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  1. Salaam to you all. thanks for posting this topic its very important topic Marsha Allah. nowerdays its hard to find a good muslim brother to marry, many weman give up on marriage. .
  2. Sabha

    Dancing Fever?

    Habari yako brothers Entrepreneur you knew the kind of wedding your invited to. so u did expect that kind of dance too. brother here in toronto nowerdays we dont have mixed weeding so next time insha allah we will invite u to IMO again. brother nur yes we do have somalian MP in the parliments and one somalian girl too. salam to u all
  3. Sabha

    A Wild Story

    Marsha Allah brother Nur I learned so much from you, Jazzak Allah brother for reminding us hereafter I know we love duyaa so much. Thanks brother.
  4. Sabha

    A Wild Story

    Marsha Allah brothert Nur I learned so much from you, Jazzak Allah brother and reminding us hereafter I know we love so much. Thanks brother.
  5. Salaam brother and sisters Jazalaallah kayar brother for sharing the hadith with us. may Allah reward you for remiding us the deen.
  6. Sabha


    sorry brother I meant Habri yako
  7. Sabha


    *****i Yako brother Brother I know the saying,that goes East and West home is best, walal I will never forget where I come from. I was there three years ago and it was the best years of my Life!!!!!!!!. lol. If you can't fly, then run. if you can't run, then walk. If you can't walk, then crawl but wahtever you do, keep moving.
  8. Sabha


    Somalisujui, Garissa is a good town and nice place to live. Garissa Waa Guri Genyo I missed My Home town.
  9. Sabha

    A wild Story!

    Marsha Allaah brpther nice to know we have a brother, who is wrriting about Islam. None has the right to be worshipped except Allaah, death does indeed contain agony.
  10. Sabha

    wishing AIDS

    Assalamu Alaikum I am new here subhaan Allaah O Allah, forgive me, have mercy upon me and unite me with the highest comanions" and fogive me reading this aticle. brothers and sister i would advice u to talk more about akihra than duniya. salam
  11. Sabha

    For the Swedes

    Salam Y a Rab, i dont understand swedish, but if anyone write swahil, i will understand. salam .