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  1. Would you use any means to marry your ist cousin if she refuses to marry you becouse she feels ur too close to her?Would you ask your uncle to force his daughter to marry you? Here is my problem, I have a first cousin, she is very beautiful girl and I don’t want to see her getting married to another man other than me. She young, attractive, smart, sweet and beautiful. Currently, she isn't in a relationship with anyone else. So lately I have asked her if she is willing to be my future wife then she replied we are too close to get married. So ppl tell what to do.
  2. Hey sis I am student too but these are some of my tricks dealing with the exam stress. I hope u will find them helpful. Do your homework daily Take advantage all of your free times studying before test day Don’t wait to turn in your work late Avoid doing most of your homework on last day On test day, have a good night sleep at least 7 to 8 hrs. Make sure u pray all the time Read or listen the Qur’an every morning Have a good breakfast on test day so u don’t feel hungry during the test Make sure u visit this website too often http://islamweb.net/pls/iweb/audio.qerraa_qaree?