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  1. looool, i partly agree with Nasra. I dont think it's right i dont agree with it, i aint gonna do it to ma kidz but hey its life, anyhow ya'll need to chill half of u are sayin' the same thing but u just want to go on with ya damn selves. peace
  2. Kamilyah

    Hot Girls

    Well.... Well....... Well.... I gotta disagree with every1 herrre apart from LadyFatima. I would never paste my picture on the net reason being i dont want ppl thinkin' i come on the net to find Love or (guurdun) "desperadoz", damn .But hey i guess thats just me. But i must admit that the gurlz are very pretty indeed but then again which Somali girl isn't?? LadyFatima, i thought at least you would have had a better approch on what MobbLow said, in another words corrected him.
  3. LoL....... Poster gurl i agree Damn Lakkad guess what i knew about this site 4 nearly a year now but i just had to register 2day just to let u knw that your way of thinkin' is sooo childish stop tryin to bully the new comers (includin' myself) and start talkin' sence (not startin' a war herrre am just statin the facts) Thats all i gotta say on this matter coz Ma boy over there LOYAN said it loud and clear *Full Stop* By the way how does it feel that you can't do anything about it......... We're here to stay and you can't do Shyyyt about it. Damn.
  4. Damn, been approved to shoot one Bullet???? Just thinkin about it gets me exicted. It would have to be eeemmm... to come and think of it, i dont think there is anyone i'd shoot at the present moment, but ill keep the bullet in a safe place, you'll never know i might need to get rid of my future husband. Anyhow to Northerner what can i say other than think twice you know women are better drivers than men. Thats the truth, and Truth does hurt. Bachelor why on Gods Green Earth would you want to kill all the British?
  5. Suup folks, i would just like to say Big Up 2 SkyHigh Family, even though i aint heard ya music, i can tell from what other ppl said u must b good. Keep Up the Good Work. 100