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  1. LOL@Qac Qaac.....the girl just stated a fact about woman's need to get nervous mate. Peace
  2. Hi Nomads. I really dont understand why some of the girls here hurry to get married? First study,get a job and get a experience about a life.... Whats the point of rushing to marriage and couple of yrs u find out that u married 2 early n end up getting divorced. I would wait till i am 28-30 yrs old and for men when they r 30-35 yrs old. Certain maturity and experience are there....which helps u 2 be a better/patience person. Dont start hating me bcz of my oponion. Peace
  3. LOLZ@hornAfr..., funny topic though, its been long time since i been out on a date but the one i remember was quite OK. I love when the man puts a lot of effort for a date...well dressed,expensive n luxus restaurant is a must it would be a plus if he would be romantic as well...i would date with some1 whom i know he has the cash otherwise there's no chance of ending up in a cinema or cheap places.....I am just tellin da truth n what every1 wishes but tries to be modest. Peace
  4. DCS , from where did u get the german joke? I decided 2 print n let my colleagues read....its quite funny, typical german 4 real!!! Ilcapo, there's no such being a perfect partner bcz no1 is perfect at all. If u can compromise then half of the battle is won. The key of a successful realtionship is Understanding n respecting each other !!! Salaam
  5. lolz@ jacaylbaro n wiilo....i though my name was very those who think araksan is a man, i have 2 dissappoint u guyz. I am a woman Salaaaam
  6. Hi Nomads, thnx a lot for welcoming me warmly......nuune Danke sehr..... I think i will enjoy the place and keep up the good work folks. Cheers
  7. Hi Nomads, let me indrouce myself, I am araksan n I live in germany though i am hardly here but try to catch up all the topics when i am in. My first n last crush was at the age of 15....damn, its soo innocent n cute....after the first one i some how became tough...but it was nice one though ChEERS
  8. Hi Nomads <<<<<<< whole heartedly agrees with OG-GIRL. Its a must now days to educate the girls about SEX.
  9. Hey Girls, I dont understand why u all panic , its not that ur parents tell U 2 marry the man they introduced U the next day. Its only that the hard work its been already done bcz they would look a good brother, who has profession and is relgious. So what u only have to do is check his looks and probably his bad habits. we all know that once u fall in love with some1 u dont see his negatives at all since u are blinded with the so called LOVE. Anyway its just my oponion.... peace
  10. Hi SOL members, I wouldnt walk out on some1 i love but i think the idea itself is not 2 bad. Arranged Marriages are the one who survive this days. I would welcome the idea bcz ur parents would choose the best man for u! Araksan