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  1. Hums "Monkey Magic Monkey Magic Monkey Magic Monkey magic oooooooh" lol, good point china must have some very interesting places where u can reside whats up? Nothing but the rent sxb lool, na all is gud (well nearly all Bloody Roma ), what about urself, update my on things down-under :cool:
  2. Shyem what can i say sxb but 100% respect, I hope your enterprise continue to blossom and folurish.
  3. lol I dont no either@Xafsa Must be the head of the Clan, i mean church in spain :cool: Wariya Legend i didnt know ur geography was so poor, infact i though u had a hide out cave around there lol
  4. DAYS AROUND THE WORLD IN PICTURES A young Hamas supporter in Nablus joins a rally to mark a year since the killing of the movement's leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. Days in Pictures
  5. Traditions remain strong in africa Fishing festival Race to fish The Argungu Fishing Festival is the culmination of a four-day cultural event in the north-western Nigerian state of Kebbi. Thousands of fishermen line up like an ancient army, carrying their traditional nets and gourds. At the sound of a gun, they pound towards the narrow river and leap into the water. They have just one hour to catch the biggest fish.
  6. Well looks like we in the end will have cesare Prandelli as our Manager. The plan for last year was to try to create a synergy between the young flock of home grown talent and newly bough players, but alas the man the bought to do that didnt get the chance to display his ability. I remain ever hopefull, i personally think a deal that would see cassano depart to bigger climbs woulddo both parties well. The squad is not any worse off than Parlemo's Udene's or Samp's and arguable our firt choiceline up is just as good as anyone else's apart from Milan. So with some fresh injection of blood, and the departure of another waste of space player like Pannuci i think Roma can rise again. Aquilani, De Rossi, Mancini to mention but a few represent the future of the club all below 24 Chivu, Ferrari, Mexes all under 24 goodfoundations to build on with a manage who knows how to work with a young team.
  7. Thinkerman


    ^^^ loool ^^^ Good event, i think reer Mn will surely enjoy themselves more than us Europeans this summer. I think our english brand of football would might not make a favourable impression on the natives . Dinho would be imployed in all area'so the field including goal so that he lasts the distance lol I would be bood for my exsessive use of the off-side ploy Shaqsii would get done for substance abuse :eek: Ngonge would get booked for persistantly trying to Influence the ref 187 would be too busy impressing the crowd with his exubrant celebrations ala Resistonce and in between that we would be busy trying to stop a ruck developing between Winger (The Red corner) and Soma Inc (The Blue Corner) still the results would be comprehensively one way lol :cool:
  8. Thinkerman

    With Iman

    Mashallah Well written peom, and how true With Iman come acceptance of the highs & lows, With Iman comes patience in life’s ups and downs !
  9. LoL@QL Am inclined to agree with your general comment. Why would anyone want to wash the "dirty linen" online ? If your really concerned as one nomad already said speak to the relevant authorities and hopefully that should give u some peace of mind :cool:
  10. H-Bday Ms-Word Did i read you turned 19?? woow lol mightly impressed u come across as a very mature and well rounded individual, beyond such a young age. I Pray u see many more Happy years
  11. lol@187 funny u should u say that, because i would suggest that i would be impossible to beat! Some might say sad, but Accurate 1000+ Man Hr's have been invested over the years on perfecting the art of ISSA Its the best gaming expirence full stop!
  12. Viking your getting to cocky sxb, ur team wasnt all that, u played well but as u rightly mentioned roma didnt play that well in the second half. The first 20 mins was all Roma and Cassano Totti and Montella were linking up beautifully. Man i was stressed out :mad: , as soon as that donkey scored that Phaat header i texd'd my LSD (Local Shiisha Dealer) to prepare a take away for me . But that aside, it was good to finally see Chivu Again at the heart of our defence. The Pairing with Ferrari looked much better than anything i have seen so far this year. Likewise Aqualini Dacourt and Perrorota Played well as a trio. The first half was Roma's and not milans, Kaka and Pirlo subdued. I'd say that The difference between the two teams was simply the professionalism. Montella and Totti missed early chances and Milan scored with the First real chance. The fact that mister nice guy Cafu took a chunk of Curefe's Left shin didnt help either, as u would observer that pannuci was switched to left back and Crespo enjoyed bullying the hapless old timer. Likewise it didnt help that totti and montella didnt show up in the second half. lol am just glad i left it at 1 - 0 and 11 men on the field.
  13. Uni Studies need not be the only way! I am glad i did manage to finish my stduies, but Uni need not be the only way. With good College/High school Results one can enter straight into an industry and be trained up, paid a good salary, study part-time and be DEBT FREE!!!
  14. Tough times indeed for muslims it seem everywhere. Thanks for your contribution Ms word There is a similar law existing and its merit being debate here in the UK. Did u find the above article to be accurate in the picture it depicted? Where do u see somali's heading in the years coming ahead, will the qaud identiy i alluded continue to fragment the already semi-broken somali identity further? Here in the uk assimilation, or rather total rejection and ignorance to past cultural and moral traits is constantly on the rise, likewise alot of evolving and adaptation of past and new cultural and social practises is being infused. In the UK i think some formal programme of events and activites would go along way to helping stear the course that the ship that our generation and the ones below us are travelling on, so that were not left stranded with a Schizophrenic society
  15. Chelsea to go through...........eventual Juve to be too proffesional over the two leggs Milan too good And Lyon to edge Psv after that anyone can win it But i see a Milan Juve repeat, with Juve and Nedved getting revenge
  16. lol as shamefull a debacale that it was it reprsented progress for me. Demo-crazy in action, at least the cabinet showed a healthy appetite for debate and dis-agreement. The fact that no innocent ppl were killed or maimed, and no AK-47 or RPG's were utilised was a BIGG Pluss!!
  17. Villagers die in Kenya clan raid Some 40 people have been killed in an attack on a village in north-eastern Kenya in a revenge killing between rival Somali clans, say officials. Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai, Kenya's deputy environment minister, said in January she was ready to use her influence to reconcile the warring clans. But our correspondent says there has been little evidence so far of efforts by authorities to resolve the dispute. The communities grazing their livestock are scattered over a large area and police find it difficult to monitor, he says. Professor Maathai said frequent clashes in Kenya and Somalia were rooted in land degradation and conflicts between pastoralists and farmers.
  18. Muslim American: A new identity? Islam is one of the fastest growing religions in the US, yet one in four Americans regard Muslims living among them with suspicion. What does it mean to be both Muslim and American? I guess for you its a qaud-identity Muslim Somali Black (even if you dont immediately identify) American Whats your expirences N.American Nomads!!
  19. Conti: My heart said ‘yes’ Its been pantomin season all year around
  20. Tell you what Man u Need a second regular goal scorer Deigo Shines in La Liga
  21. True ^^^^ Viking sxb milan suffered are very boring bout of football after the great dutch trio left and baresi retired. Milan signed efficient but boring players like Fredrico Gunti De Achentes and Jose Mari to mention afew. Juve on the other hand had the emerging and highly impressive and entertaining Alessandro Del Peiro, and when Baggio left to join you guys, Juve bought Jugovich, Zizou and Davids and man they played beautifull football. Anyway am gonna route for Inter today the deserve something for there come-back spirit if nothing else this year lol
  22. Batistuta confirms his retirement Football Italia Coverage of Retirment The Argentine joined Al Arabi in the summer of 2003 after spending over a decade in Italian football. He joined Fiorentina in 1991 and became a Viola legend, staying there for nine years and even remaining loyal by playing in Serie B for a season following shock relegation. He eventually left the Artemio Franchi in 2000 when Roma paid £20m for his services. He instantly paid them back with the goals that saw them lift Lo Scudetto. Batistuta, who hit 56 goals in 78 internationals, ended his Italian career with a six-month loan spell at Inter once it became clear that his best days were behind him. The striker, who played in the 1994, 1998 and 2002 World Cup finals, started his career at Newell´s Old Boys in 1989. He also spent six months with River Plate before moving to Buenos Aires rivals Boca Juniors. Adored by the Viola who errected a Statute in his honour after his amazing Goal Scoring record His Crowning Moment scoring the decisive goal in the last game of the season to win Lo scudetto with AS Roma
  23. lol@Playa thats the spirit sxb, but am afraid i cant share my already illegal post code with you Hey Dinho u come across FIFA STreet Soccer yet? FIFA STREET Now i usually stear well clear of any product of EA Sports or with the FIFA Labell attached, as there Kaaack!! But this is some seriously entertaining gaming lol and the commentatorts are proper ghetto. i tried to pull of a skill and all i heard was "OI THATS SOME BAIT SKLILL'S BRUV"!!! Demo Video