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  1. @SAAlax adigu ma Somaliland xumaanteeda unbaad ka shaqaysaa? maxaa ka galay Somaliland iyo amuraheega? You can talk the day you choose your own president, Silaanyo was chosen by his people unlike Somalia where they are selected. I myself do not agree with the extension but as long as opposition parties agree with it, i don't have a problem. There has been good reasons including the current famine crisis for the delays.
  2. Qadaadweyn ila Qadaadweyn, you will make anything up to bad mouth Somaliland. Who said they ate the dead cow because they were starving of hunger. How do you know they weren't two crooks trying to cut up a dead cow to sell in the market. Yes if there was a family or a large group of people doing this you can argue they did this because of hunger but when you see 2 men in the middle of nowhere doing this you know its malicious. Beenta dadka ka daa!!!
  3. @Alpha Blondy said: why doesnt he take pictures of Puntland? whats that got to do with anything?