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  1. Jessica, is not dum, I think we are dum coz of the fact that we watch them. They are challenging even insulting our intellegence about the whole thing. She asked her so husband about the tuna fish or wateve, that I think was very funny, she sould be a comedian for real, a really ****** comedian. I advise everyone not to watch them for the seek of your health and mentalilty.
  2. Listen aboowe I think all these people provided you the best advice that you can find. I will add to that, you have to relize that the world is getting smaller every day, I mean the advanced technology made the world come together faster then before. You cant have an excuse of she being far away from you. and also u tell her ur position, I think she will understand. Good luck agian patience and use the technology
  3. Hello friends I left from the Somalinet forums coz of ninxoon. He is a nightmare to alot of people. But I think we should let him be nightmare coz may be he is born this way.
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  5. Simple question but I still in search for an answer that will draw or simply explain those in-security signals that most Somali women see in their men. This is not attack on our men but a therapy that our men need when it comes to in-security. Good Luck people Girls talk from heart Guys talk from your inner self and guts Love all
  6. Rakim You dont have to post topics like this. Please stop spreading haterred and Qabiilism. It is no good for sanaag and nugaal people. Mugadisho is still burning, therefore please praise peace and never announce war trophies to society that has already lost millions of their people. Please dont make Somali mothers lose more of her sons and also dont let her daughters rapped and widowed. Thank you Peace, Peace, it is not difficult to create nor it is harmful.
  7. To My female Heorione ARAWEELO and XAAWO TAAKO These two herioine I choiced them are the most influential people to me. I love them and I looking forward to write about them as much as I can because Somali women are exempt from their history. The truth is that without these two favorable and Heroic personalities there will be No Somalia.