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  1. Good to see this thread still hanging in there...dadkan leh, odaay iyo islaan are probably a month younger than 'us' Nice to see 'oldies' still kicking..haha
  2. Whoa! the place has changed.. Old troll thread is back - if only the old timers were back too..:{
  3. Generosity Loyalty - more so when a midst non -Somalis. Sense of familiarity. I adore the Somali bus drivers in London, they probably sense am a 'freshy' in the city - they tend to be extra nice...dropping me where there are no bus stops just so to ps. If only Kibir wasn't haram - I would say, I love that characteristic too. pss. Their resilience, bravery and courage and more so their sense of being 'fearless' ..this admire.. psss. Their devotion to their belief - their outlook on life and death - dimashoo wa xaq! - psss. Did I mention how Somali women are just awesome, tough and for the men, illahi baa uu maqaan..lool
  4. Lool@ now things are happening to Ngonge
  5. Waves back a decade later @ Juxa.. waan ku ficanahay abaaye, see tahay adi? nuune, sidhu eeygu kuu qaniney adigo *** kortisa fadhiya?
  6. ^I like 'Everybody love Raymond ' on channel 4 - an old comedy, but that's all one can find in the I agree, any sane person should avoid to watch news - especially in the mornings..
  7. ^No one - I made the mistake of watching news instead of my usual doze of morning comedy...
  8. ^We all know your stance Mr. no need to Morning folks! confused and angry world...
  9. Juxa;951927 wrote: Yep happy 18th dhamaantiin Somalia must show good will and wish Sland kheyr iyo bishaaro! Good manners demand that ^You wouldn't say that if your villages/towns and people are held at a gun point to be part of SL..
  10. Raula, salaam sis! Mambo? Juxa - mar mar waan taga, when I feel its getting a tad bit too
  11. I agree with Ngonge - with Somalis you have to come with certain element of 'air' hadhii kale they will call you at midnight to demand you do something for them now and there.. Waan kaa reystee 'community work' - now I tell them I was not employed to work with only 'somali children' marka I can help you but do not dare demand anything.. sanka aan tage..Lool Hello beoble... OZ that would be a 'moment' really to determine what one is made of - UD is right, if one can pass their parent being beaten so to go 'look' for a weapon - he sure deserve his wife to be serviced else where...fulaynimo waa
  12. Aaliyah told you - drink, drink away!
  13. Malika

    This is Water

    Naxar Nugaaleed;948676 wrote: that's a bleak outlook on life That was definetly a cry for help! ciid fahantee muu jiriin maskinka.
  14. ^Haha - reer Somalia have selective thinking process, mingiis iyo saarka yaa tuumi jiire? if not reer Somalia?..Lol Witch craft and superstition isnt unique a 'sijui' [what a blo.ddy generalisation!!] - its common in Africa/Asia/Gulf and heck! even a midst the westerners.
  15. ^Your right, the first step of any healing process is acceptance by the sufferer. SP - yaa kuyiri there is no alcohol or pot in Somalia? I have heard pleanty of stories from daqaan ceelis of how easy to access alcohol or pot..unless NY would venture into miyi and stay in miyi for a long while to detox. Nin Yaban - impossibility and possibility are a mere concept of your mind - don't give up, try hard and in'sha'allah kheyr.. wish you all the best.
  16. ^Lol..cast one her direction, cawaan yene saan sexaaniin..Lool
  17. ^Yaah? ..So, how many of these exotic creatures have you met?
  18. Classified;947731 wrote: Hargeisa lays claim to Ex-British Somaliland. Qardho is less than 10 miles away from that border. Today, trucks from Berbera with Aid landed in Sanaag Bari (Badhan, Lasqoray, Dhahar). Somaliland is winning the hearts and minds of the illiterate, masaakin locals. Where is Somalia? Hypocrisy is an ugly thing , wuxuu illahi ku cadabiin dona some - winning hearts iyo illiterate masaakiin in the same condescending sentence! Maa iska istagtiid dinac aad rabtiid without trying soo hard at pretending to be neutral/fair or whatever it is your convincing yourself is your stance.
  19. ^Masha'allah! sounds like you had a good time... Maxaa soo aragte? anything unusual? I am out to do the 'taxi driver role' - waa ino markale..
  20. ^Well, spent it vegging about the house - in a way, it was good in a way, I could have done more fun things. So ,where did you go? Without being
  21. ^Maa ilaa sakay emailka aqrineysee? Hello dear, how was your holiday?
  22. ^lool nuune -Uu sheeg, he better know how to move like you - erm your Anyways, enough procrastinating - got work to do. haye ii bashaala.
  23. nuune, dey waxaad sameysee - wilashiii queue ayee ugaleen..all this fantasy about some jiin woman, haka waliin inamada Naxar, iska jir - aan insii kuradinee.
  24. ^Where this time? DC? - its wouldn't hurt to be a 'wife' of these jet setting Somali 'officials'..Lol