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  1. This is interesting. Sxb how come odayga is not giving up? He wants civilwar in North Somalia. Waa oday ku waashay xukun iyo kursi.
  2. Sxb i would be dissapointed too, searching ictiraaf since 1991. Niyad jab!
  3. With Al Kuffar i mean UN and Ethiopia. Ethiopia is dragging Ahlu subug, and UN is dragging Guuleed's camp. Now u can expect war at any time because dabadhilifs are going to fight for their rulers.
  4. Why cant Alshabab get rid of extremism??? Many somalis hate salibiyiinta but also cant support alshabab due to extremism!!! I believe in group that targets crusaders and the puppet govt without suicideattacks, without killing of civilians. Group targetting crusaders, puppet govt and traitorous regional states from Hargeisa till Raskambooni. No harming of civilians, journalists, poor govt workers, only puppet leaders and their militias. May Allah guide Alshabab to the middle path. Somalia is the graveyard of Invaders!!
  5. Celebrate this day with salibiyiin amisom in Koonfur, with ethiopian kuffar ruling fully the snm maamulkusheeg and puntland. What a great day to celebrate Independence Day when majority of somalis are now colonized traitors.
  6. Cadaado subclan and Dhuusomareeb subclan are embarrassing their common clan!!! What a joke. Mooge, do u understand now why i hate Somali version Federalism and will always be Centralist???? Somali Maryooleey knows zero about federalism.
  7. <cite> @Saalax said:</cite> He is not even from Hargeisa, ex president Siilaanyo is homeless. Saalax, sxb this guy aint going no where. Jabhadayn is the solution. Muqawama!!!
  8. Siilaanyo is no more president of Maamul goboleedka Sland. He is now Duqa Magaalada Hargeisa.
  9. <cite> @otherbrother said:</cite> There was no SNM or flag in 1960. I think your lost in your hatred. Allah yahdeek. Sure, i have hatred for ethiopian pets.
  10. Iam searching for the youtube video where ex-mayor of ceerigaabo said there was no snm flag, no snm dastuur in June 26 1960!
  11. When did u do it? Last time i remember u were saved by USC. Nigga, we are coming for you. Wallahi o billahi this time there will not be usc to help you out.
  12. Cidansultan, your pathetic leader siilaanyo surrendered in the 80's to xabashis. We are resisting colonisation but your people already submitted, they are mentally colonized. The difference between your pathetic gaaloloving people and us is that we are still fighting colonizers and occupiers, your people is washing feet of xabashis as we speak! No matter who wins in Somalia Somali puppet govt or alshabaab, we are coming for you. The end battle will be in Hargeisa.
  13. Amisom thinks they will be safe by drinking milk and eating mango in Somalia, receiving 1500 dollar every month salary. Their miscalculation made them taste death today in Leego, Shabeellaha Hoose. Iam no fan of terrorism, but i hate amisom who pretends to help Somalia. Somalia became milkingcow for Amisom, Ethiopia and Kenya. They dont want the complete destruction of Alshabab. 70 Amisom "Tourists" killed! Macsonkor. Its time for Somalia to tell the World give our boys in the army each 1500dollar a month! They will destroy alshabab within a short period. Now our boys in the army get paid 400-500, some didnt receive salary for months. Is that justice?
  14. Snm dream takes very long. Snm knows there wont be recognition. We will fight them to death. We will never ever recognize snmland. We will do anything to destroy secessionists.
  15. <cite> @CidanSultan said:</cite> ^^^ I have a good number of friends who have a somaliland passport based in addis and they travel between Djibouti and the rest of Africa with a somaliland passport. I've even seen somaliland ngo delegates land at Glasgow of all places for conventions with a somaliland passport. So again I think your talking outa your @ss. Furthermore no one has even challenged me regarding why the visa have been temporarily suspended. Because they and I know that it's exactly as I said. This is the somaliland passport issues by a government: This is the somalian passport issued by big beard. This is wwhy the Somaliland passport is accepted by regional countries and Africa. Slowly but's coming. Everyone can travel with fake passport, show us visas or stay silent.
  16. SNM were always the waterboys of colonizers and now they serve the xabashis for free.
  17. Cidan, all i see is gaalo and their pets! Oday Siilaanyo the xabashipet is there to strengthen ties between master and his slave.
  18. Siilaanyo from kililka lixaad goes every year 3 times or more to Ethiopia. What else u expect from a servant of the kuffar? I expected nothing else from someone whose forefathers washed the feet of the British. The judgement is clear: if u take kuffar as awliyah then u are one of them!
  19. White Buildings + Palms + Flowers, and without disbeliever's army in our country.
  20. Ninkii dhoof Ku Yimid Bay Geeridu Dhibaysaa. This land Somalia is horrible place for the crusaders.
  21. As someone who is not pro-alshabaab, i support the killing of invaders: Ethiopians, Kenyans and Amisom. Allahu Akbar. CiidanSultan, your president from maamulka Kililka Lixaad is now in Ethiopia to take orders from his master.