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  1. adkaada wahaa lagu dhahaa beesha mudulood .. farmashi aad ;
  2. berigii hore wahaa laysgahaa aakhirzamaan .. kow dheh .. hadda waa aakhiro.. qosol haddii awoodid.. !?
  3. الاسلام راس الأمر read any zabur/psalm ..
  4. you r being unfair .. unexist in my sight forever or give me back my belongings kaambayuutar .. i feel sorry fi di ones befo u .. imagine how i feel 'bout u .. ,?! you prefer dacas before a bro.. الاسلام راس الأمر you call yourself a person come on hack.. be fair or else.. come on call di cops .. u called in this environment who what.. now.
  5. people are currently nuking the somali republic as useless which reflects upon black people everywhere.. please programmer ; make it easy for me as a user to access my forum to write whatever i want.. don't u believe in the future?!
  6. om buddha welcome to indo-ozeanienien الاسلام راس الأمر انا لله و انا اليه راجعون
  7. .. iskuus mi what is name of dis place.. ?