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  1. Puntland and somaliland supporters are the Bane of somalia's existence. focus on your wack backwards villages and never mind what these people do.
  2. Where this guy get this bull from. Stop pulling stuff out your butt
  3. Mooge is a faroolian leave him alone. Mooge focus on vomiting more pro Abdiweli news in the forum and less about stuff u know little about.
  4. Maaddeey;857096 wrote: If you are a muslim, you have to be a terrorist, full stop!. Terrorising the enemy of Allah, that is a verse from the quran, I know that much from the Deen, yaa sheikh/a. Did I hear you say predator?, wait for my next post!. Opophis, sorry magacaaga ma karee!, I don't post every thing about the enemy, trend aan ku socdaa, lakin waad cusubtahayoo mindhaa dib baad ka garan doontaa!. Ps. Qof baa diyaaradaha dhacay post'gareeyey 2 beri ka hortaa, hal comment-na kama bixn, taas maxay kuu sheegeysaa?. The problem is, you don't realize it's you that's the enemy of Islam. Not the Christians or the Jews, the true enemy of Islam as foretold to the Ummah will come from within the Ummah. A treacherous group that will split the Ummah further. Maadeey like I said you're a degenerate
  5. Maaddeey;857066 wrote: ^ adi yaad/tee ahayd?. MMA, wax aan qiil u raadinaayo maleh, maxaan qiil u raadiyaa dhurwaa kirishowmiriskaba ma cunee, lakin adiga sow markaad calooleyda ruugeysid, waa ogtahay inaad xaar cuneyid, bahasha si kastoo loo dhaqo inuusan ka dhamaaneyn geedka waa ogtahay nooh!, haddaba nin waxaas cunaayo siduu dad kale wax uga sheegaa!. Waxa hilib ka buuxa neefka, maxaa marriin saxaro kuu geeyey?. You are not allowed to eat the meat of a predator animal according to the deen. Pig is not the only animal that's forbidden for us to consume. Shows how much you know about the deen u degenerate terrorist.
  6. Let the degenerate maadeey and his terrorist brethren consume the diseased flesh of the scavenger heyena. Let disease destroy these sickos
  7. Take it easy my young grass hopper, I couldn't be more relaxed right now and the laughter is genuin. Only defense mechanism I see is your sudden regression in behavior. Your counter was an example of your many reversions To immature Patterns of behavior.
  8. junboyinka or related areas??? Lool and you've come to that conclusion because of the topics ive commented on. Apparently I'm the Neanderthal here lol
  9. Plus I never said it was more prevelant young buck all I said was galkacio a town u come from is the murder and rape capital of central Somalia. Who needs the cotton tips?
  10. Hold on young buck where am I from exactly?
  11. Focus on the rape, kidnap and murder capital of central Somalia and focus less on what rich US senators with oil interests have to say to downplay a very serious situation in your part of the country young buck.
  12. Somalia;855257 wrote: Been baad sheegtay in Ramadan, adiga oo sooman (I hope). Galgala hosted Al-Shabaab who even endorsed Al Qaeda, even Maakhir community rejected them and their ideology, I am glad you welcome them though. Goldogob is part and parcel of Puntland, do not even mention them in the same sentence as your Kastuumo kind, waa dad rag ah, who defend their territory from the most battle hardened men in Central Somalia, you are not even in the same league! Ras Caseyr "capital" Bargaal celebrating 14 year anniversary of Puntland; You would think a kid from Galkacio the murder and rape capital of central Somalia would have something more neutral to say About other regions of Somalia. Puntland being the pirate infested region that it is, with it's Numerous tribal problems, you kids would rather discuss issues that don't pertain to you.
  13. Abwaan;854612 wrote: Nudawn, you should ask for my advice on what to do with Somalia, when he not only invades you in pub Iic but also in private. He tried to that with me once and I just wrote a simple reply and that was the last time he did that:D he is my witness. Looool so I'm not the only one he sends creepy messages too? I'm not worried about the little troll