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    Duniya, all I can say is PURE COUNSELLING. You obviously have a lot of unresolved issues and you're a total NUT. What is wrong with you? How could you possibly wish to be infected with Aids? Do you know what you're wishing for? Be careful, Allah may just grant you your wish? If you feel this much hatred for Somali men, learn to overcome your hatred in a healthy way. Nobody deserves to die a slow painful death and that's exactly what aids brings. On second thought, I'm just going to let what you wrote slip because I'm pretty sure that you just wanted to get a reaction from everyone. Frankly, it's the only way I can explain it.
  2. First of all, it's important to determine what change we're talking about. I really don't believe in the ever so present cliché of letting someone BE. If I'm with someone and I think that the person needs to change (FOR THE BETTER THAT IS) then by all means, I will try to change the person FOR THE BETTER if I feel that there is hope. Why would I not want to change a person whom I care about? Frankly if you ask me, when people become fossilized because nobody is changing for the better, then the human race is in big trouble and that's precisely the problem with all the evil that's taking over the world today: NOBODY WANTS TO CHANGE FOR THE BETTER AND NOBODY WANTS TO ADMIT THAT THEY NEED TO IMPROVE. I like it when people tell me who I am because I get the chance to observe my characteristics objectively and improve my ways. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH FEEDBACK and GOOD change comes from GOOD FEEDBACK.
  3. Who cares if a person is a virgin when personality exceeds (instantly and eventually) far beyond anything physical. Why should anybody judge another when we're full of flaws ourselves? Why should anybody judge a non-virgin when he/she knocked (and is still knocking) enough boots? As a girl, I will not ask a guy how many girls he's been with (this is not to say that I'll not be curious to know) and I would definitely expect him to do the same thing. That's always been my philosophy in life. Let bigones be bigones. The past sexual life of someone has NO RELEVANCE in how the union of two people is shaped. For men who want to marry a virgin, that's no problem just as long as you make sure YOU REMAIN THE SAME. But it's obvious that PIG and OUT OF LOVE are not talking equality here so I can only conclude this way "A PIG IS OUT OF LOVE", that's for sure.
  4. I never knew him and it's possible that we might've exchanged a few opinions but may Allah have the greatest mercy on his soul and may he finally rest in peace in Janatul Fardusa. May Allah reward him for all his good deeds and forgive him for all his sins. I've read across the forum that he was a good person so I'm sure that his goodness will not go unnoticed in the after life.
  5. Common, the whole point of this forum is for us to post our opinions and that's precisely what I did. If you can't handle constructive criticism, then I'm convinced this is not the place for you to be posting anything. How do you expect to post comments and not get anything in reply? That completely defeats the whole purpose of creating topics. So until then, learn to AGREE TO DISAGREE and do not take anything personally. It's not disrespect but plain old criticism, learn to distinguish the two. For now, let bigones be bigones. Sorry if you took it as disrespect. NONE INTENDED.
  6. Common, I wanted to say that for someone who's educated, it's an insult for you to make statements referring to women as lesbians. Come on, you know better (or should know better) than to use a ludicrous cop out as such to explain why women may reject some men. I can see that you're a man who's had higher learning so PLEASE, let your postings be a reflection of that, otherwise you end up attracting the wise and logical not to mention SMART replies of Kruella (your partner in crime sis) and frankly she makes you look bad because she's RIGHT and you make no sense. It's actually interesting for me to read your comments because I swear they remind me of what little boys would say in JUNIOR HIGH when a girl didn't show any interest in them. What I have to say is this. EVERYONE HAS INDIVIDUAL PREFERENCE. I for one truly believe that there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with a man or a WOMAN asking for an equal or someone close to it with regards to education or anything else in that matter. There is NOTHING wrong for asking/requesting for what you have yourself to offer. This is for everyone out there. People do not think of yourselves as superficial, materialistic or picky if EVER you turn down someone because they're not what you want. As far as the men being the bread winner, let's face it, the Bread Winner Concept has definitely doubled in terms of the Somali society, WOMEN too play a MAJOR role in bread winning. Times have changed, times have changed....
  7. Hello to everyone, I've always been a great supporter of the SNM and its struggle to end the regime. My support of the SNM stemmed greatly from my intolerance to hate, injustice, torture, etc...; all of those evil and despicable acts that God contempts. Now, years later, the desire to rebuild and restart from what we have left is a beautiful idea and one that I'm sure will flourish ONLY if we DON'T REUNITE, especially at the present time. I'm not prejudiced toward other clans because I don't believe in the CLAN SYSTEM, I think that it's the most LUDICROUS system ever established. It is beyond me why the same people would want to have clans and sub-clans but hey we live in a world full of ignorant and superiority complex oriented people and unfortunately you cannot turn back the hands of time and change the clan structure of things BUT we can avoid further mistakes. The biggest mistake being the MERGING of Somalia. The BIGGEST REASON for my opposition to this is simple: Why risk more bloodshed? Some may argue and say, stay optimistic and I very much am BUT it's more ESSENTIAL to stay REALISTIC, especially at a time like this when THERE IS NO MORE ROOM FOR MISTAKES leading to ANOTHER WAR. As far as the future is concerned, ONLY GOD knows what's in store for us, we can't control everything but we can DEFINITELY control our ACTIONS. If in the future, we're able to live as one, that's a great thing one can only dream of, but until then, let's stick to SOMALILAND.