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    Galbeedi I just realized you are as delusional as the secessionst whose sole raison d'etre is the breakup of Somalia and supremacy of jeegaanta in a barren clan fiedom constant at war in Sool and now another clan war in Sanag. 

    Galbeedi proposed a great plan. Why is it that you all want to continue the status quo while you all live in comfortable lives in the West. Innocent people are suffering.  We need radical changes and a different way of thinking about Somali unity.  How does it help you personally to have Mogadishu as the Capital and the President to be from your clan all the time? Why not try new things?

    Saxib, don't be blinded by clannish bias. The people of the North are your fellow Somalis and they would do a better job running the country than those in Mogadishu today. How do I know that? Just have a look at how things are today. 

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    I actually thought that Hassan Sheikh Mahamoud (HSM) was peculiar sort of a fellow who was so shamelessly in it for money, money, and nothing else but money. But this Mr Kheyre fellow, from the "donkey-legged-folks" of Mogadishu's environment, actually take the cup when it comes to who is the most greediest and "money-lusting-two-bit-looter" Mogadishu could ever produce.

    In the past, the two guys at the top used to fight all the time… and one of them would the honest guy protesting the corruption of the other. This time, we may have two similar guys colluding to empty the coffers as a team. Tanoo kale lama araq.

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    Coffee time in Amxara Kilil with Afwerki and Abiy was sheer stupidity

    Where is @galbeediwhen you need his verdict?  This is a terrible news my brothers. This nations, which was slowly rising one president after another,  must have taken 5 steps backward today for us to be talking about evacuating NGO workers from Xalane, the most secure buffer zone left in the country. This is more than a disaster.

    Why are people still defending Farmaajo? 

  4. Ilhan's strategy is working. She won the day.

    It is better to be a lion for a day than to live like a bisad for years. She is shaking things up and is creating a cult of a personality. I say Ilhan need to keep moving. Push the limits Ilhan, without exposing yourself too openly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Old Observer, why is Ilhan going to Eritrea? I can understand she wants to visit other Horn countries before Somalia to avoid the charge of dual loyalty, but why Eritrea? The Eritrean lobby in DC is strong I guess.  


  6. 2 hours ago, Apophis said:

    The blame lies squarely on farmajo. Id he can’t bring peace to Mogadisho he can’t do it anywhere else. He must go.

    Foreign policy is second to domestic policy. He has lost focus and is enjoying the high life. He is corrupt and contemptible. He must go.

    In any other society, the top men are held responsible and must pay the price (resign or be ousted). In Somalia, the blame will always be with some boogeyman called Alshabab because that is waxa lagu qaraabto.