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  2. Madaxweynaha dowladda Puntland Siciid Cabdullaahi Deni ayaa magacaabay Wakiil cusub oo Puntland u qaabilsan Qurba-joogta reer Puntland ee ku nool waddanka Maraykanka. Dikreeto xalay ka soo baxday xafiiska madaxweynaha Puntland oo tirsigeedu yahay Lr-68 ayaa lagu sheegay in Mulki Cabdisamad Xuseen loo magacaabay Wakiilka Puntland u jooga Dalka Maraykanka kadib markii la arkay baahida loo qabo xoojinta xiriirka u dhexeeya dowladda Puntland iyo Qurba-joogta reer Puntland ee ku nool waddanka Maraykanka. Hoos ka akhriso dikreetada PUNTLAND POST The post Madaxweyne Deni oo magacaabay Wakiilka Puntland ee Maraykanka appeared first on Puntland Post.
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  4. GULU, Uganda (Xinhua) - Sudan kicked off the 2019 Council for East and Central African Football Association (CECAFA) Under-20 Challenge Cup in style with a 4-0 win over Djibouti here on Saturday. Source: Hiiraan Online
  5. Somaliland education system has come from a long way since the civil war in 1980’s when all learning intuitions were completely destroyed. Source: Hiiraan Online
  6. I haven't seen Galbeedi for days. Soo noqo adoo nabada Galbeedi.
  7. Muqdisho (SMN) – Akhristayaasheena ku xiran website-ka waxaan halkaan idin kugu soo gudbineynaa Barnaamijka Qubanaha Wararka Shabelle. Hoos riix si aad u dhageysato View the full article
  8. Is America taking advantage or Did America aand the Saud family created the false flag? This is astaunding. Who are the Saudis going to bring next Israel, well they just missed the oportunity with Mr. Netanyahu. Turkish had offered the Saudis: 1. To make peace in Yemen happen. Now only Turkish are capable of bringing everyone for peace in Yemen. 2. To set up a commission/unified command to defend the holy sites and everything around 3. Restore the Gulf cooperation council and rely on turkish support until full reconciliation and functioning common defense America and France are dead set aginst this, and looks like they got or created perfect excuse now According to Trump priciple and modus operandi the Saudi pay for every soldier, every tank, every aircraft and every cocacola the Americans use in Saudi Arabia. _____________________________________________ US to deploy more troops to Saudi Arabia after attack on oil industry Trump has for now decided not to authorize an immediate military strike on Iran in response to attack Associated Press Sat 21 Sep 2019 02.41 BST First published on Sat 21 Sep 2019 01.10 BST Saudi Arabia’s vice minister of defense, Prince Khalid bin Salman, and US defense secretary, Mark Esper, walk to a meeting at the Pentagon in Washington, 29 August. Photograph: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images The Pentagon on Friday announced it will deploy additional US troops and missile defense equipment to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, as Donald Trump has at least for now put off any immediate military strike on Iran in response to the attack on the Saudi oil industry. The US defense secretary, Mark Esper, told Pentagon reporters this is a first step to beef up security and he would not rule out additional moves down the road. General Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said more details about the deployment will be determined in the coming days, but it would not involve thousands of US troops. Other officials said the US deployment would probably be in the hundreds and the defensive equipment heading to the Middle East would probably include Patriot missile batteries and possibly enhanced radars. The announcement reflected Trump’s comments earlier in the day when he told reporters that showing restraint “shows far more strength” than launching military strikes and he wanted to avoid an all-out war with Iran, which has denied responsibility for the attack. Instead, he laid out new sanctions on the Iranian central bank. “I think the strong person’s approach and the thing that does show strength would be showing a little bit of restraint,” Trump told reporters during a meeting with the Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison. “Much easier to do it the other way, and Iran knows that if they misbehave, they are on borrowed time.” US dials back Iran rhetoric and seeks 'peaceful resolution' over Saudi attack Read more Dunford told reporters the extra equipment and troops would give Saudi Arabia a better chance of defending against unconventional aerial attacks. “No single system is going to be able to defend against a threat like that,” he said, “but a layered system of defensive capabilities would mitigate the risk of swarms of drones or other attacks that may come from Iran.” The US has not provided any hard evidence that Iran was responsible for the attacks, while insisting the investigation continues, but Esper on Friday said the drones and cruise missiles used in the attack were produced by Iran. “The attack on 14 September against Saudi Arabian oil facilities represents a dramatic escalation of Iranian aggression,” Esper said, adding that the US has thus far shown “great restraint”. Iran has denied involvement and warned the US that any attack will spark an “all-out war” with immediate retaliation from Tehran. In deciding against an immediate US strike, Trump for the second time in recent months pulled back from a major military action against Iran that many Pentagon and other advisers fear could trigger a new Middle East war. In June, after Iran shot down an American surveillance drone, Trump initially endorsed a retaliatory military strike then abruptly called it off because he said it would have killed dozens of Iranians. On Friday, he left the door open a bit for a later military response, saying people thought he’d attack Iran “within two seconds”, but he has “plenty of time”.
  9. Muqdisho (Caasimada Online) – Mahad Maxamed Salaad oo ah xildhibaan ka tirsan golaha shacabka ayaa su’aallo ka keenay sharcigii uu maanta saxiixay madaxweynaha Soomaaliya Maxamed Cabdullaahi Farmaajo. Mahad Salaad ayaa Farmaajo ku eedeeyay in uu sharcigaan barkanaa muddo 10 bilood ah, isagoo soo bandhigay su’aalo uu ka qabo waxa maanta oo ay madaxweyne Farmaajo u harsantahay sanad iyo Afar bilood kusoo beegay ansixinta sharciga dhismaha guddiga la dagaalanka musuq maasuqa. “Sharcigaan Madaxweyne Farmaajo 10 bilood ayuu barkanaa maxaa soo kordhay oo saxiixiisa maanta kusoo beegay,? Sharciga Dhismaha Guddiga Madaxa-banaan ee la-dagaalanka Musuq-maasuqa ee Madaxweyne Farmaajo maanta saxiixay, Golaha Shacabka wuxuu ansixiyay 13 Nofeember 2017, Aqalka Sare wuxuu ansixiyay 05 Diseembar 2018. Kadibna Madaxweynaha ayaa loo gudbiyay si uu u saxiixo” ayuu yiri Xildhibaan Mahad Salaad. Sidoo kale Mahad salad ayaa qoraalkiisa ku yiri, “Mudo 10 bilood ah ayaa Madaxweyne Farmaajo barkanaa sharcigaan, kumana soo celin Goleyaasha Barlamaanka si wax looga badalo mana saxiixin.” Xildhibaan Mahad Maxamed Salaad oo ka mid ah xildhibaanada sida weyn u mucaarada dowladda federaalka ee uu hoggaamiyo madaxweyne Farmaajo ayaa soo bandhigay seddax su’aalood oo uu ka qabo ansixinta sharciga mudada 10-ka bilood ah horyaalay Farmaajo. Su’aalaha Mahad Salaad ayaa u dhignaa sidan: Maxaa soo kordhay oo saxiixa sharcigaan maanta kusoo beegay? Guddigaan ma lagu soo xuli doonaa aqoon, karti iyo waayo aragnimo mise wuxuu noqon doonaa gudi loogu talogalay doorashada 2021 si dadka qaar Madaxweyne Farmaajo looga reebo? Madaxweynaha oo mudo xileedkiisa ay ka harsantahay sanad iyo afar bilood oo kaliya gudi uu soo dhiso maxaa wanaag ah oo laga filan karaa? Caasimada Online Xaafiiska Muqdisho
  10. The oil and gas companies have Egypt by the throat. Mursi was murdered by the gas companies. Egypt exported its gas to Israel at a tenth of price and imported gas and oil from outside at regular market price. Just one Egyptian made off with 4 billion. An Israeli who has made the same has the chis-pah taking Egypt to court for 8 Billion dollars for profit lost during Mursi attempt to save the dignity of Egypt. All Egyptians and all peoples should feel guilty of the way Mursi was murdered. Any society that can tolerate or does nothing about it does not deserve respect. Has no dignity.And this is coming from someone who disliked Mursi's attempts to limit GERD to maybe 3 GW.
  11. Abiy has become team face book. All that to hide the main issues in the country. His main allies and support are anti-federalists, yet the Oromos are most federalist. Their language alone has come long way by federalism. The language was not written, could not be used in courts even district courts, some used to change their names to Amxara names to get anywhere...etc Since Federalism the language has now reached to college level use The whole government of region of 40 million functions in their language There is about 7 established media They are now on their way to make their language a Federal language Abiy is trying to obushicate inorder to keep his true allies and support, but everybody else is awake and can see the childish propaganda. He is also trying to cheat the preparation of the elections and the Oromos are first ones to catch him like Jawar and others. Agjar is also playing childish games with the Somali issues. Instead of continuing at break neck speed all projects and development endeavors he is face booking with Amxara who are anti federalist. Its like Sissi building 40 billion dollar new town for him and his close government officials making it new capital where you can only enter by special permit. His wife did not want to stay in the old government villas.
  12. What a coincidence on today's Standard newspaper I am reading right now has this very topic on page three. Here is a picture of page:
  13. Maya, laakiin I know them very well and their little tricks and games they like to play with Soomaalida in order to get shaxaad. There was this burooko weyne lady when she saw me getting my last luggage, she hurried up to the exit area. Fortunately, they installed scanners at the exit for baggages and many caddaan tourists were putting their bags on it. I did as well and the burookoweyne lady - lo and behold - kulahaa go on that line and this machine is not for you. I asked why, she bumbled something. I told her I am very fine and promptly put my baggages in the scanner. She backed down. She wanted me to go to those idle standing customs who only target arriving Soomaalida, forcing them to open their luggages, hussling and expecting lacag baasaboorka loo galiyo when they ask to 'check' baasaboorka, though they have no right to since one already passed immigration. Sadly, many Soomaalis did give them money and I believe they still do. Not me. Never did.
  14. Maxamuud Xiir (Faratoon), ayaa sheegay inaanay dawladda Soomaaliya diyaar u ahayn wada hadal. Wasiir Faratoon oo u waramay Geeska Afrika, wuxuu dalalka caalamka ku canaantay inay ka gaabiyeen aqoonsiga Somaliland, waxaanu ugu horayn isagoo ka hadlaya wada hadalada uu yidhi “Mawqifka aynu ka taagan nahay, weynu muujinay, oo qodobo ayeynu ka soo saarnay, weyna jiraan wadamo badan oo xiisaynaya in labada Dal wada hadlaan,balse ilaa hadda Somaliya ayaan u muuqan inay diyaar u tahay wada hadalada, waxaana jira Wadamo badan oo xaqiiqada og oo doonaya in Somaliland madax banaanideeda ku teegaraan, si aqoonsigeeda u hesho, inaguna dadaal baynu ugu jirnaa iyo inaynu helno aqoonsi caalamiya”. Wasiir Faratoon oo ka hadlaya xidhiidhka Somaliland iyo Beesha Caalamka ayaa yidhi “Adduunku wuu ka gaabiyey wixii waajibkooda ahaa oo ah inaynu ka helno aqoonsiga oo aynu xaq ugu leenahay,madaama aynu nahay dal jira, oo ka mid ah Caalamka, inagoo si kastaba oo aynu u muujinay qadiyadeena, habeen iyo maalinba waxaynu ugu jirnaa dadaal iyo orodba sidii aynu cid walba ugu qancin lahayn madax banaanideena, dawladnimadeena iyo inaynu Somaliya kala nahay laba dal oo jaara ah, oo kala nidaam iyo kala hadaf ah”. Geeska Qaran News
  15. Buq Aqable (Caasimadda Online) – Beelaha Xawaadle iyo Abgaal ayaa kala qaatay diyo gaareyso illaa 600 oo neef oo geel ah balse la lacageeyey, kadib kulan ka dhacay Gobolka Hiiraan oo ay soo diyaarisay Kooxda Al-Shabaab ee ka dagaalanto Soomaaliya. Munaasabad ballaaran oo ka dhacday degmada Buq Aqable ee gobolka Hiiraan ee bartamaha dalka Soomaaliya ayaa diyo loogu kala wareejiyay beelaha Xawaadle iyo Abgaal oo la sheegay inay iska dileen dad badan oo kasoo kala jeeday labada Beel. Munaasabadaan ayaa waxaa goob joog ka ahaa xubno ka tirsan Al-Shabaab oo u qaabilsan Gobolkaas, waxayna Al-Shabaab sheegtay inay soo afjartay colaad muddo badan u dhaxeysay labadaan Beel. Labadaan Beel ayaa la sheegay in dadka diyada laga bixiyey isaga dileen Gobolada Hiiraan iyo Shabeelada Dhexe oo ay kala dagaan labadaan Beel. Imaamka Beesha Abgaal ee Shabaab aqoonsan tahay iyo Nabadoonno ka socday Beesha Xawaadle oo ku sugnaa munaasabadii diyada lagula kala wareegay ayaa soo dhoweyay hesiishka ay wada gaareen labadaan Beel. Beesha Abgaal ayaa qaadatay 500 neef Geela oo ah diyada lix nin oo beesha Xawaadle ka dishay halka beesha Xawaadle ay qaadatay diyada 100 halaad oo ah diyada hal nin oo beesha Abgaal horay uga dishay. Labada beelood ayaa ku heshiiyay in diyada lacag ahaan loo bixiyo waxaana calaa neef lagu qiimeeyay 400 oo dollarka Mareykanka ah. Labada Beel ayaa kala qaatay lacag gaareyso ilaa 240,000 oo dollar [laba boqol iyo Afartan kun oo dollar] oo ah diyada 6 qof oo labada beel ka kala tirsanaa.
  16. Muqdisho (SMN) – Ra’isul Wasaare Xasan Cali Khayre ayaa guddoomiyey shir ay ka qeyb Galeen madaxweynayaasha Hirshabelle iyo Koonfur Galbeed. Kulanka ayaa looga hadlay qorshaha deegaannada AlShabaab lagaga xoreenayo, lagu gaarsiinayo adeegyada bulshada iyo dowladda. Maxamed Cabdi Waare iyo Cabdicasiis Lafta Garee ayaa dhanka kale kulan gaar ah waxay la yeesheen Khayre, iyaga oo kawada hadlay amniga iyo arrimo kale. Qaybo kamid ah gobolada dalka ayaa waxaa ka socda olale balaaran oo AlShabaab looga qabsaday tuulooyin muhiim ah. View the full article
  17. (SLT-Hargeysa)-Siyaasi Mustafe Shiine ayaa ka hadlay arrinta kornayl Caarre iyo waanwaanta u dhaxaysa xukuumadda Somaliland iyo jabhadda, Halkan hoose ka DAAWO Source
  18. (SLT-Qaahira)-Soomaalida ku dhaqan dalka Masar ayaa cabsi xooggan ka muujiyay dibadbaxyada ka bilaamay dalka Masar ee lagaga soo horjeedo madaxweynaha haya tallada Mr Cabdifataax Al-Siisii. Qaar ka mid ah Soomaalida siyaabaha kala duwan u jooga dalkaas oo la hadlay Universal Tv ayaa sheegay in shalay illaa maanta ayna ka bixin guryaha iyaga oo ka baqdin qaba in waxyeelo ay ka soo gaadho dibadbaxa. Jimcihii shalay ayaa dalkaasi waxaa hadheeyay banaanbaxyo waaweyn kuwaasi oo illaa maanta ka socda magaalooyinka waaweyn, waxaana muwaadiniinta dalkaasi ay ku dhawaaqayeen erayo lidi ku ah maamulka haya tallada oo ay sheegeen in waqtigiisa uu Dhammaaday. Salaasadii hore ayey aheyd markii ganacsade maxamed Cali oo u dhashay dalka Masar uu ugu baaqay shacabka inay dibadbaxaan haddii aanu xilka ka dagin madaxweynahaya haya Tallada. Ganacsadahaan ayaa ku eedeyay Cabdifataax Al-Siisii in uu ku tuntay hantida dadweynaha kuna kacay musuq maasuq iyo wax isdabamarin ayna u sii dheertahay cabudhinta siyaasiyiinta iyo saraakiisha dowladda ee diidan hanaanka maamulka Qaahira. Source
  19. Muqdisho (SMN) – Munaasabad lagu kala saxiixanayay hesiis ku aadan Qandaraasyada Raashiinka iyo Shidaalka ee Ciidamada Qalabka Siada ee Soomaaliyeed ayaa maanta lagu qabtay magaalada Muqdisho,taasi oo ay ka qeybgaleen wasiirro ka tirsan Xukuumadda Federaalka Soomaaliya iyo saraakiil kale. Wasiirka Gaashaandhigga Xukuumadda Federaalka Soomaaliya mudane Xasan Cali Maxamed(Amardambe) iyo wasiirka Amniga mudane Maxamed Abuukar Islow Ducaale,ayaa shirkado qaabilsan Qandaraasyada la saxiixday heshiiska Qandaraasyada Raashiinka iyo Shidaalka ee Ciidamada Qalabka Sida,kadib munaasabad ballaaran oo ka dhacday magaalada Muqdisho. Waxaa munaasabadda heshiiskaasi lagu kala saxiixanayay goob joog ka ahaa Wasiirka Maaliyadda Soomaaliya Cabdiraxmaan Ducaale Beyle iyo wasiirka Warfaafinta Dhaqanka iyo Dalxiiska Mudane Maxamed Cabdi Xayir Maareeye iyo mas’uuliyiin kale. Mudane Cabdiraxmaan Ducaale Beyle wasiirka Maaliyadda Soomaaliya ayaa heshiiskani ku tilmaamay mid horseedi kara kalsooni dhexmarta bulshada iyo hay’adaha dowladda Federaalka Soomaaliya. Heshiiskan ayaa waxaa uu soo maray Habraaca iibka Qaran ee wasaaradda Maaliyadda Soomaaliya,iyadoo tartan ay u soo galeen qaar kamid ah shirkadaha Qandaraaslayaasha ah. View the full article
  20. ADDIS ABABA - An Iranian man held by Somali pirates for more than four years was flown to Ethiopia's capital Saturday after his captors released him because he needed urgent medical care. Source: Hiiraan Online
  21. Meelkasta Jabhad ba ka dhalatay waqooyiga Somalia.
  22. (SLT-Addis Ababa)-Machadka Hawada sare, Saayniska iyo Teknooloojiyadd Itoobiya ayaa shaaca ka qaaday Dayax-gacmeedki hawada sare looga diri rabay dabayaaqada bishan uu dib u dhac ku yimid. Agaasimaha guud ee machadkaasi Dr Solomon Balay oo BBC u warramay wuxuu sheegay Dayax-gacmeedka Itoobiya ay sameeysaneyso noociisu inuu yahay nooca dhulka meera ee loo yaqaanno (Earth Observation Satellite). Dib u dhaca ku yimid dayax-gacmeedkaasi ayuu ku sheegay iney uga wacan tahay xaruunta tijaabada ugu horreysay laga sameyn lahaa ee ku taallo dalka Shiinaha roobab ma hiigaan ah oo ka da’aya ay tijaabada hakiyeen. “Dhismaha iyo sameynta dayax gacmeedka waa la dhammeystiray balse inta aan tijaabada ugu horreysa lagu sameyn maadaama aan dayaxgacmeedka hawada sare loo diri karin ay tijaabada waxaa ku timid dib u dhac” ayuu yidhi Dr Solomon Belay. “Waxaana la rajeeynayaa in Dayax-gacmeedkaasi hawada sare loo diro bisha December ee sanadkan 2019”. Dayax-gacmeedkan ugu horreeya ee ay Itoobiya hawada sare u direyso oo miisaankeedu yahay 70 kiilo waxaa loo adeegsan doonaa dabagalka iyo uruurinta xogaha la xiriira beeraha, biyaha, macdinta iyo horumarinta magaalooyinka. Waxayna awood u leedahay 54 maalmood iney dunida oo dhan ku soo wareegto, Itoobiyana 4 maalmood. Machadka sameynta dayax-gacmeedkan hirgeliyey ee Itoobiya waxaa marki ugu horreysay la aasaasay 2016-ka, iyada oo ay machadku u qorsheysan tahay ilaa iyo 2025-ka inuu hawada sare uu u diro dayax gacmeedyada dalka uu u baahan yahay oo dhan. Itoobiya oo ka mid noqoneyso 7-da dal ee qaaraddan Afrika oo yeesha dayax-gacmeed iyaga u gaar ah, waxaa horay dayax gacmeedyo hawada sare u diray waddamada Masar, Koonfur Africa, Nayjeeriya, Ghana, Angola iyo Kenya Source
  23. Somali politics has always been top-down and governed by a very few elite who were given the privilege of power and governance by clan or by the military under the Said Barre regime before the Somali state collapsed. Somali history or Source: Hiiraan Online
  24. (SLT-Riyadh)-Dalka Sucuudi Carabiya ayaa sheegay inay ka jawaabayaan marka ay qiimaynta lagama maarmaanka ah ay ku sameeyaan weerarkii lagu qaaday laba carumood oo loo adeegsado Shidaalka dalkaasi. Wasiirka Arimaha dibada Sucuudiga Cadel al-Jubeyr ayaa sheegay in hubkii loo isticmaalay weerarkaasi uu ahaa Hubka Iran, waxaanu wacad ku maray inay baahin doonaan xaqiiqo buuxda oo ku saabsan baadhitaanka dhacdadaasi. Mar sii horaysay oo maanta ah ayaa sarkaa sare oo ka tirsan milatariga dalka Iran uu sheegay in Iran ay diyaar u tahay inay burburiso Gardarada kadib markii Maraykanku uu ku dhawaaqay inay ciidamo u diyarayaan Sucuudiga. Kooxda Xuutiyiinta ee dalka Yemen oo Iran ay taageero ayaa iyagu sheegtay masuuliyada weerar diyaarad aan nooca duuliyaha lahayn iyo Gantaal lagu duqeeyey 14-kii September xarumaha shidaalka loo adeegsado ee dalkaasi. Xiisada u dhaxaysa Maraykanka iyo Iran ayaa cirka isku shareertay tan iyo markii Madaxweynaha dalka Maraykanka Donald Trump uu joojiyey heshiis dhinaca Nuclear-ka ah oo hore loola galay Iran, Cunaqabatayno dheeraad ahna uu dul dhigay dalkaasi Iran. Source
  25. Did they do give hard time at the airport?
  26. Muqdisho (Caasimada Online) – Dagaalamayaasha Al-Shabaab ayaa war kasoo saaray qaraxyo ay sheegeen in ay ku dileen saraakiil ka tirsanaa sirdoonka Soomaaliya iyo sidoo kale askar ka tirsaneed AMISOM, kuwaas oo ka kala dhacay gudaha iyo duleedka magaalada Muqdisho. Qaraxa koowaad oo ka dhacay degmada Dharkeenlay ee gobolka Banaadir ayey sheegeen Al-Shabaab in ay ku dileen labo sarkaal oo ka tirsanaa sirdoonka Soomaaliya iyo labo askari oo ilaalo u ahaa. Mid ka mid ah saraakiishaas ayey Al-Shabaab war kooda ku sheegeen in uu ahaa nin caan ah oo lagu magacaabi jiray Aadan Cali Macallim, kaas oo ku magac dheeraa Musmaar, halka sarkaalka kale oo ay sheegteen dilkiisa aysan soo ban dhigin magaciisa. Sidoo kale waxa ay sheegeen in qarax miino oo ay la beegsadeen gaari ay Saaruf ah oo ay wateen ay ku dhaawaceen labo askari oo ilaalo u aheyd saraakiisha la dilay. Dhanka kale warka kasoo baxay Al-Shabaab waxa ay ku sheegteen qarax kale oo ka dhacay duleedka Muqdisho gaar ahaan deegaanka Siinka-Dheer, kaas oo ay sheegeen in ay ku dileen labo askari oo ka tirsanaa howlgalka Midowga Afrika ee AMISOM, gaar ahaan kuwa Uganda. Al-Shabaab waxa ay sheegeen in ciidamada AMISOM ee qaraxa miino ay kula beegsadeen duleedka Muqdisho ay ahaayeen kuwa kala gudbiya saadka ciidamada AMISOM ee ku kala sugan Muqdisho iyo deegaanada duleedka ah. Caasimada Online Xaafiiska Muqdisho
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