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  1. Oodweyne, You've written a lot but you did not say much. Instead of writing gibberish, why not give explicit example from the report? I can already tell by your answers that you do not have any background in methodology or statistics. The fact that you fixate on sample size instead of the statistical power, tells me of your methodological ignorance. Only someone with who lacks research knowledge will think that a bigger sample size will increase the power! Anyways, since you're so fixated on the sample size: here they are ( I bet you didn't read the report). more than 4 thousand household samples, and more than 21,000 individual sample size seems more than enough for me. That sample size is used to project to a population/household size which covers more than 80% of most regions. The differences in sample sizes can easily be adjusted with a simple variance analysis. Your knowledge in statistics really dissapointed me oodweyne Lastly, the report was prepared by Utz Pape, who holds a Bsc, Msc, and Phd in statistics. But I guess the words of Oodweyne should be heavier
  2. Anoo Kale, I am a long time reader here. Decided to post recently. Galbeedi seemed reasonable but the 'I didn't read the report yet I will try to refute it' did not sink well with me. It's badownimo to the core. Oodweyne, The world bank finances your so called country. You're eager to accept their money but not their scientific statistical based reports. This report is in line with a previous UN report that suggested that an IDP in Bosaso earns twice as much as a native hargaysaawi. It speaks volume of your small mindness and pettiness that you try to question an immense poverty survey by the World bank, a survey that is 134 pages long! The outcome also surprised the researchers to the point they added other poverty parameters such as consumption to see if they also match up to the other findings of the other parameters. They added two extra appendixes to show how careful the data has been assessed. Never be a xaasid
  3. @galbeedi said: To be honest I did not read the report, but we all know that per capita Somaliland has more stable middle class than both Puntland and even Mogadishu. I use to think Galbeedi was ilbax and a sensible contributor. But why on earth would you write 8 paragraphs refuting a report you didn't even read? Only a badow somali would refute a scientific report based on statistics with 'we all know that...' Your first homework is to read the report, Galbeedi.
  4. The people of Borama are quite different than the rest of Somalis. They are not loud in their speech and don't discuss clan politics 24/7. I been Hargeisa and Galkayo too, and at 1pm and 5pm you can hear the BBC news in every household and every shop. Everyone leaves their activities to listen to the BBC broadcast