused: :confused: ???"Kaas diid" We're One Seed Lets walk the concrete Motherland we feed This is your "HOMEGROWN BREED" -------------------------------------------------- I Always feel like I got massege to get across. Thanks for reading,I love ya'll. One world, one soul, One heart, One man, One love,
  6. good try this time, Benovelent, You gotta add a little scream to it. Like ya mean it..Words have no action, they just act alone..... I almost felt it.. Kick it little bit more..
  7. Minneapolis,sometimes Minnehopeless, minnesota all the time Minnesnowta One place that i can't quite understand. But ,yo thats Minnefabulous.Right. This is my next It ain't about, How a place can make you feel. It's about how you can make a place feel you. I got my ownside to Minneapolis. This is Place is gonna feel me for long time to come. Thiz is My home, bungalow, cabin, castle, cave, cottage, crash pad, diggings, domicile, dump, dwelling, farm, fireside, flat, habitation, hangout, haunt, hearth, hideout, home plate,crib,digs, The hood,Whatever you wana call it is Just Minneafabulouz Sectiona, How thingz man..Good to see you postings again, this time not "Calling out"lol. Yo, for real you one cool guy,keep ya head up. One World, One Soul, One Heart, One Man, One Love, Salaam...
  8. Modesty ,And honesty, Can't relate reality this is how sad i be anger inside of me burning like calorie girls check my salary next she wants to be part of me, see, this bathers me i just rather be like"Kabba lather"see Bizz,keep ya way out of it unless ya wanna be another anatomy Pause''' My Granpa noted me once listen close cuz' this really makes a "sense" look like "mess"-- Granpa-->....Son, In the "West" don't trust the triple "W" Woman Weather And White people, Shhh i didn't ask you to mock it Silence, keep ya hands in ya pocket. Keep it to yo self, who wants to hear what you though of it.. I'm just poet, words make me heroic and ya know it. this ain't the end of the road, I rode it... "I wrote it". peace..
  9. Scorpion, And you didn't know..Nah, i just didn't like people linking who i waz with who i am and so on , feel me, if not, Priv' me.. XawoTako, Aigh't I guess i kinda feel you on something, SECOND, i can't stand it when ppl are jealous of others success and try and bring them down. they can't ever be happy for you, and you all know what i mean because this goes on daily. live and let live. Girl,thats we reffered to as "Hateration"..Some of us feed of that negative energy, is called "Motivatation". see, i'm the kinda person who lives on proving people like these wrong,on certain Occasion.. But is good to know.., live and let live,nice one.
  10. This is crazy one,, ........................ good one man
  11. Deep.. Facts of Life, are like Fiction in Stripes... Meaning whats real one time will fade and become artificial the next~ Believing is achieving~ Is kinda nice to see some one you can relate with. P.O.E.T Facts of stripe YA'LL Facts of stripes Red+Blue+white=Violence Ominous dominance, I've often taught against the promise of violence The belief of distruction of apocalypse I speak my mind like 2pacs lips The problem-is my providence too many fatherless babies manifest the world "less" Autonomous, Masjid's and their prominent-monuments reminds us of dailly mind sets and power the balances the west populous has surely altered its documents And it's flawed intent to model its occupants subliminally soon to destroy your cautiousness honestly, i have reason to rig sign of abnoxious see knowledge is a confident consciousness unless ya really worried of consequesnces I wish i stood in front of ya'll honesness tell ya whats cauzin' fraudulent nauseous ness I'm lost in it, for the sake of peace I remain at ease my venomous fangs unleash in sacred speech Condemning fake-beliefs, I blame the beast for this age-of feast that hatred-brings Now, i don't even know if i should blame the stripes' i just had relapse maybe we're like woderous mice out to for hunger to get cheese slice Our lives, wrapped in an idea far from love and yes, hate-deceives Create relief in ardious dreams..... -----My Vissonz Not Deadly,I wear opticles-----
  12. Whats Midgaan?Sounds like a Good soup to taste.. is it Chinese soup, i dunno i had spanish soup is that what you guys reffering to,??? stop the nonsense 21st century, Be civilized
  13. Floccinaucinihilipilification try pronouncing it.. after you get it you'll be like me.. Oh by the way it means the act of estimating as worthless..Damn..
  14. Back again.I miss the "Nomadic Expression". anyway, i'm back again, to write again express the insane,so i can maintain words help me release the stress & pain that nums inside my brain hold my self in cubecle in chains the only way i know how to free my self is to rhyme again excuse the verbs that drop like rain, they may come down hard w/hurricane....... OOoo.K some of you may relate and some may get it late But, it's Aaaall for good sake -----------------Inhale----------- Can I consider this extention in my profession a second blessing Cuz I cherish every excellent second that I spend in this session The setting got me feelin' like child freed from heavens detention Cuz my tension was set to be stressin' quick... Can I rhyme freely or let 'em face the censorship Cuz it was like a remorse where my essence lived It's like I was set free and released by an The destiny set to manifest this sh*t And this enlightenment is constantly supplyin' me Like the economy, I was blessed with an efficient variety, The purpose asserted to stress the message to society To partake in the odyssey that is the Main Event Excitement fufilled to the same extent Think not, check the smile in your facial sense The building where non-believers can make amends To blaze the set and endulge in life's gift The experience is like seein' heaven through your eyelids The best part of a life spent inside this device of divine excitement patiently take good moment Cuz this is your Advancement....... -------------exhale-----------------
  15. Nice....I'll try to stay away from scorpions list, No more abaayo macaanto from never say that any way, which brings me to my next annoynce, I got a problem with femenine fellaz, In somali"Ragga dumarka shaneeyo". In english"the fifth person in five women conversation" If any of you in that catogory,find your male "Ego" and stay with it..
  16. Nice One ..TWISTED.. Dealy Vision... Deadly Vission.. Now we half lost, fully feelin da pain- Of tribalism, the same issues of our 4Fatherz... Damn don't i feel you on that....... Is kinda nice the way you put it, melody. Heart written... 10years of age in 1990 I ran from an escalating civil war~ Came to a Foriegn land with a scar~ came real far. With nothing but just a vision- Our parents had 2get us out from da bloody depression~ War agression inflicting the world 2day... Pass generations, present generations, waiting to see what the future generation brings... Or comes with... Evil, Deceivably we all are equally falling down hard... Some play smart, some are smart, & some are plain num at heart... I say shuffle again to the dealer, I think you delt me the wrong hand... How can it be? am always plottin da wrong plan? Am I becoming the wrong man to hold a males stand? I'ma vote for you as the POET of the month. Admin or Moderators ya'll hear me right..
  17. o.k..I'm just glad she shared it. Lovely Me... I can relate with'em.. Like..There are two theories to arguing with women. Neither one works. I'm sorry but that is so true, i ussually walk away, and tell'em call me later when your calm.. And the Other one was Never test the depth of the water with both feet If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again, it was probably worth it. Thanx for sharing that with us.. Much luv..
  18. Is somalia located West Africa?!!! Just kidding, just listen to the elders and you decide right from wrong. Than you'll be true somali.
  19. Is somalia located West Africa?!!! Just kidding, just listen to the elders and you decide right from wrong. Than you'll be true somali.
  20. Is somalia located West Africa?!!! Just kidding, just listen to the elders and you decide right from wrong. Than you'll be true somali.
  21. Is somalia located West Africa?!!! Just kidding, just listen to the elders and you decide right from wrong. Than you'll be true somali.