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  1. As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that was not supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it`s harder every time. You will break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You will fight with your best friend. You will blame a new love for things an old one did. You will cry because time is passing too fast, and you will eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you have never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you will never get.
  2. Racism Today The racist cloaks his loathing thoughts behind deceiving eyes Those men who once wore hoods and robes Today wear shirts and ties Their methods changed but yet and still, Their mission is the same Today they lynch with politics, the racist's favorite game Divide and conquer is their plan to keep minorities From seeing that the forest lies just shortly past the trees Racism lurks within the press, courthouses, banks and schools Black folks convinced that all is well have certainly been fooled A racist underground exists, a chilling fact indeed They seek to kill, steal and destroy, We can't let them succeed
  3. Why do you tend to judge me cause I'm of different race. Why do you tend to hate me cause I'm from a different place. Why is it that you think I'm stud!p because of where I'm from. In my own opinion, You have classified yourself as dumb. You act as if I'm a criminial evil and a crook. And all this because your job from you I took.. All this hatred that you show is nothing more than envy. Why can't you just see that you are not better nor worse than me. I was born in this country, I grew up just around the corner. The difference between you and I, is that my father crossed that border. He has struggled in the past to make our lives all better. I admire him for that why do u have to be a hater. And even though I respect you, You show me nothing more than racism. When will this all stop When will you stop your criticism? We are no longer that minority.. Nor will we be for ever more. We will one day rise above low standards that's what we're fighting for. So I suggest you learn to love my kind and just be all that you can be. Cause all your racism and your criticism can no longer bother me....
  4. 1st of july thats my birthday... aint haten but am somalialand but I have no problem with somaliwe all from the horn of africa
  5. A place to be alone, in a crowd of emotion, the sun illuminates my skin, in an even golden notion. Crying from within, but my eyes they smile, coz its quiet and I`m warm, all alone for a while. Clustered rooftops, tell stories, tales of what lies beneath, family portraits should be drawn in pencil, coz nothings ever what it seems. Playing puppet to a rulebook, yet who knows the truth? everyone seems to fiend forbidden fruit. The atmosphere screams help, but nobody hears its cries, unable to connect, trapped behind a wall of lies. I question, If its seen only by my eyes, or if people hide opinion, in a quest to `fit in` right. Then I ask, what if I closed my eyes, moved my mind back to the box, forgot my pure insight. When I awake my vision would i feel much more alive? or still trapped in a loose reality, with nowhere else to hide?
  6. When I first read it I thought this needs to be shared to all muslims believers out there
  7. I aint tryna be the bad person I did ask you if you wrote this poem but you never answered so I thought I'll answer for you A couple of weeks ago in class my teacher started reading out a poem infact it was this poem I asked were did she get it from?? she replied this poem was written by Brenda Dodge I replied are you sure she replied yes dear now pay attention I had to make sure she was right and she was I come with proff still nice poem babes
  8. The day of Judgement When the earth shall suffer a tremor & quake when men will ask, what has made her shake? When mountains will fly in the air like flake, the sun will be lowered, & the earth shall Bake! The day when a loud trumpet be sounded And all that is standing shall then be grounded With a bang so loud, the ears will be pounded With fright & fear, the hearts will be wounded It is a day of a very loud burst, The day when mountains will scatter like dust, These are signs of the day of just, And the day of just, it’s coming a Must The bones shall be taken out of the clay, & then be assembled back on that day, & then be asked, on earth did he pray? Khums & zakah, if ever did he pay? Each will be asked: what did you earn? & of that which you earned, how did you earn? How much of Quran & Islam did you learn? & how many beggars back did you turn? Questions will be asked on weight & scale, Whether you deceived in trade & sale, If money you conned by making some tale, The breakers of law will dwell in Hell! You will be shown your sins & deeds, How much you hoard & what was your need, How many hungry stomachs did you feed? & wealth that you made by means of greed Women will be asked where was your veil? To cover up your hair, why did you fail? Why you exposed your beauty unveiled to some male? The guilty that day will burst into wail There will be some faces glorious & bright On reclined couches relaxed at height, & there will be faces filled with fright, Exposed to heat, engulfed in plight A selfish soul will be the song of the day The guilty that day will have their say Whatever he owed, he will have to pay, Fifty thousand years will make one day! To save yourself from being at odds, Open up your Quran & listen to your god Say, “Oh my God, you are my lord, Your faith in my heart is old & broad†You are both merciful & mercy giving, Under your command are the dead & the living. Great are you, the great All-Knowing, Glory be to you, Oh eternally living Oh my lord, forgive me my sins After all, I am just a human being For getting your blessings, really I am keen From this moment on, I shall remain clean & from the bottom of my heart this is what I mean AL- HAMDULILLAHI- RABBIL- AALLAMEEN! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I didn't write this I can't remember who did but its soo good
  9. Let me be free cried a slave Let me be free cried a maid Let me be free cried a child Let me be free we cried and cried For a life worth living and no evil in disguise Let me be free to live my own life Let me be free as a bird in the sky Let me be free from the plague in your hands Let me be free from the devil in your mind Let me be free from all this pain you find Let me be free from your little games Let me be free from your hand around me neck Let me embrace purity, happiness and smiles Let me find my rights and forget your wrongs Because!!!!!!!! We must KILL, BITE and SHOUT FREEDOM We must know our RIGHT ,WRONG, GOOD, BAD As we must LIVE, FIGHT AND DIE FREE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ S.sE.Rt <--crack this code? if you can
  10. Death It comes when your time is up It arrives with your sins in your left hands When your angels on your shoulders disappear That’s when Allah (swt) says bring them here When the devil laughs with enjoy or the heavens open up It’s comes after you feel numb, cold and lifeless When your life flashes before your eyes When you can not ask Allah (swt) for help When you realised you should have prayed more often When you say to yourself “why didn’t I help the poor, and fast even more†When you remember all the bad things now but not when Allah (swt) gave you chance after chance Death comes knocking on the door there’s no escape Death does Allah will but why can’t we do the same Death is new life were you chose to were stay Death is a new being but has no end Death is either paradise or internal suffering Death is Death as life is life Death can take you to places you have only dreamed about Death reminds you Allah’s (swt) will is powerful how could you forget that Death shows you that there is another place Death can knock on your door and make the devil shout BRING THEM THIS WAY…THOSE WHO DID NOT LISTEN TO THE CREATER. BRING THEM HERE. THERE MY CHILDREN NOW THEY LISTENED TO ME THEY PASSED ME THERE EARS. BRING THEM MY WAY I GOT PITS THAT NEVER FULL. I AM THERE CREATER AS THEY LISTEN TO ME. I AM THE POWERFUL ONE AS I GOT MORE IN HELL THEN EVER BEEN SENT UP IN HEAVEN BRING THEM TO ME AS DEATH KNOCKS ON THERE DOOR. If death tells me NO they been good I’LL SCREAM TO MY LIL DEVILS GO UP AND GET ME MORE!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ S.sE.Rt <--crack this code? if you can
  11. Awww did you write that poem??
  12. As I read your words I read a lost child A confused one, maybe bitter, maybe mean But not because he wants to When I read what you wrote I solved the meaning to the mona liza smile! The Anger, confussion, the Coolness, of a child A word from a DeadlyVision is a word like no kind I feel like I can hear his unhappy words Like when he takes candy from a child "In need to cross words with an Imperial Instigator" I am not the one you swap words with but share wisedom about mankind am tryin to understand a man.. but i think thats going to take a lifes time! like throwing a dog another life line ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Need to go out but be back to finish
  13. Omg I read that to my mom and wallahi she loved it she nearly cried (she knows it wasn't from me)
  14. You were my DeadlyVision when I saw you in the night sky! you are my DeadlyVision when I layed down that night to cry! How come my DeadlyVision is never evil in my eyes? Hes just like a nightcrawler a man without a spine! you said in my last poem am your 20/20 vision but somehow thats a lie! I've only been that plain and simple little number 9! my mom said stay away from DeadlyVisions as it brings tears to your eyes! funny enough if I said thats not true you would know whats a LIE! when I was telling people how come! I was speaking from my mind! I really did feel that way! My tears made me blind! I liked the way an DeadlyVision could write something so sweet! when a DeadlyVision is only vision that plays tricks on all mankind! So how can a DeadlyVision make rhymes so sweet? maybe the DeadlyVision is really a real man undernearth? ~~~~~~~~~ BLESS1X
  15. ~~Just Call Me~~ I aint heard from you for days Am just wondering do you still remember my name? Or has my number gone off your phone Coz you aint called me at all Do I run through your mind? Coz your love got me hypnotized Am just wondering what to do Coz am falling in love with you And I don’t wanna make a fuss But I got to know why you aint called Baby am sitting here waiting on you to call Baby I can’t be…waiting on you So come on home to me Coz without you I’ll cry since you been gone there’s no sun in my sky There’s no man by my side God knows I love you Till forever and a day you know I really love everything about you and I aint got a dime to spend but you still love me till this very end and you made me the happiest gal now come home to me coz my life is nothing without you just call me...just call and show you care just one call will take away my tears will heal my fears...and bring back my lonely nights. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  16. How come I can't love How come I wont believe How come I only see All the stuff you show me How come my feelings get lost in translation How come my tears are nothing but a motion How come you keep breaking my heart Even when where millions miles apart How come am crying as am writing this How come my world is breaking as am reading this How come my words never get heard How come my dreams never get shared How come you never help me How come its all about the colour of my skin How come my soul feels so unwanted How come now am ALONE
  17. Thank you Sagal and what a beautiful name my baby sis is called that but she's a DEVIL..I hope your not as BAD as her
  18. looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool omg my lungs that was a good one
  19. Asalamu Alaykum Khaalid....Is that the university your going too? because am going there but my family have to pay because am from England..."The Land of The Not So Free"....As we are slaves too the Queen....just kidding.... ...see who said we smart people haven't got a sense of humour :cool:
  20. How naïve to understatement the power of LOVE, I was Miss know it all, ‘till LOVE hit me, I was Miss- independent ‘till LOVE let me down "I was Miss self-confidence ‘till LOVE question my ability I was in my protected shell ‘till LOVE put me in to the spotlight And when I express my feeling to the one which I love all He said was “IT IS VERY CUTE†I have wept and moan and nearly lost my mind" That was the best part not saying the rest aint just sayin thats the part I liked the most..... ...keep up the good work
  21. One farax said If I make suggo he'll be all mine FOR MY EYES SAKE HE HAD NO TEETH, NO MATTER HE NEVER ASKED FOR RICE AND HILAB WITH IT