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  1. Oh for heaven and earth’s sake, stand by your words. Dude, there was no need for you to have retracted the statement you made.

    I just admitted my analogy was crude. My point remains the same.


    Sucking up to the female crowd of this place will get you know where.

    Hardly a "suck up". I already have a wife and two kids. Not to mention a concubine and a couple of bartenders that depend on me for livelihood. So no suck up. I'm definitely getting my needs met elsewhere.


    But enough about me, let's keep the party going.




  2. Ofleh, That self deprecating analysis of your manhood might be heavily influenced by a shortcoming.

    Possibly. We're all lugging baggage around. It may also be due to my lifetime membership in pro-feminist organaizations.


    ... however it's still a transparent, lame attempt at knocking your brethren to make yourself look good.

    Opinions are a beautiful thing.



  3. It's even more crude now that I reread it.


    So, in essence you are saying; those women cannot function without the help of an outside force? And that all a man needs is his two legs to pedal?

    No. I made a poor attempt at comparing a sophisticated entity to a more inferior one.

    Referring back to your ‘crude but pretty darn close analogy’, would you be kind enough to tell me, what would be the equivalent of the ‘driving force’ behind a woman, whereas the automobile requires GAS?

    In hindsight, I made a terrible analogy. Thanks for pointing that out. Women, in my opinion, are the force that drives this world we exist in. In all species. Period. Men are just here as accessories. And that's the best of men.



  4. The beauty of living in a western country is the ability to believe (for the most part) what you want to believe without fearing for your life.


    It is sadly ironic that some of the same people who sought assylum for fear of persecution in their homelands are perpetrating the same acts. What's even more sad is who they're committing these crimes against. Probably the most defenseless members of society. Much like they themselves were back home.


    If you look at my signature below, you can understand where I'm coming from. If you'd like to read the complete article where that quote is from, point your browser to: A Designer Universe


    As for Ayaan Hirsi Ali, I'm more bothered by her membership in a right wing government that is anti immigration and immigrants while herself being an immigrant. Much like a black person in America joining the KKK. Go figure.

  5. To have the same list of characteristics for men would be to admit that men are as complex as women are. In my opinion, that's not that case. Therefore, if a similar list were contemplated for men it would have, at most, 3 to 4 types.


    In fact, I think women have many more types not mentioned here and combinations of types found on this list.


    The comparison between men and women, if you will, would be similar to that of an automobile and a bicycle. The former is more modern, has 4 wheels, an engine and a transmission and can operate (although not very well) without a driver. The latter, mind you, is older, has two wheels, two pedals and a medieval chain. It will not operate without a driver.


    Crude analogy, I agree, but I think it's pretty darn close.



    (A super fast and sophistacted, two wheeled, two pedaled bicycle)

  6. I think the reason you haven't heard of Togane is the constant censorship he faces publishing his work on other Somali sites. A true artist will tackle and talk about difficult issues that are often the least popular. Issues like politics, religion, culture, etc..


    Now that Togane has his own crib online, you should be able to enjoy, as many people do, his work without any censorship.



  7. For those of you who love the eloquence of the written word, the wit of a master and the satire of one M.S. Togane, feel free to visit his home on the web:


    There you will learn about the crackerjack, mythical being called Togane.


    Come one, come all!



  8. Why isn't anyone bothered by the signature of "Professer" that dehumanizes Jews? I think it is repulsive and should be removed. Shame on you sir for spewing such hate.