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  1. Well, it's not only in heals but also sneakers. Do you want me to take those of to?
  2. yes, Imagine being like America, being in almost 18 trillion in debt.
  3. Didn't read thru the whole thread, cuz it was too long, But we shouldn't borrow money we can't pay back.
  4. What importance does Sidama have to Somalia? I have never heard about that region
  5. Building an embassy is a big deal. Embassies represent their home country and have certain legally defined responsibilities and powers. They are part of the government of the country they represent, hence as to why so many Somalis would defend Turkey. Turkey shouldn't be allowed to have that kind of influence Somalia and Somalis. As I said, we were only a charity case for them nothing less and nothing more. Yes, having people build for you are good, if their intentions are reasonable. I don't think we should've supported the qataraist, they never supported us nor are they important. Somalia should be as selfish as every country, we should only do things that work in our interest. We shouldn't get involved in these bullshit dramas that has no value to us. We should only think about the economy and how we can further build it. At the moment, Somalia is a low ranking country. But when we get back to our glory days we shall only join partnerships as long as we serve the upper hand. Otherwise, there is a chance of another backstabbing.
  6. What makes me mad is that we let them build an embassy on our lands. Biggest mistake. In my opinion, Somalia shouldn't trust any country or have them as our allies. As proven from time to time, each time we "trust" or "help" a country we essentially always get backstabbed. The only people who care about Somalia are the natives and they are the only ones who will have its best interest. (except some)
  7. If you really thought they cared about us then you're crazy. They were never our Allies, we were only their charity case.
  8. Bad idea! they are very uncomfortable to walk on and to ride a bike on
  9. We should have sand roads sense Somalia is mostly desert.