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  1. Certainly Homeless, Yet Somali. People made and make the situation hopeless all the time, so I feel useless in that regard most of the time. If i were to change anything in that situation it would definetly be to shed some light to the sense of the majority of Somalis
  2. I would appreciate if anyone among u knows a websit that has a link to that documentary. Thanx in advance.
  3. The mission of this page is to foster the spiritual, mental, physical and social development of Native Somali citizens and to help build a strong, unified and self-reliant Native Somalia through involving its all tribes. Now that has been said. We need Goal setting-The foundation of success. One of the most important aspects of success is the ability to define and achieve goals. Goals that are specific, realistic and visual to our accomplishment. Prejudice does not come in separate compartments, but too many fail to address the reality that lack of respect for differences does not start with its ugliest and most glaring manifestations but is present whenever room is not made for another person’s viewpoint, situation, or life experience. I would like to start a circle of UNITY purely SOMALI participants that is creative, brilliant, and thought provoking while at the same time invoking thoughts. Group dynamics fail to respect differences whenever assumptions are made about another person.Tolerance begins with the acknowledgement that people other than ourselves may see things differently than we do, and suspending judgment while those with whom we may disagree or whose point of view we may not understand are given a forum to explain their perspective and are actively listened to. Somali participants please share your thoughts productively!