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  1. ^ Norfsky, don't be defensive, walaal. People can shoot the shidh about general topics and exchange views and opinions without a problem. The issue is that you present others' opinions through specific articles/posts and then ask for rebuttals in a proxy debate. That is very strange. You are passionate about all sorts of things but generally resistant to reading some of the source/original material seminal to the discussion. That is even stranger.

  2. 3. I can’t critique the rebuttal as I haven’t read the book. I was hoping anyone who opposed it would believe it was his/her obligation to do so. I.e this is a debate forum.

    Norfsky, you have a very strange way of debating and discussing issues! You don't actually want to discuss the issue yourself because you don't mostly read the source information. Instead, you present a piece from a writer whom you believe has a similar view that you hold and expect people on SOL to debate that person through the cut/paste job.


    Then, you actually feel entitled to hearing cogent rebuttals from others that you couldn't refute/critique as you haven't read the original material. And you're always indignant that the person doesn't present their opposing views to the cut/paste material.


    This is intensely fascinating.

  3. As God slaps his giant hand over his slightly more giant forehead, he wonders where he could have gone wrong. Is it the book, he wonders? Nah. Is it the message, he ponders? Can't be! Oh wait, it is the bint heblayo hebel. A spontaneous abortion in the first week was ever so narrowly missed :D

  4. Look what y'all done did! You made the little girl uncomfortable, now she is lashing out. She is trying out a traditional worldview for fit, she doesn't need your cynical nay-saying, pointing and laughing.


    Now get back into your cages.


    And what happened to that fashionista thread? No winter coats and hats to share?

  5. C&H, if I ever did analysis on how well my visualization converted to actual outcomes, it would be insignificant :D


    What happens to me is usually a strange mix of luck, timing, some skill/effort/sheer fear on my end, and a number of unknown X's that the universe insists on keeping secret. This book didn't get me any closer to one of them.

  6. I actually like Oprah's book club selections, the last one was particularly good ( Say You're One of Them ). But 'The Secret' is the biggest crock-o'-shidh you will ever read. I spent 25 minutes at the bookstore leafing through it and every page is about things happening because you think about them really hard. One thing I do admire about the writers is their brilliant marketing strategy and the millions it has net. Bravo.

  7. ^ Layzie, you realize that the practice of muslim faith is not really a do-or-don't kind of thing? It is more of a gradation, a system that rewards more effort. Most muslims fast during Ramadan, a few fast every Monday and Thursday. See what I mean?


    Is it the compulsion to wear the burka that bothers you? If yes, any sort of compulsion in religion is decidedly un-islamic, so it should bother you. It doesn't strike me as such, though, even in Afghanistan. It seems to be the traditional garb of those folks, worn to ward of the environment. Afghani women in the cities had all but abandoned till the Taliban silliness came to town.

  8. ^ LOL, Johnny, you are trouble walahi but you know that I love ya' :D


    I think that Layzie's assertion that it is not islamic can only be applied to herself. If Ibti believes from her understanding of the text that it is, then it is. For her, at least.


    Personally, I put a burka in the same category as the hijab, niqab and jilbaab. They are all basically ethnic garbs of people in those regions. They serve cultural and environmental needs. People in most cultures that are exposed to harsh elements wear what could be considered modest islamic wear. I would sooner wear those lovely embroidered Nepalese shirts and skirts than bother with a Middle Eastern one.


    My contention is that whether you and I (or Layzie) believe it to be non-Islamic applies only to us. Now, coercion either way is unacceptable. In the abstract, however, I will not concern myself with how anyone interprets their religious obligations and collects heaven tokens. The Quran gives wide strokes, the individual determines how they will get closer to the hopelessly vague act of submission as they understand it.

  9. The TFG is a person? You're sure about that?


    Listen, you can find bloodied hands in every political group/alliance. In 2006, the islamic courts were the best chance for stability that this miserable land had. Too many forces didn't want stability for Somalia and Shariff's failure is a direct result of that.


    This business of throwing grave charges of apostasy is more fitting of witch hunts and the Spanish inquisition than the boring, geopolitical fight that it is. Neither America nor Ethiopia nor warring Somali groups care for the peace of Somalia. Individual religious beliefs are not the issue, political interests, arms dealing, and power grabbing are.

    Originally posted by Jibreel:


    To Naden.


    An apostate is
    a person
    who forsakes his believes and that is to say
    a person
    who forsakes his religion.
    The TFG has exactly done that
    by breaking and directly going against the strong doctrines of Islam by simply breaking them.

  10. ^ Hi Johnny :D If I told you that standing on my head for half an hour everyday is islamic because it helps me remember God better with the increased blood flow, would you argue with me otherwise?


    The burqa is a silly garment but I think extremely useful in a dusty environment. It covers the hair and protects the face against the elements. I agree with Ibtisam, though, in that it falls within the very large margin of what a woman would consider modest wear. Is it islamic? I gather anything not explicitly warned against could be labeled islamic by the motivated.

  11. ailamos and Ibti, Canadians are incredibly racist. Don't let the diversity bull fool you. Afrikaaners of the 40s & 50s owe them all sorts of favours for teaching them how to run apartheid. Canadians had plenty of practice with the native population.


    Most Somalis I meet are oblivious to racist treatment. They exist in this self-important bubble as God's gift of high-cheekbones and tribal glory. They wouldn't recognize racism if it dropped its drawers and bent over in front of them.

  12. ^ Ibti, all that is missing is a fire squad aiming their guns at you :D


    If people want to experience racism in all its implicit and explicit glory, visit Canada. Those are some pretty hateful bast@rds :rolleyes:

  13. ^ Morgan Freeman did it already and people bought tickets. If I heard anything on a microphone, my first thought would be Hollywood.


    Is it a full moon today? Why are people sharpening their fangs at Ibtisam?