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  1. ^ Don't even bother, Norfsky. The goal is to declare the apostasy of a regime (how a non-person can be an apostate remains a mystery).


    Laba-X, walaal, why don't you name specific people within the regime and present their verifiable acts of apostasy? I think that would be a much more fruitful, even easily attainable, goal as that government can count among its ranks all manners of thugs, thieves and murderers.

  2. ^ Long standing genetic trait ? Ignorant hogwash. Listen, you one-trick monkey, we get what you're peddling about Western countries and Christian money, give it a rest already. You're polluting cyberspace with intractable stu*pidity. Do what your lords of progressive, non-mentally ill people do and quit associating with those beneath you. Find somewhere else to spill this vomit on a periodic basis.

  3. Why am I not surprised that psychiatric treatment is being used to imprison him? It is a corrupt field that is in collusion with police/court authorities.


    I am shocked that a family physician would prescribe Zyprexa for back pain. That's malpractice.


    Best of luck garnering support for his release. Will be sending a letter to the Danish Embassy.

  4. Nur, the heavens know how much I enjoy a good debate. With ideas. I see you are not bothered by the literary devices employed in the thread from allegories to hyperboles but felt the need to police my tone. No problem. My opinion is that Al Shabaab (and Hizbul Islam or Milat Ibrahim) could be the best thing to happen to Somalis since sliced laxoox and Omar Dulle.


    However, as long as Aqeedah is obfuscating criticism/questions directed at those vying for political power (as though anyone knows what is in the hearts of men), others will call BS on actions every time. And no, questioning Al Shabaab does not mean supporting that murderous, puppet entity.

  5. ^ Flowery language and chest-thumping religious sentiment (by the curiously safe and well-fed) trump your IDPs and their sob stories. If they want their souls saved, they will flee on their raggedy little feet with a wink and a smile for the mujaahids of this miserable land. I've never seen a more attention-seeking group, those IDPs.

  6. Originally posted by Castro:

    ^^^ Is that Jody Watley? Wow.


    I bet you remember
    , old timer



    LOL :D There is no time like the old time. Oh I remember them alright.


    Here is another from the GREAT Levi Stubbs, the most amazing (and superbly handsome) baritone in history.



    Darlin', I can't go on without you

    This emptiness won't let me live without you

    This loneliness inside me darlin'

    Makes me feel not alive, honey

  7. Geeljire, some believers of the time held in their scriptures that stoning on earth spares punishment in the afterlife. No such tradition or justification in the Quran. That these two people beg for their souls to be cleansed of the sin to the new leader is not an indication that stoning is legitimate.


    The hadith you quote is a disaster in its own right but that is another discussion. Re-read it without the parentheses after the 3rd transgression. According to the Quran, you can leave and enter Islam as you wish so where did this killing business come from? We don’t even need to worry about the stoning part. I would say add it to the 298,000 or so ahadith that Bukhari deemed invalid out of the 300,000 he collected. Add this one too. When a hadith contradicts the Quran, the Quran reigns.


    I see others are horrified by it but don't question its illegitimacy. Instead, there is the usual call for an Imam or an Ameer or a legislative body/due process. All of those are well and good but won't make it any more legitimate.


    You do realize that whomever stones and murders people without haq is spending an eternity in hell according to the Quran. I don’t know what the punishment for cyber bloodlust is but I would imagine that it is a little lighter.

  8. Geeljire, the Quran said what it wanted to say about the punishment for sex outside marriage. This stoning business is nothing but a remnant of Hebrew tradition; an inserted/Israelite hadith, if you will.


    What's getting old is muslim groups' calling card of stoning largely defenseless women (and some men) from weak tribes. 'Tis an easy goal, a low-hanging fruit, as it is called in the business world.


    In a sick way I understand why they do this. The white man did it to African slaves. Brutalize a few and the vast majority will fall in line. Quite effective in gaining illegitimate authority.

  9. Humans have never needed religion to slaughter one another but it has become a convenient garb of late. An excuse for the bloodlusty to indulge themselves. How else would it be justified to murder professors and medical doctors (or anyone else) without reason or giving them a chance to defend themselves?

  10. The fictional woman would rather live with an adulterer because he is simply buying their services. STDs are a risk she is apparently willing to take.


    A marriage means a home, finances, child rearing time and all that good stuff. She will find herself in poverty (with 1/2, 1/3, or 1/4) of their family's income and probably 100% of the childcare whenever he's frolicking with the new, younger thing.


    She is pragmatic, in my opinion.


    And I don't know what the sheikh's problem is. The woman's approval or disapproval is not a determining factor (unless civil legislation is present in that country). A man can have 4 wives and an unlimited number of malak al-yameen.