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  1. To those who are parents of young kids, what do you think of this article?!



    An Open Letter to the Somali Parents of Minnesota





    -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------


    By J.B. Handley

    Wednesday, November 19, 2008



    Courageous Somali Parents:


    I have had the pleasure of getting to know a number of you via phone and email over the past few months and you have my deepest respect and admiration. You remind us all that parental love and commitment to our kids is universal.


    I have chosen to refrain from commenting publicly about autism in your community until after the November 15th meeting you had with the Minnesota Department of Health, because I wanted to give the MDH the benefit of the doubt that they would offer real information and real solutions to your community's overwhelming challenge with autism.


    As we all know, the MDH's response to the crisis of your community was underwhelming. As such, I wanted to share with you my advice for what to do now.


    A little background


    There is a fact pattern emerging regarding Somali children born in Minnesota, and it is deeply disturbing. What we do know:


    1. Estimates are that 1 in 28 Somali children born in Minnesota have autism. That's five times our national average of roughly 1 in 150. The Somali parents tell you that it is the easiest thing in the world to verify this very high number: just look at the composition of any special education class in Minneapolis.


    2. Many Somali parents are blaming vaccines for triggering a regression in their child's development that led to autism. Is it all parents? No. But, my conversations to date lead me to conclude it is the overwhelming majority.


    Now What?


    Somali parents, I offer this advice as the father of a son with autism. Like many of you, I watched my normal son descend into autism after receiving his vaccines. I genuinely believe too many vaccines given too soon in our children's lives is the primary trigger for the autism epidemic. Just to clarify: I'm not a doctor, I'm not giving you medical advice, I'm giving you my opinion.


    I also want to tell you something that I think many of you have already realized: you cannot trust the Minnesota Department of Health to do the right thing. They may help you find educational services for affected children, and that's a very good thing, but they will do nothing to help reduce the number of Somali children with autism in the future nor help the ones with autism recover and resume normal functioning.


    You see, the Minnesota Department of Health is nothing more than a puppet for the Centers for Disease Control, and they will never lead the way in addressing the vaccine issue. I'm personally embarrassed for our country to see the behavior of these people, but they are simply acting out many universal human traits of denial, corruption, and self-protection.


    So, Somali parents, it is time to take matters into your own hands, and only you can accomplish this. Here is what I would do if I were you:


    1. Organize yourselves.


    The more unified and deliberate the voice you have, the more power you have. Use the free speech we all have, but use it as a community and you will be heard. Create an organization name, meet, appoint officers, and make sure you are unified. Do not let infighting weaken your positions or resolve.


    2. Declare a state of emergency within your community and create a new vaccine schedule for your kids.


    As some of you have learned, giving children 36 vaccines by the age of 6 is very, very new. In the 1980s, we only gave 10 vaccines. As I wrote about in a piece HERE a few months back, I lived in 9 foreign countries before I was 10 years old and only received 5 total vaccines – and no one worried that I wasn't protected from deadly disease.


    Also, in 1986, when our US Congress chose to insulate vaccine companies from liability, there was never any talk of a need for 26 incremental vaccines for our kids - we were simply trying to keep vaccine makers from going out of business. With 10 vaccines on the schedule in 1986, NO ONE, not even the CDC, said we needed MORE vaccines. Read about that history HERE


    The reason we have so many new vaccines for kids is business, not health. Each vaccine adds $1 billion or more to a vaccine maker's pockets. Our children are simply pawns in this unfortunate corrupt game that we see in so many industries involved with health.


    So, the assertion by the MDH that your child needs 36 vaccines and must have every single one is fiction, nothing more. Just like all the US children born in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s who were vaccinated from truly deadly diseases, you can meaningfully reduce the number of vaccines given to your children and still be a responsible parent. Prevent deadly disease while preventing autism!


    I would recommend your community issue these emergency guidelines to all Somali parents immediately:


    1. Mothers, do not receive any vaccines while pregnant, or within 18 months of planning to become pregnant


    2. Do not have any dental work, particularly silver filings, while pregnant


    3. While pregnant, take a minimum of 1,000 IU per day of Vitamin D


    4. In the hospital, do not accept or receive any vaccines for your child


    5. In the first year of life, try to avoid all antibiotics when your child is sick with an ear infection unless the illness is life-threatening


    6. Do not give any children a vaccine until they are at least 12 months old


    7. Do not give more than one vaccine per doctor's visit. If a doctor wont work on this schedule, find new doctors as a community who wil


    8. Spread each vaccine out so there is a minimum of 3 months between them.


    9. Never get a vaccine while your child is sick or taking antibiotics


    10. Consider these vaccines for your child, and only these vaccines: Polio, DTP, and MMR.


    11. For MMR vaccine, consider not giving to boys. At the least, delay the shot until a child is 2, and try very hard to break the shot up into three shots.


    12. Once you have given one shot of each vaccine you want to give, DO NOT do a second shot until you have had a titer test done on your child. It is highly likely that a single shot was enough to generate immunity, as immunity takes in about 95% of cases after one shot.


    13. Make sure all parents know their rights.


    As some of you have learned, giving shots to your child is NOT required by the law, and Minnesota provides exemptions based on Religious, Medical, and Philosophical grounds. Click HERE to find the detail for how to file for exemptions under Minnesota State law. They cannot make you vaccinate your baby without your consent!


    14. Send a delegation of Somali parents to Autism One.


    Over the next few months, Generation Rescue will reach out to your community to try to help treatment begin for as many affected children as possible. As one way to further your education, Generation Rescue will finance all costs for up to ten Somali parents to attend the Autism One conference in Chicago in May of 2009. In the meantime, I encourage parents to read our website at Generation Rescue and start to initiate some of the simple interventions for your kids using diet and supplements.


    15. Stay strong.


    As your community receives more publicity in the coming months, stay strong. Know your rights. Do not accept lies. Protect your children. Your fight is our fight. Your experience is our experience. We are here to help you. We will tell your story. We will not be intimidated.


    Wishing you all Godspeed Somali parents, we are in this fight with you. I imagine a Somali community where within 2 years, the rate of new autism cases has dropped to nothing and the affected children are recovering. This vision can become a reality through your actions.


    Additional resources:


    The 2008 CDC Vaccine Schedule HERE


    The 1983 CDC Vaccine Schedule HERE


    My favorite article by a doctor, A User Friendly Vaccine Schedule HERE


    J.B. Handley is co-founder of Generation Rescue and contributor to Age of Autism.

  2. Asalaama Calaykum Solers,


    I was borrowsing online, and I came across this article on startribune, that is a daily newspaper for Minneapolis/St.paul residents in Minnesota.


    after reading the article, I was just curious to read the comments posted by some readers,

    and Oh my Allah! do they have naceeybkii aduunka for us and our deen too or what? So I just felt like sharing with some of you who may think there is not hatred towards our deen from these kufars

    this is a wake up call for all of us....

    A group of Muslim workers allege they were fired by a New Brighton tortilla factory for refusing to wear uniforms that they say were immodest by Islamic standards.


    Six Somali women claim they were ordered by a manager to wear pants and shirts to work instead of their traditional Islamic clothing of loose-fitting skirts and scarves, according to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a civil liberties group that is representing the women.


    The women have filed a religious discrimination complaint with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.


    "For these women, wearing tight-fitting pants is like being naked," said Valerie Shirley, a spokeswoman for the Minnesota chapter of CAIR. "It's simply not an option."


    CAIR issued a press release calling on Mission Foods to reinstate the women in their jobs. However, the group declined to disclose the names of the women and would not make them available for interviews Tuesday.


    Gruma Corp., the Irving, Texas-based parent company of Mission Foods, released a written statement Tuesday denying that any employees were terminated or disciplined at the New Brighton plant. However, the company made clear the six women have been relieved of their responsibilities for the time being, and may ultimately lose their jobs if they don't wear uniforms.


    "Should these employees choose to adhere to the current Mission Foods uniform policy, they may return to their positions with the company," the company statement said. "However, these positions will need to be filled as soon as possible and cannot be held indefinitely."


    A company spokeswoman said she could not provide photographs of the uniforms.



    Should we embrace vaginal mutilation as well?


    It's easy for ridiculous cultures to hide behind the word "religion". The reality of Somolian culture is very sickening. I don't feel obligated to respect their culture or their people and I don't have to. If you'd like to know more, please visit: http://www.state.gov/g/wi/rls/rep/crfgm/10109.htm


    posted by jr5434166 on May. 27, 08 at 8:33 PM |

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    assimilate or get the hell out.......

    People come to the US because the believe they can make a better life. That is fine with me...but you have to assimilate to the American way of life...not the other way around. If you encounter people who dislike you and your beliefs..it's because we are tired of having them rammed down our throats and forcing us to assimilate to you. Assimilate or get out and go back to where you can practice all your beliefs and ways of living like you have always done!! You are wasting our money with all these darn law suits etc.



    Get Out

    These Muslim chicks can get their smelly stuff and move back to the Middle East if they don't like it. If they don't want to conform to the rules and requirements of their employer they can get new jobs. It's not like some tortilla maker is paying them much more than Mickey D's anyway. There are hundreds of jobs like these. Find a company that allows Muslim junk or get out of the country. We don't want you here



    Mission Foods, a New Brighton tortilla maker, is accused of religious intolerance for requiring six Muslim workers to wear uniforms that include pants they say are too revealing.


    By CHRIS SERRES, Star Tribune


    Last update: May 28, 2008 - 8:25 AM


    Featured comment


    Nicholas Stöber

    If part of your job is dealing with food than you need to wear the uniform deemed appropriate for this job. If you have any complaints or … read more qualms you need to find a new job.


    if you would like to respond to any of the comments about this article go to

    www.startribune.com and look for the article named

    Brighton Muslim workers claim religous discrimination.


    Enjoy reading, its worth while your time



  3. I can find no love story more powerful, more spiritually uplifting, more awe inspiring ..



    A True Love Story

    By: Hesham Hassaballa



    In the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate



    She was one of the noblest women around, coming from a very prominent family. She was also quite beautiful and the holder of a considerable amount of wealth, being a prominent businesswoman. To marry her would have been a great feat for any man, and indeed, quite a few of the most prominent and wealthy men in society had asked for her hand. Yet, she rejected them all; already being a widow, she had lost the desire to marry again.


    Until he came into her life. He was young man of 25, and although he was also of a noble family, he was an orphan and was not a man of many means. He had made a meager living tending sheep in the hills surrounding the city. Yet, he had an impeccable moral character, and he was widely known as one of the most honest men around. That is what attracted her to him: she was looking for someone honest who could conduct business for her, as she - a woman in a fiercely patriarchal society - could not do it herself. So, he started working for her.


    After he came back from his first business trip, she asked her servant, whom she sent with him, about him and his conduct. The servant amazed her by his report: this young man was the kindest, gentlest man he had ever met. Never did he treat the servant harshly, as many others do. Yet, there was more: as they traveled in the heat of the desert, the servant noticed that a cloud had followed them the entire time, shading them from the blazing sun. The businesswoman was quite impressed with her new employee.


    Not only that, this new employee proved to be an astute businessman in his own right. He took his employer's merchandise, sold it, and with the profits bought other merchandise that he sold again, thus profiting twice. All this was enough for her: the embers of love in her heart that were once extinguished re-kindled again, and she resolved to marry this young man, who was 15 years younger than she.


    So, she sent her sister to this young man. She asked him, "Why are you not married, yet?"


    "For lack of means," he answered.


    "What if I could offer you a wife of nobility, beauty, and wealth? Would you be interested?" she told him.


    He replied in the affirmative, but when she mentioned her sister, the young employee chuckled in amazement.


    "How could I marry her? She has turned down the most noble men in the city, much wealthier and prominent than me, a poor shepherd," he said.


    "Don't you worry," the sister replied, "I'll take care of it."


    Not long after, the wealthy businesswoman married her young employee, and it was the beginning of one of the most loving, happiest, and sacred marriages in all of human history: that of Prophet Muhammad and Khadijah, the daughter of Khuwaylid. When they were married, the Prophet was 25 years old, and Khadijah was 40. Yet, that did not bother the Prophet one bit. He loved her so deeply, and she loved him as deeply. They were married for 25 years, and she bore him seven children: 3 sons and 4 daughters. All of the sons died in young age. Khadijah was a source of immense love, strength, and comfort for the Prophet Muhammad, and he leaned heavily on this love and support on the most important night of his life.


    While he was meditating in cave of Hira, the Angel Gabriel came to the Prophet Muhammad and revealed to him the first verses of the Qur'an and declared to him that he was to be a Prophet. The experience terrified the Prophet Muhammad, and he ran home, jumping into Khadijah's arms crying, "Cover me! Cover me!" She was startled by his terror, and after soothing and comforting him for a while, the Prophet was able to calm down and relate to her his experience.


    The Prophet feared he was losing his mind or being possessed.


    Khadijah put all his fears to rest: "Do not worry," she said, "for by Him who has dominion over Khadijah's soul, I hope that you are the Prophet of this nation. Allah would never humiliate you, for you are good to your relatives, you are true to your word, you help those who are in need, you support the weak, you feed the guest and you answer the call of those who are in distress." She then took him to her cousin, Waraqah ibn Nawfal - a scholar well-versed in the Judeo-Christian scripture - and he confirmed to the Prophet that his experience was Divine and he was to be the Last Prophet.


    After his ministry began, and the opposition of his people became harsh and brutal, Khadijah was always there to support the Prophet Muhammad, sacrificing all of her wealth to support the cause of Islam. When the Prophet and his family was banished to the hills outside of Mecca, she went there with him, and the three years of hardship and deprivation eventually led to her death. The Prophet Muhammad mourned her deeply, and even after her death, the Prophet would send food and support to Khadijah's friends and relatives, out of love for his first wife.


    Once, years after Khadijah died, he came across a necklace that she once wore. When he saw it, he remembered her and began to cry and mourn. His love for her never died, so much so, that his later wife A'isha became jealous of her. Once she asked the Prophet if Khadijah had been the only woman worthy of his love. The Prophet replied: "She believed in me when no one else did; she accepted Islam when people rejected me; and she helped and comforted me when there was no one else to lend me a helping hand."


    Much has been made and said about Prophet Muhammad's multiple marriages. There are many who smear the Prophet as a womanizing philanderer, citing his multiple marriages. This is absolute propaganda. As a response to those who malign the Prophet , IF the Prophet were anything of the sort, he would have taken advantage of his youth to do such a thing. But he did not! At a time when it was a common custom to have multiple wives, the Prophet did not marry anyone else while he was with Khadijah.


    It was only after Khadijah died, may God be pleased with her, that he married other women. Most of these wives were widows, whom the Prophet married to care after them, or they were they were the daughters of prominent Arab chieftains, so that the Prophet could form a cohesive Muslim society out of a fiercely tribalistic (and barbaric) Arab culture. The smears against the Prophet fall flat on their faces once the light of truth shines brightly upon them.


    In a song about the Prophet and Khadjiah, Muslim rappers Native Deen sing: "We look for stories of love in places dark and cold/When we have a guiding light for the whole world to behold." Many of what we call "love stories" today are nothing more than stories of lust and desire, physical attraction disguised as love.


    Yet, I can find no love story more powerful, more spiritually uplifting, more awe inspiring as that of the Prophet Muhammad and Khadijah. It is a shining example of what an ideal marriage is, and if I ever claim that I love my wife, I must gauge my actions with that of the Prophet. As the country commemorates Valentine's Day, and everywhere we turn this month, "love is in the air," I cannot help but reflect upon, what is to me, the greatest of all love stories: that of Muhammad and Khadijah. Even with all of its amazing and creative talent, Hollywood could not have come up with a story greater than this.




    Hesham A. Hassaballa is a physician and writer based in Chicago. You can visit his blog at


    Writen By Wiilwaal (wiilwaal@gmail.com)


    The scene is a coffee shop. The narrator walks with a book in hand. The opening monologue takes place as he orders and pays for his coffee.


    Myself: (his voice only) There is a corner – a coffee shop to be precise – in this cold town, where I spent some of the happiest hours of my youth. It was there that I read War and Peace and something of Stendhal; it was there that I used often reminiscence of my native land and silently recall simple things of the past; and it was there that I met Her who’s now my life. But I don't go there anymore. And it's all because of that Somali cat affair – the most comic business now that I think about it. The incident itself was as amusing as it was unexpected. I was sitting my usual spot, drinking my same old double espresso when all of a sudden walked a childhood friend, who evidently did not like who I had become. He was among other things, a cab driver, and, of course, my kinsman. We are all related somehow.


    My Kinsman: How are you, brother? Tell me the news.


    Myself: I am fine. (Motioning him) Sit down.


    My Kinsman: ( Sitting) What are you reading?


    Myself: Nothing important. Some novel.


    My kinsman: (He picks up the book and carelessly examines the content by the cover) I don't get you anymore. Walahay you used be a better Muslim, when you were a boy. I remember how you memorized and recited the whole Qu’ran. You were Sheik Ali’s favourite pupil and now look what you have become – reading some rubbish book.


    Myself: (Uninterested) What else is new?


    My Kinsman: Brother, I am sorry to see you have changed.


    Myself: I am sorry to see you haven't.


    My Kinsman: Brother, you have lost your culture.


    Myself: No, friend, I have lost my pretensions.



    Silence. They sip their drinks. The kinsman examines room around him. The narrator appears to be reading the back cover of his book. In the meantime, two middle class women join their section of the shop and sit behind them, where they can be overheard.


    First Woman: Victoria brought home a Somali the other night.


    Second Woman: A Somali?


    First Woman: Indeed, of all choices, an exotic Somali.


    Second Woman: It’s a rough and tough one to handle.


    First Woman: I know. It is a vicious creature.


    Shocked, the two men start to eavesdrop on the ladies.


    Second Woman: Everybody knows the Somali is not even a genuine breed.


    First Woman: It’s half Abyssinian; half I know not what.


    Second Woman: But the worst part is that you can’t toilet train the darn thing.


    First Woman: The Somali type is terrible. Couldn’t she find Siamese or something?


    Enraged and offended Kinsman gets up and confronts the two women.


    My Kinsman: What you say about Somali people? We hear everything.


    First Woman: (surprise) Sir, we haven’t said anything about anyone.


    My Kinsman: Yes, you say some bad things about Somali people. You say we are terrible creatures and we don’t know how to use toilets.


    Second Woman: Sir, you are mistaken. We were discussing cats – Somali cats.


    Mykinsman: We know you lie. Both of you said we are Abyssinians. We are not Amhara. We hate Ethiopians, and we hate your racist country---let’s go brother. Naga keen balaayada.


    Myself:(hesitant) …I will follow you.


    Interrupted and terrified and their chat cut off, the two ladies also exit through a different door.



    Myself: (his voice only) I did not follow him. In fact, I did not know what to do. I just sat there. I found the whole incident overpowering if not embarrassing. No doubt, my kinsman overreacted. But what about the ladies themselves? Clearly, they were in the wrong; they had no right to abuse our people. Did you believe their story? I didn’t either. I mean whoever heard of a Somali cat? I was bewildered. But as I sat there, I couldn’t help thinking what if the Europeans in their crazy ways of nicknaming God’s creatures have named a cat after us. This was a remote probability, nevertheless, a possibility. Luckily, I had my laptop with me. Right then and there, I researched Somali cat. To my horror, there, is after all, such a thing as a Somali cat. The creature is everywhere in the net. In fact, the cat has more fan clubs than all the Somali factions put together.


    Waitress: Do you two realize you have just abused a couple of cat lovers?


    Myself: (Readies himself and stuff for a leave) I know. ..I know Alison (Dejects the narrator heads to the exit door. )


    The End

  5. Waraa Rudy, or rude! whatever your name is nac-nac baa haysaa walahi

    For the sake of God's mercy you can start by thanking Allah for the healthy that he has bestowed on you because without it you wouldn't be able to come to the comp or to the solers site and write down your comment on this

    Besides that are we all(Somalis) missing our beloved home country? you bet we are

    everyday I pray to the Almighty Allah for the safe return of mindnimo, is jecli, walaaltinimo and peace to that chaos land of ours.

    So istaaqfurulah dheh huuno, as my sole purpose of this topic wasn't about thanking the life of here in the diaspora ok

    you are very very slow man

    work on that brian of yours harder!

  6. J.C. it is great, that you are very thankful about the current situation of your life, that is great.

    walahi this is just a reminder, I mean this could have been anyone of us destiny, you know

    we are not better than them. I know life in the qurboland isn't easy either, but alxamdulilah if you are not going through what hundreds or perhaps thousands of our Somali sisters and brothers go through everyday.

    lets pray for all of them whether they live back home or on the hand of smugglers trying to cross some oceans while the journey seems very couldy and un-promising.

    Allah Yarxam

  7. I know that the title of the topic doesn't resemble about the title of this article, but where I am trying to get with this is the fact that many of us who live in a peaceful life here in the diaspora aren't that thankful of what they have, so my question to you solers is how thankful can you get when read these kind article, coz it could be you or me who is going through this..

    I'll start with myself

    Alxamdulilah Yaa Rabi for the life that you have bestowed on me, the one that I don't have to worry about what I'll eat tomorrow or if I get sick where I should be able to attain the necessary med attention

    Again Alaxmduliah

    its your turn sister or brother

    Hawd G


    a risky way out of Somalia


    For the desperate, a risky way out of Somalia

    Smugglers cram boats with Africans hoping to escape war and privation and find a better life across the Gulf of Aden.


    By Shashank Bengali, McClatchy News Service




    This is where Africa ends.


    In this decrepit port city at the easternmost tip of the continent, thousands of Africans are waiting to get out -- to escape from the unrelenting war of Somalia and the hopeless privation of Ethiopia for the glimmer of a better life, 200 miles away across a roiling, shark-infested sea.


    Their destination is Yemen, gateway to the rich countries of the Persian Gulf, where they dream of jobs and security. But getting there requires a journey in many ways more harrowing than what they left behind.


    Putting their lives in the hands of smugglers who cram them by the scores into small, motorized fishing boats ill-equipped for the high seas, hundreds of migrants each year don't survive the illegal crossing. Many die of dehydration during the two-night journey, their bodies thrown overboard by smugglers to lighten the load. Others are weak swimmers who drown if their boat fails or while trying to swim the last few hundred yards to shore.


    The reward for making it? It's rarely better than a $2-a-day job at a car wash or factory in Yemen or Saudi Arabia and the constant threat of deportation -- a familiar kind of poverty and fear in a new and unfamiliar land.


    Still, the sandy streets and alleys of Bossasso are lined with people who are ready to trade one hellish struggle for another. Last year, at least 29,000 made the journey across the Gulf of Aden, according to the U.N. refugee agency, which calls this one of the world's biggest and most neglected illegal migration routes.


    A similar number are expected to cross this year, including many repeat travelers who know the risks. They'll pay between $50 and $100 to the smugglers, whose boats leave far from town and under the cover of night, easily evading local authorities.


    Safe passage isn't assured.


    "Imagine somebody who hates himself, who puts himself on a path leading to his own death, but he can do nothing about it," said Kasahoun Gorabat, a migrant from the harsh desert of eastern Ethiopia, describing a journey he's made five times in six years.


    The rail-thin 26-year-old was still a teenager when he left his family and set out for the Persian Gulf for the first time. Each time he crossed, he found work for a few months, only to be discovered and deported.


    On his third trip, Gorabat recalled, smugglers forced him and about 100 other passengers at gunpoint into the heaving sea more than a half-mile from the Yemeni shore, where the coast guard is notorious for firing on the boats. In the dark he swam for his life, and when he reached the beach, he collapsed on the sand, exhausted, with a few dozen others.


    When they woke at dawn, they found that the tide had crawled up the beach and dragged 21 weary travelers, mostly women, back into the shallow water, where they drowned.


    "That was the worst thing I have seen," he said. "You always see a few dead bodies floating in the water when you're going across. When you say it's a very good journey, it means only five or six people died."


    Last year, according to U.N. figures, at least 328 people died making the crossing. Another 310 went missing and are presumed dead.


    Traditionally, the migrants are unmarried Ethiopian and Somali men in their 20s and 30s. This year, aid workers for the first time found Kenyans, Ugandans and Tanzanians making the trip, a sign that the transit route is growing more established.


    "The young people are desperate. They know the dangers, and they're willing to risk everything," said Santiago Perez Crespo of the Danish Refugee Council, an aid agency working in Bossasso.


    For the dozens of smugglers operating here, demand is booming, so there's little incentive to carry fewer passengers or invest in sturdier boats.


    "We take care to minimize the risk of death. But it does happen," said Mohammed, a boyish 34-year-old who's run a smuggling business for five years and agreed to be interviewed on the condition that his last name be withheld to shield him from local authorities.


    During a clandestine meeting in his car, far from the center of town, Mohammed's cell phone rang at least 20 times in a half-hour. It was a few days into peak season and his two boats were filling up fast.


    "The customers are so many, especially when there is conflict," Mohammed said. "But we don't take pleasure in that. We see it as our job to take people to a place where they can live, eat and survive. We are kind of rescuing them."


    Authorities in Bossasso say they want the smuggling to stop but complain that their forces are too small to compete with the many well-armed boat owners.


    But the real reason that smuggling thrives, Mohammed said, is that some police officers take a cut of the receipts.

  8. What?! Jungle Girl, what does that supposed to mean, ha ku ciyaarin magaca jeeko dheere waaxid, its Hawd Girl and for your info hawd aint jungle ok, are you one of those people oo jungle ka ka carara, aniga reer baadiye ma ihi and blah blah,

    we are all from the jungle, and nope I didn't need to see your previous post about the genius sis, as you've said enough,

    by the way Ilaahey maa ugu tagtey, meaning how do you know if she will be able to have kids or mr. right in that matter or will be an old maid... God I still can't stand what you've said about the "genius" sister

  9. The Point-

    God your Comment "Now she's gonna be an old maid before she ever does" is really disgusting

    are you jelous, why can't you be happy for the sister, For your information she is only 19 and will be able to graduate from Yale medical school in 2009, which is the best schools in this nation-According to the fact that the article said she'll be barely be 21 of years by the time she graduates from Med School.

    So brother do you know any Somali sister or a brother for that matter

    who can maintain this kind of accomplishment within such few years? well for me I don't know any- so please ka fiirso hadaladaada iyo nac-nacdaada and stop being jelaous and be happy for the sister by any means.

  10. What do you guys think is the solution for our people that are being slaughtered in South Africa almost everyday. This is really sad, and unfortunate for Somalis living is SA. Ilaaheey ha u gar-gaaro



    Locals turn on Somalis after boy shot for 'theft'



    Wednesday, January 16, 2008




    Mob justice against foreign nationals has reared its head again in the Eastern Cape. This time, at the holiday town of Jeffrey’s Bay where the local community turned on a group of about 60 Somalis after a Somali shopkeeper allegedly shot dead a youth suspected of theft.


    The man, who was carrying an unlicensed firearm, will appear in court on Friday. In the meantime, his fellow countrymen have been left stranded.


    A 15-year-old boy was shot in the back after allegedly stealing a chicken from a Somali-owned shop. His death enraged locals, who turned on the East Africans. About 16 of their shops were looted and police have advised them to find alternative accommodation.


    "The community has warned them not to return. If they come back to the area, they would do so at their own risk because police have also warned them… to stay away from the area," says Priscilla Naidu from the SAPS.


    The SA Human Rights Commission has condemned the incident, describing it as mob justice. It classifies it as xenophobia even though it was provoked, because it also affected other Somalis not linked to the shooting.,


    Source: SABCNews, Jan 16, 2008

  11. A sad story indeed!



    Rumayso ama Ha Rumaysan: Arrin Layaab leh oo Kudhacday Qoys Deggan Waddanka Australia.

    WQ. Mohamed Wali (XIISH).

    Email: xiish3@hotmail.com



    Dhacdadan ayaa ku dhacday qooys soomaaliyeed oo kunool wadanka Australia.


    Arrintan ayaa markii aan maqlay igu noqotay arrin layaab leh oo aan suurta gali karin, kabacdi waxaan raadiyay sida ay wax uga jiraan arintan anoo rabo in aan kasal gaadho in ay run tahay iyo inkale. Haddaba akhristayaasha sharafta lahoow aniga oo baadhitaankeeyga ku soo guuleeystay in ay arintu jirto ayaa waxa ay dalbadeen qooyska ay arintu ku dhacday in arintooda lasheego laakiin aan marnaba warbaahinta loo gudbin magaca qooyska ayaga oo kadalbaday warbaahinta in magaca qooyska labaahin.



    Aniga oo tix galin siinayo codsiga qooyskaas ayaa waxa aan jecelahay in aan idin la wadaago say wax u dhaceen iyo sida ay qisadu tahay, waatan ayada oo ay hooyada qooykaas ka sheekaynayso ayada oo tilmaamaysa say wax u dheceen waxay tiri:


    "Mudo laga joogo Afar sano ayaa waxa aan aaday in aan soo guto xajka aniga oo watay gabadh yar oo aan dhalay ee markaas ahayd sagaal jir. Gudashada xajka ma aha mid sahlan aniga oo dareesan in ay adagtahay in aan guto hoowlaha xajka kabacdi markii aan tagay cariga barkaysan ee boqorteeyada sucuudiga ayaa waxa aan go aan saday in aan gabadha uga tago qooys soomaaliyeed oo aan dhaho ii sii haya inta aan xajka soo gudanayo, laakiin kabacdi waxaan go'aan saday in aan gabadheeyda ila xajiso oo aan gacanta qabsado.


    Hooyadaas ayada oo hadalkeedii sii wadato waxa ay tiri: "Kabacdi markaan gudo galnay hoowlihii xajka ayaa waxa iga dhuntay gabadheeydii oo aan waayay, xajka waa meel ay aad u sahlantahay in laka dhumo, maxaa yeelay malaayiin ruux ayaa isugu imaanayso qofwalbana waxa uu rabaa in uu guto waajibkaas.


    "Iska dhaaf in aan hoowlihii xajka si watee labo indho isuma keenin, meelwalba ayaan maray si aan uhelo gabadhii ayada oo ay ila tacaaleen qooysas badan oo soomaali ah iyo hoowl wadeenada xajka ama shaqaalaha xajka oo adeegsaday waxwalba si ay usoo helaan gabadheeydii.


    "Walwalkii ayaa igu siibatay waxa aad dareemi kartaa qofkii tagaa garanayee in meeshaas ruuxii dhumaa ay adagtahay in si sahlan lagu helo qofweeyn ayaa dhumayee maxaad u malayn ilma yar oo sagaal jir ah." Ilaahay ayaan baryay in gabadhaydii isu kaan soo celiyo aniga iyo ayada ayay tiri hooyada. " kabacdi shaqaalihii xujayda ama sucuudiga ayaa iyidhi" Xaajiyo is ka dhamaystiro xajkaada anagaa raadinayno gabadha ayaga oo iga qaatay gabadha sawirkeedii iyo warbixinteeda.


    Hooyada waxa ay tiri "kabacdi markii aan dhamaystay xajkii waxaan laxariiray doowlada sucuudiga ama kuwii kashaqeeynayay xajka bal si aan uhelo wax warbixin ah intii dadaalkooda ah way bixiyeen runtii wax aan kudagaalo majirin maxaa yeelay sadex milyan oo qof kasoo dhaxsaar ilma yar way ku adkaatay intii tabartooda ahna waa dadaaleen . " waxay igeeyeen xarum loogu tala galay dadka dhumay dadkii markaas lagu hayay xarumahaas kuma jirin gabdheeyda. " waxay igu yiraahdeen xaajiyo laxariir safaaradaada anagana hadaan helno warbixin ku saabsan gabadhaada waan kula soo xariiraynaa. " Ilin iyo tiiraanyo iyo hurdo la aan ayaa isugu kaydarsantay, gabadheeydii oo maqan iyo sida ay xaaladu tahay. " waxaan sii joogay sacuudiga mudo sedex bilood ah si aan uhelo bal wax war ah oo kusaabsan gabadheeydii, haba sheegin ayay tiri hooyadaas.


    "Ilaahay ayaan iska tala saartay waxaan go'aan saday in aan kunoqdo carigii aan ka imid oo ahaa wadanka Australia. Muddo gaaban kabacdi ayaa waxa ila soo xariiray wasaaradda arrimaha dibadda ee wadankan Australia, ayaga oo ii sheegay in ay dadaal kubixinayaan sidii loo heli lahaa gabadhaas ayaga iyo doowlada sacuudigu iska kaashanayaan. "waxayna isiiyeen nambar aan marwalba la xariiro si aan uwaydiiyo bal xaal meesha uu marayo dhinaca kale waxa aan go aan saday in aan marwalba xajiyo si aan utago cariga sacuudiga oo qalbigayga usabarsiiyo laakiin wax war ah hasheegin. Muddo sadex sano ah markay kasoo wareegtay ayaa sankii dhaweeyto ayaan tagay xajkii aniga oo wareegayo oo in dhaheeyga ilmihii yar ee ay qabtaanba fiirinayo ayaa waxaan arkay ilmo dhoowr ah oo taagan meel ay xujaydu marayaan ilamahaas oo tuugsanayo oo kaalmo waydiisanayo kadalbanayo xujayda.


    "Ishayda ayaa ku dhacday gabadh kamid ah dadkaas tuugsanayo alaa waa gabadhaydii ayaan af iyo labadii qabsaday, mase gabadhii labada gacmood ayay go antahay, hooyo miyaad ahayn heblo, hooyo miyaad ahayn gabadheeydii , ilmo iyo qaylo iyo oohin ayaan isku daray,dhinaca kale wali aniga oo shaki igu jiro maxaa yeelay gabdha waa isbadashay oo waan garan waayay ayaa waxaa idul istaagay nin madoow oo igu yidhi " Maxaad rabtaa? ii siidaa gabadha anaa dhalee? ayuu yidhi. "War bax ayaan idhi waa gabadheeydii", aniga oo dharbaaxo adeegsaday ayaa dhacdadii waxaa nagu so xoodaanasaday dadkii meesha marayay. Booliis ayaa yimid meeshii waanala waday dhamaantaan aniga iyo ninkii iyo gabadhii.


    Xarun boolisku leeyahay ayaa nala geeyay oohin iyo in aan kubaroorto gabadhii ayaan bilaabay. mucjiso layaab leh ayaa kadanbeeysay arintaas oo ay hooyadu sheegtay. ayada oo tiri "Dowlada Sacuudigu waxay laxariireen meelo dhawr ah ayaga oo soo ogaaday magaca gabadha ay wadato in uu yahay magac gabadh dhuntay mudo oo hooyadeed ay dagan tahay wadanka Australia, ninka madoow wuxuu sheeganayaa oo uu leeyahay anaa dhalay gabadha ee madhalin naagtan, hooyada waxay sheegtay in ninkaas uu u dhashay wadanka Suudaan.


    Gabadhii ayaa lawareeysatay ayada oo ayna hooyadeed lajoogin ayada oo tilmaantay in ay kala dhumeen ayada iyo hooyadeed ayna wayday hooyadeed ayada oo oynaysey meel cidla ah in uu ninkan gacanta ku dhigay oo uu yidhi anaa ku dhalay, gacmahana uu kajaray oo uu yidhi noo tuugso si aan wax kuugu helo. Allaahu Akbar, yaab badanaa.


    Gabadhii waa laqaaday waxaa lagu sameeyay ama laga qaaday DNA, si loo hubsado in hooyadu ay dhashay gabadha, DNA aydii waxay cadaysay in ay hooyadu dhashay gabadha. Hooyada waxay sheegtay in aan aado cir iyo dhul aan kala garan waayay markaan arka gabadha iyo sida ay tahay iyo sida xaal noqday. "Ninkii Suudaaniga ahaa waxaa ay ii sheegeen in ladili doono oo lakhaarijin doono maxaa yeelay waxay idhaheen wuxuu kugeetsay dhulka barkaysan ee ilaahay danbi aad uwayn, waxayna ii sheegeen in saacadaha soo socdo loogudbin doono meeshii lagu khaarijin lahaa. afartan daqiiqo kabacdi anoo joogo meeshii waxaa yimid baabuur madoow, ninkii ayaa lasaaray waana tagay. Abaalkisu wuxuu noqday in latoogto waana abaal uu mutuustay, ayay tiri hooyadaas.


    "Kabacdi waxaan helay gabadheeydii oo gamaha go'an, aniga oo tiiraanyeeysan ayay i yidhaahdeen shaqaalihii gacanta kuhayay geeyska gabadha 'Xaajiyo kaalay' waan raacay taleefan ayay ii dhiibeen waxaa taleefanka ku jiro nin cadaan ah oo yidhi waxaan joogaa safaarada Australia ee magaalada Riyad, asaga oo iyidhi waxaa nala soo gaarsiiyay in gabadhii lahelay aadna waan ugu faraxsanahay in aad gabadhaadii heshay. Hooyadaas waxay tilmaantay "In safaarada ay had iyo jeer laxirii jireen doowlada sacuudiga oo ay wareesan jireen gabadha xaaladeeda laakiin sacuudigu uuna dan kagali jirin markii lasoo waco unbuu ordi jiray. marabo in aan kudanbaabo qof muslim ah laakiin intii ay gabadha iga maqnayd aad ayay iila soo xariiri jireen doowlada Australia.


    Baabuur ayaa la-iga soo saaray aniga oo la ii soo talaabiyay aniga iyo gabdhaydii iyo laba shaqaale oo sacudiyaan ah. magaalada mako ayaa nala keenay, kabacdina waxaa naloo sii tilbaabiyay magaalada Riyad. waxaan kula kulmay nin kasocday safaaradda oo isoo dhaweeyay oo yidhi "waxaan gabadha ku sameeynaynaa baadhitaan, waxaana sida ugu dhakhso badan ugu diraynaa wadankeedii (Australia), ayuu yidhi ninkaas.


    Laba maalmood kabacdi ayaa anigii iyo gabadhaydii kasoo dhoofnay magaalada Riyad. Markaan nimid Australia waxaa garoonka iigu timid naag tir "Waxaan kasocdaa wasaaradda ilaalinta xuquuqda ilmaha, waraysi ayay iga qaaday ayada oo tiri anaga ayaa kula soo xariirayno. Murugo ayay igu noqotay in xaal uu saas noqdo laakiin bay tiri hooyadaas " hadaad tahay qof muslim ah aduunyadan waa lagugu imtixaami". hooyada waxay sheegtay in gabadha hada loo hagaajinayo sidii gacmaha loogu badali lahaa oo ay xaalkeedu meelwanaagsan marayo.


    Arintan ku dhacday qooyskaas soomaalida ah ayaa waxa ay sheegeen tiro kamid ah jaaliyada soomaaliyeed ee dagan magaalada ay hooyadaas dagantahay in ayna maqal ayada oo ay go aan sadeen reerka qooyskaas in ay iska aamusaan maadaama ilaahay usoo helay gabadhoodii caafimaadna qabto.


    Dhacdo layaab leh ayay kunoqotay qofwalba oo maqla arintan. Waxay tilmaameen dad kudhow qooyskaas, in hooyada ay tahay hooyo sabir iyo iimaan badan. Ilaahay ayaa ka abaal marin doono sabirkaas iyo iimaankaas. Allahu Akbar. Mucjiso.


    WQ. Mohamed Wali (XIISH).

    Email: xiish3@hotmail.com


  12. Labo X,


    Despite what gabay or geeraar says, it seems that you did admit that he did kill many innocent Somalis! that is all I wanted to hear

    and that definately takes him out of your so called FAME LIST! hehehe

    BTW, I dont need to read dhiig yacab gabaygiis!

  13. In my opinion, all Somalis should be focusing on the well-being and the condition of their beloved country; however it seems that everyone is focused on liking or disliking on a particular leader and their political views, and that shouldn’t be the case for us, at least at this moment, as we are one of the poorest nations, if not the poorest nation in the whole wide world. All of the rest of the world are competing about who has more weapons of massive destruction while our naïve minds are preoccupied of who likes who according to their hidden agenda which most of the time is based on the notion of qabiil!

    When it comes to leaders, one should be aware that every political leader is an elitist. They care little about others and mostly care about themselves.

    If one thinks that the current leader of Somalia aka _ Cabdullah1 Yusuf is incompetent to lead the country then who should be nominated for president, who is more competent to lead and why didn’t they become a candidate in the first place?

    It seems almost every Somali has a negative view about their leader/president. For instance, Siyyad Barre, I wouldn’t say that he was a great leader, but at least we’re able to live our beloved country peacefully! And after his government collapsed everyone is aware what happened and how the country turn out to be

    I remember in the early 90’s everyone that I knew who was in school at the time used to think about establishing a career that will benefit for his/her own, as well as the common good of their beloved country, whatever happened to that dream, it doesn’t exist anymore, as our minds are occupied on self interest and who likes who, WE ALL FORGOT ABOUT THE COUNTRY! And we are nothing without it. There are toxic wastes that are being dumped on the seas of Somalia, no one is concerned, foreigners fish our land without permission, again no one is concerned about it, our children are dying from diseases, and starving to death, no one is concerned about it, and nevertheless we are so concerned about one individual! That is bizarre! We need to become patriots!

  14. Labo X,


    Yes, I am Somali and proud of that, marka ma dagaalamee if I don't agree with your idea of who is who among your so called hall of fame list? please!

    I repeat he aint a saint and he aint in a hall of a fame list, at least to my part, he did kill many innocent people all right, and that is no lie!

  15. That is so true nin Brown, I was one of the Solers here who used to admire MMA, but alas! he know have lost that admiration from my side

    saas uma maleeyneeyn, I taught he was "beesaani from beexaani" but too bad, his names gonna be taken off from my secret admirers.

    I thought he was one of those brothers that has a good grasp on what is going on back home, left that qabiil idealogy for a better thing such as contributing some du'aa to those who suffered the most during the last 17 years of war and devastation for the Somali people, specially those who are still living in the cursed country!

  16. Allah Ya Cisak Kool Kat

    you really are a cool sister


    I wonder why people have so much hatred towards Yusuf while others such as Caydii, Cali Mahdi and the rest belong to the same category, and have had the same idealogy, at least he is trying hard to restore Somalia/Mogadisho again


    Soomaali qof u talin karo ma leh, they have had the same hatred towards Siyaad Barre too! AMAZING

    Ilaahoow madax Soomaali ha iiga dhigin,

  17. All of the Somali warlords belong to the hall of shame category, so list all of them or else you are not being fair to the rest?

    Mise you have some kind of hidden interest in one or perhaps few.

    Labo X,

    I don't agree with you on putting Sayyid M Xassan on the hall of shame as I heard that he killed many innocent people! So think about who is who among your famous Somali bloody killers!

  18. Wow, Nuune,


    that is really great "geeraar"

    I have listened to it

    so many times but never really grasped the whole meaning, I mean there're some parts that are obvious to understand

    so I was really in need to see the the written text

    it makes sense,

    and it brings tears to many eyes

    I really admire this poet

    Allaha U naxariisto, that was Carees Ciise.