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  1. Originally posted by Xarago: ^^Do me a favour, infact do yourself a favour. Read and learn what you believe in before you come in here quoting Oprah Winferey. Quoting who?? Oprah, I never ever read anything by her or watch her show. So no idea what you are talking about. If you know the answer to my question I would say provide it, otherwise I suggest keeping silent would be the best course of action.
  2. Originally posted by Xarago: ^^Maskiin..! ^^ Is that the best answer you can come up with when all day you shout stone them to death?
  3. I have one simple question. Where does it say in Islam, you have to stone a rapist? What is the proof required in Islam to convict someone of a rape? However much I conside rape to be a crime against humanity, I dont believe for one second it deserves stoning.
  4. Good points, however, you mentioned that you believe that both the courts and warlords are just two sides of the same coin, there I might have to disagree with you as well as I am sure that the majority population of Southern Somalia would too, Mr Red Sea, there is nothing wrong on disagreeing on issues provided we don't kill each other over the disagreements! I respect your views (even when I don't agree with them) and all I would ask of you don't be put all your hopes on these guys, if hope for a better future is what you are looking for. the Courts whom you unfortunately have put the same measures as the warlords who were the prime reason for the continues problems that were occuring in Southern Somalia for the last 16 years. I have put them in the same basket as the warlords because the courts helped to maintain the warlords all these time; they were created with the blessing of the warlords and haven't heard them ever bring one warlord ever to justice. Remember they only disagreed recently and thus could well make up tomorrow and therefore continue their unholy alliance against Somali people for another 10 years if not more. I have no doubt in my mind that the courts are and will turn out for the better of ALL Somali people everywhere, only if given the chance and oppurtunity. What evidence do you have for this hope/feeling? So far all the justices that I have seen dispensed through the courts is barbaric justices and is targeted towards the weak and the poor. I have not as yet seen anyone powerful enough who has committed crimes being brought forward. Justice has to be fair and even handed. Justice is only justice when the poor/weak can get justice against the strong. So far that hasn't happened and I don't see any signs happening. Until the traffic changes direction and see the poor and the weak getting justices I would continue to treat the courts the same way I treat the warlords.
  5. marka sxb runta Allaah ku tusiyo Wiilo Amen to that and that is what I am always striving for. Having said that, I still don't agree with you on the courts, because their type of justices isn't justices at all. Justice has to be even handed and it has rules which has to be followed; they don't do either. What these guys offer day in and day out is a form of barbarism to say the least! So for that topic we can agree to disagree if it makes you happy. But I will ask you to stay open minded and be careful in choosing the lesser of the two evils. Because the lesser evil might tomorrow and become something you cant control. OLOL sxb, mmid ayaad ka tagtay, tobanka rag ee loo diray khartuun, waxay ka koobnaayeeyn 7 ph.D holders, and 3 Masters holders.... and you are right, they were from all clans from somalia. As I said before qualification means nothing in this situation. What is needed is honesty, willingness to accept and live with other points of view without necessarily believing in them yourself. If you still happen to value qualification by that much, would you then accept my views if I were to tell you that I have all the mentioned qualification??
  6. Originally posted by OLOL: check this out- the Islamic Courts sent 10 Somali intellectuals to the meeting. 7 of them hold Ph.D degrees and are fluent in Arabic. One more thing, they were from all clans from Somalia. That is a feat..professors and experts were sent to Khartoum..Amr Moussa even started recruiting some to work for his organization but to no luck. Somalia is more important than few Arab pennies was their response PhD holders in what?? PhD in any subject doesnt qualify one in solving complex issues like those facing Somalia today. Somalia needs people who are honest and know how to live with people who hold different views to them. So remember no Prof or expert could solve our problems but ourselves
  7. "The author seems to be pro-Islamic courts" Mr Red Sea, the author is confused, his article is full of contradiction and he is very far from 'pro-Islamic courts'. I have to say from outset I dont support anyone in this conflict as they are all the same to me, all are criminals in my eyes. I dont believe in choosing the lesser of two evils. The confusion of the author raises from his desire to use the ICU and at the same time hating everything they stand for. and a hiding place for terrorism. He alleges Mogadishu has become a hiding place for terrorist. Where is the evidence for that?? What is more for someone who is supporting the ICU or even believe in their cause wont utter such words. As the warlords who held the country hostage for more than 15 years found themselves cornered they cried wolf, succeeding to exploit Washington's paranoia of Islamic extremism in the region. Here he shows his hate for the warlords and shows us how they got American support. For someone who said Mogadishu has become a hiding place for terrorist wont have said the above unless he is confused and dont believe it has become the hiding place he alleges! The Al Ittihad Al Islami, an organization suspected by Washington of having links with Al Qaeda, was found to be behind the killings of foreign aid workers in Somaliland, the self-declared state over looking the Gulf of Aden. Armed militants arrested in Hargeisa confessed that they had been taking orders from Ahmed Hashi Ayro, an Afghan trained militant and a senior commander of the ICU forces. Ayro is also accused of being behind the digging up of the old Italian cemetery in Mogadishu and dumping human remains in garbage pits. Another senior ICU commander and head of one of the courts, Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, who is on Washington's wanted list, is also former leader of the Al Ittihad Al Islami. There are also worries that the ICU may whip up Islamic dissent in the hitherto peaceful and stable states of Puntland and Somaliland as well as neighboring Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya. After having used the ICU and now he turns against them. This guy the last thing he ever wants is a government claiming to be Islamic! Both ICU and the warlords of the south are people his dislikes in equal measures. Those are my two cents for this article
  8. Originally posted by Wiilo: Go figure:..... I figured out Wiilo!!! This guy is no different from the rest of the warlords except he is using the name of Islam. If you read his answers carefully you will see he is not answering any questions. They are all the same....
  9. Originally posted by Rahima: ^It’s all about who supports the ones that they have fallen to! Who supports them then? Dont tell me God plz cause I dont think/believe God supports killers.
  10. JustCause


    Define fascism first and I will then tell you whether is good or bad.
  11. “Having met all the conditions above, a judge has no choice but to admit such confession as evidence.†I would suggest Castro give the judge a chance then to admit it and in the meantime chill.
  12. I think you be right Pi, I am might be thanking too early! But I hope not and let us hope that is the last of it. I will let you guys work out your velocities! Also I don’t see the connection of velocity here anyway.
  13. Is good to be back Viking. Paragon, keep up the good work and thanks for making my life easier! I would have had to aurge with him and now you saved me all that time.
  14. Originally posted by Paragon: Just Cause, my pressumption is that (judging from the years spent on the subject) you are a physicist. Am I close to getting it right? What can I say other than you are right!
  15. Castro et al, you people who are claiming to wanting to educate the masses here, you are behaving no different from the people you wanting to educate. What happened to innocent till proven guilty? Due process?? Do any of these concepts that are important to a justice system mean anything to you? Surely this guy entered into not guilty plea and until the system finds him guilty he is as innocent as any one of us. Let the state prove he is guilty, I am sure the jury wont consider his clan or age in their deliberation. Therefore, people wait till then. “I am sure even the blindest of the blind can accept this and thus must also accept he is GUILTY. Not necessarily in the eyes of a kufar but to Allah who sees all.†First, I don’t accept he is guilty (till proven so) but then again you did say only the blindest and the blind can accept this! Well sorry to disappoint you, I am neither and hence cant accept his guilty till he was given his day in court. Allah takes care of justices in the next world and in this world, is you and I who issues justices, whether we follow Allah’s laws or our own man made laws. Either way is us, who is in control here and so let Allah take care of his in the next world.